Why Jim Cannot be the Killer

The killer is left-handed. He bashed out the glass in the back door with his left hand; cutting himself badly in his haste to escape the crime scene. Mrs. Baker saw him running away, looking at his left wrist, as if “looking at his watch”. Jim is right handed.

The killer has permanent scars on his left hand and forearm from slashing himself on this glass. These scars are permanent. Jim doesn’t have any of these scars.

Due to a motorcycle accident that broke his thigh and resulted in months of hospitalisation, Jim cannot walk or run without a limp. One leg is shorter and the quadriceps muscle has shortened, making it impossible for him to run normally or at high speed without tripping. The killer didn’t limp, the killer didn’t wear glasses. Jim wears glasses all the time since age 12. The killer had blond or brown hair. Jim hair is black. The killer had very short hair while Jim’s hair is proven by a newspaper photo a week after the crime to have been at least 5 inches too long. Much too long for him to have been the killer.

Same day, 10-24-72, cops exclude long hair in report while the newspaper and television station spent three days spreading photographs and film of police parading Jim around like a trophy one week after the crime, no one called police and told them “He did it!” Not Mrs Hunt. Not Mrs. Baker. Not Ms. Connors. Mrs. Hunt was led to Jim by police 78 days later at a line-up that they had engineered. 94 days after the crime, Police went to Mrs. Baker’s home and tried to get her to sign on with Mrs Hunt. She would not sign a receipt for testimony against Jim. Instead, she told them: I don’t care what Mrs Hunt signed. Even though you brought an image with short hair on him, I remember seeing this kid in the newspaper one week after the crime. His hair was too long to be the kid I saw. I will not sign you statement. Police had already given up on trying to get Ms Connor to change her description to fit Jim. Police simply decided to conceal her from the defence, and her description of the killer. (Exhibit B) Her testimony would have helped avoid false conviction at trial. Police and prosecutor concealed her from jurors.

Jim sent 3 PD’s to police, trying to get the killer’s blood analysed. Instead of doing the right thing and identifying the killer through analysis of his blood, police lied to each PD in turn, in order to prevent them from analysing the killer’s blood. This is theft of evidence. Stealing evidence is a crime. Concealing evidence, such as a witness or blood, is also a crime. There is only one reason for Tulsa Police to conceal and steal evidence, particularly blood evidence that would lead them directly to the actual killer with 100% accuracy. They had decided to let the killer escape and decided to use fraud, deceit and evidence theft to convict an innocent teenager instead.

At trial, Tulsa police changed their story from “Nobody collected any of the Killer’s Blood” to “Somebody collected some blood, but we don’t know who.” Chief investigator McCullough “Forgot” that he had ordered yarborough to collect killer’s blood and give it to Hinkle. Yarborough also “forget” that he was one of the cops who had collected the Killer’s blood, Lewallen/Peyton not testify.

At the last second of his 2nd closing statement Prosecutor Truster suddenly began testifying to the Jurors about evidence that he had hidden from the defense about the blood. This is theft and concealment of evidence. All this time, he and his police have concealed the fact that Don Peyton sent 8 killer’s blood samples to the FBI, and that yarborough gave one sample to  Dr. Hinkle. Prosecutor Truster now lies to the Jurors, making these eight blood samples sent to the FBI into “The” blood sample. He claims that the FBI sent back a report saying that ‘insufficient’ blood was sent to them for analysis.

Years later, we manage to finally pry these secret records out of Tulsa police and the FBI. We uncover a conspiracy by Tulsa police and the FBI lab to make plenty of blood look like too little. First, they destroy evidence by changing Peyton’s blood evidence into “stains”, “scrapings” and “glass”. Next, they pretend it could be blood from eight different animals. Last, they pretend that there is not enough blood for them to test it for eight different killers. They send the blood back to Peyton, and no force on earth can make him or the Tulsa police reveal what they did with it or the chain o custody records. Prosecutor Truster also concealed the fact that the FBI sent the blood back. It disappears back into Tulsa police hands

Ex in Transcript P.2111

The PD makes an objection to the DA suddenly blurting out evidence that he has hidden from us. The Judge lets him get away with it. The PD lets him get away with it too, by saying nothing further. When I object, the PD tells me, “Be Quiet! We’re winning!” The Jurors are completely fooled. They eat this up. Two pointing fingers all they ever needed. The total lack of physical and scientific evidence means nothing to them. They were only waiting for the Lawyers to shut up so they could slap their “guilty!” buttons like contestants on “Family Feud.”

In 1997, New DNA Technology made fingerprints into sources of DNA. Jim appealed to get this DNA tested. His attempt to get this evidence analysed caused all 23 of the Killer’s fingerprints to disappear out of police vaults, same as the Killer’s blood had vanished. Also, same as with the blood, all the “Chain of custody” records vanished out of Tulsa police vaults too. There is only one reason that we can think of for the blood, prints and chain of custody records to vanish out of police vaults.

DNA technology is a disaster for the Judges, Prosecutors and Police, proving that, in death sentences alone, they convict innocent people at least 13% of the time.* an even bigger disaster for then is FMRI brain-scanning lie detection. This is inconclusive only 3% of the time, making it far more accurate than their death sentence convictions. They are fighting FMRI technology tooth and nail, but stealthily. They want to quietly suppress it. The fewer citizens who learn of it, the longer before it is used on politicians, prosecutors and cops. The exact last thing these people want is their lies detected!

Citizens who want some quality control on these people who have made themselves immune to the laws that they impose on the rest of us may do well to begin by forcing then to apply this technology to Jim he’ll pay for it himself.* We will find out, with 97% accuracy, the answers to many questions that the Lawcrats do not want Jim to answer, such as “no, I’ve never killed anyone. No, I’ve never been in the Hunt’s home. No, I never cut myself bashing through a glass door, never left a trail of blood 5 blocks long, never saw Mr. Hunt in person, never shot him, never left a bloody palm print on his fence, never been in that neighborhood…”

Yes, the last thing they want is for FMRI technology to uncover the liars… but you can make this happen.