Weapons Memo


Date:               May 8, 2017

To:                   All concerned

From:              Dean Caldwell, Assistant Warden

RE:                 WEAPONS

Due to the recent increase in the amount of weapons found, the following will be effect immediately:

When a weapon is found, the pod were the weapon found will be locked down immediately and a search of that pod will be conducted. The pod will be released at the discretion of the Warden and or Duty Warden, when it is determined to be safe.

It is the responsibility of this administration to make every effort in maintaining a safe environment for all staff and inmates.

Due to the one “weapon” conveniently snitched off the kops, saving them much hassle, GEO bureaucrats decide to illegally use mass punishment to reward their helpless, captive hostages. Yes, the kops hold every one of their captive victims hostage due to the foiled act of one scared numbskull, knife sharpener guy. It turns out that the rat was a guy on the other side of the wall that separates one mini prison from the next. Or, at least, this is the guy whom the inmates chose to rat-pack as the most likely kops’-snitch. He is now suffering multiple injuries while being forced to hide his maiming from the kops. The inmates bring him his tray of slop so that the kop passing out the trays will not see his wrecked face and snitch him off to the other kops. The inmates will continue to feed their victim until his injuries are no longer obviously fresh. Then, he will be forced to make the kops move him elsewhere due to some pretext. All this, just because one scared dopie dead beat could consume more of the kops’ dope than he could pay for.

The prison kops successfully manage to dupe the unwitting public into thinking that somehow nebulous, unspecified “gangs” are responsible for the dope-violence which they say “plagues” their prisons. This is total bullshit, and here are the reason why: (Also see my essay, “Billy and the bump-monkeys). The first fact is that only the kops themselves can supply the vast quantities of dope found in all American prisons. No inmates, “gang” or otherwise, can import past all the kops, walls, fences, locked gates and doors anywhere near the amount of dope seen every day in the kops’ prisons. Proof of this is easily found by merely measuring the quantity of the various drug breakdown products in each prison’s sewage. For these massive quantities and varieties of drug excreta to be present in every prison’s sewage, the primary source can only be the kops themselves.

Only yesterday, CNN and a Carolina Prison warden tried to explain away this discrepancy between quantity and ability by invoking drones as the culprit. This excuse is also total bullshit, as is easily proven through use of simple math. The fact here is that the kops say that they often see such a horde of drones dropping loads of drugs over their walls, past their towers and fences that they have cried out for laws against this activity in all the state legislatures. Yet as proof, they show no evidence at all! Also, electric hover-drones such as are sold to the public can only carry a few ounces for only a few feet, for less than ten minutes. CNN’s only “proof” was a dim video of a pole poking out of a supposed prison window in Europe from which hung a ball. I saw the video twice, and saw no drone in it anywhere. I saw a ball, handing from a string, on a pole that eager believers could mistake for a drone, (See my essay, “The reverse Gorilla”) but no drone. CNN later admitted that there was no drone by going sideways, saying “These, inmates are merely showing their location”, so that a supposed drone master can try to fly it near enough for a captive to grab at its propellers through the bars of an upper story cage complex.

So, when the kops gather up their media bull-horns to sell you more horror stories about how “gangs” are filling their prisons full of drugs, try to put a little more though upon who is bringing these “gangs” the drugs to sell. Also, it’s not a “gang” who talks these kops into bringing these drugs into prison; it is an individual. It may grow from there, until someone gets caught, but it always begins between two individuals. There is no summit meeting between some prison “gang-chief” and the kops’ “gang-chief” until the shit has already been going on and successfully growing for a long time. Also, never forget who, exactly, is in total control of every single thing that comes into their prison: the Kops.