Water-Boarding vs Truth Boarding

By now, everyone should be very familiar with one of the most common scenarios that politicians bought from prosecuting Lawyers to justify some of their most aggregious usurpation’s of constitutional law. It borrows from Hollywood to add fake suspense. It involves a made up story about a ticking time bomb. Some silk suited authority figure creates a breathless fantasy about some criminal or terrorist who hid this bomb under a daycare somewhere, full of innocent children. The story ends with the politician or lawyer-professor bleating desperately to an imagined public sweating, sitting on the edge of our seats, chewing our fingernails. He shouts authoritatively: “We must have your permission to ‘water board’ these evildoers to save the babies! Time is running out!”

So far, there has never been found any criminal or terrorist who has had a ticking time bomb buried under any day care centers. Not even close, because there is no logic in this fantasy. Yet, this fantasy has been used to justify, and probably even start, the phony war on IRAQ that caused the violent deaths of hundreds of thousands of IRAQIS, including enough innocent children to fill hundreds and hundreds of day care centers. This war was deliberately created by a pack of powerful liars. These liars secretly hired professional Lawyers to twist the law to give them the ‘legal’ power to ‘water-board’ their targets. The purpose of hiring these Lawyers was to justify the torturers after they inevitably got caught. Their time-bomb fantasy was used over and over to justify their torture of hundreds of people, many of whom turned out to be completely innocent.

And, now that all the genocidal maniacs, war criminals and torture-sadists walked away, scot free, and the heat of public opinion has died off, Trump and his cabal of warmongers want to do it again. Particularly, he wants to water-board “some bad dudes.”

Americans who work for a living got burned pretty badly after foolishly acceding to the demands of that last pack of liars. We paid over $3 trillion to “Fix terrorism by fighting it over there.” Their ‘pre-emptive’ war did not fix terrorism. Their war on terror actually increased terrorism by at least 100-fold and it brought the terrorists right here to where we live. Now, terrorism doesn’t bother these rich, powerful silk-suits who started their war on terror. Terrorists can’t get past their armies of soldiers, cops, security guards and body guards. Terrorists can’t climb the walls around their mansions, shoot through their bulletproof limousines or catch their helicopters and planes. To these silk-suited war-starters and planes. To these silk-suited war-starters, terrorism is nothing more than an abstract puzzle that helps them get re-elected by talking tough and richer by talking tough, and richer by selling more arms. (Every U.S. Politician has an arms factory or other type of war profiteering center in their district.)

So: it would seem that working class men and women are study with an ever-worsening terror situation that randomly kills us while it benefits the Gluttons Of Privilege. But, what if this “ticking time bomb” scenario could be stretched over to include our war-mongering politicians? They are like the biggest, most powerful, most numerous ticking time bombs, considering how they love to go joy-bombing all over the world and rain hell fires from drones all over the place while they watch the hilarious military mass-murder that they cause from the safety of their luxurious nuclear hidey-holes. What if, the next time that these politicians came at us for permission to attack another nation, we could water-board the truth out of them first?  Wouldn’t that be nice? To not get fooled again? To stop terrorism before it was created?

Well, thanks to modern technology, we can! Except it’s not waterboarding the truth out of them. I’d call it “truth-boarding,” because we strap their heads inside a magnetic ring and simply ask them, “Why do you really want to start this new war?” Functional Magnetic Resonance (FMRI) lie detection gets to the truth out of them 97% of the time. (3% are inconclusive) So!

The next time that hundreds of thousands of lives are at stake, we need to get our facts straight: we can’t rely on any crafty politicians. The only way to be sure is through truth-boarding.