True Story of Torture and Murder

2011: Owasso cops kidnap a guy and deliver him to other cops at the Tulsa, OK county jail. The Owasso cops did, for fun, what all cps do; try to cut off their victim’s hands by clamping their thin, steel shackles onto his wrists, behind his back, so tightly that they cut through his skin. (Fun fact: because cops never wash their shackles, human blood can be detected on every pair, exactly like cops claim that microscopic amounts of cocaine can be detected on all dollar bills.) Cops think that this is hilarious, and it “solves” crime! The poor sap whom they are torturing this way is immediately brain-scrambled. He can think of nothing but the excruciating pain instead of what the cops are doing. They could be frying up and eating a bucket of welfare babies in the front seat and he would never notice. Cops like to joyride around, taking in the scenery while their victim begs them to put their shackles on him properly, like any normal, non-sadist/non-psychopath would do. He can feel the constant pain biting into his wrists in tune with his heartbeat. He can feel his fingers growing cold, stiff, numb and useless. He can’t twist around to see his hands turning black and blue from the loss of blood, but he knows that these cops are giving him permanent nerve damage and laughing about it. The cops just keep driving in circles, laughing, ignoring him, and waiting for their victim to snap that the only thing that will save him from living the rest of his life with hooks for hands is “confessions”. Or sometimes cops need people to tell stories on other people that the cops want more.

This victim, however, didn’t start pouring out “confessions”. He didn’t beg the pigs for who they wanted him to tell stories on. He didn’t even try to sell the cops his enemies or rivals, who are the first bits of street “intel” that the cops buy with small favors. Instead, he called these cops the sadistic scum that they were, though not as coherently or accurately, or as politely as I have done here. Also, he was more detailed and specific, since he knew exactly how these cops were torturing him, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Eventually, these two cops gave up and finally did their job of merely dropping off a hogtied cuss-bag to their fellow cops at Tulsa’s jail. Because these cops had failed in their mission, getting cussed instead of valuable “intel”, they were no longer laughing. In truth, cops torture people like this day in and day out. This torture routine is so old and tired that it’s not really all that much fun anymore unless you’re torturing a new guy who has never been tortured by cops before, and isn’t expecting it. Or unless you’re teaching a new cop how to torture confessions, snitchery or Intel out of somebody. The best that these Owasso cops could do was to get a few cheap hyuck-hyucks out of each other during their first few minutes of torturing this guy, but they were both seasoned sadists who had seen everything so often that it now bored them. After the first ten minutes of being steadily cussed by their victim, their laughter was so fake and phony that the guy probably had to have noticed. After 30 minutes of cussing versus phony laughter, these cops simply wished that they could just drag him out to some secluded place and take turns beating him to death with their sap-gloved fists, like in the old days. They, or at least one of them, decided, while the other cop winked in agreement, to get “even” for all the cussing when they got their victim in that secluded place inside the Tulsa pigpen, where no one could see who wasn’t a cop, and where no one would tattle.

They made their victim walk, still hogtied, all the way inside to where the scummiest sheriff’s deputies were waiting. Their victim thought that these new cops were less sadistic and less psychopathic than the ones who had spent so many hours torturing him during the 3o minutes it should have taken them to drive from Owasso t Tulsa. He was wrong. He was worse than just wrong. His pain had made him deluded. He thought that these new pigs were angels who were going to make his pigs take off their torture devices. He said, with relief, “Thank god! These turds have had these too tight for hours! Are my hands still alive back there?” The county cop took a fistful of the chain in one hand and, in his other fist, he took his victim’s right hand and wrenched both backward with all of his strength, trying to rip permanent damage into the victims’ wrist, elbow and shoulder joints. He succeeded.

Simultaneously, the fattest, most pork bellied of the Owasso cops wrapped both his blubberous arms around his victim’s head, twisted as hard and as far as he could, then jumped to slam his victim to the concrete floor as hard as he could. As he pulled this cowardly sucker-punch type manoeuvre on his helpless, hogtied victim, he snarled, “You sassin’ me, boy?” Yes: for “sassing” the pigs for deliberately torturing him for just the pleasure of indulging their overwhelming hatred, this pig left his victim a parting gift: a broken neck. Their victim lay there, paralysed; unable to move. He told all seven of the pigs who had either done this or gawked and snickered, that he was paralysed. In response to his begging for medical help, these pigs kicked him, told him he was faking, and demanded he get up. The Owasso pigs quickly tore their shackles off of him and made their escape. The fastest cop had heard his victim’s neck bone snap. He had very likely murdered other hogtied victims this way and should be tracked down and sent to prison for it. This man is probably a sadist and a psychopath, as cop work creates and attracts such people.

Proof of this is in what occurred next: for several days, all of these cops, jailers and medics dragged their paralysed victim around on a blanket into various cages, with or without inmate witnesses or helpers. Three times per day, for 4 or 6 days, these scummy cops could not get their victim to jump up, run to their bean hole and pick up his tray of jail slop. They said, “He will come get it when he gets hungry enough!” When these sorry sadists finally began to worry that some one of them might get blamed for this guy dying of thirst, they asked their inmate snitches, “Is he getting up to drink?” They got bad answers that they didn’t want to trust. (Jail inmates will eat all of your food, if they can trick the cop into giving them your tray, but other inmates will get you a drink of water. They will also lie to the cops or agree with the cops’ suppositions: “Uh, yeah, I think I did see him get up for a minute, now that you mention it!”) So the cops and jailors confab with each other on how this quadriplegic prisoner is such a good faker. The cops tell the jailers, “He did get up to eat, didn’t he!” Some of the jailer, relying on the ‘intel’ that they got from the inmates, and wanting to please the cops, say, “Yeah, I think he did get up for a minute, now that you mention it!” Other jailors and cops remain doubtful, because the guy is such a good faker that, every time they send someone to check on him within smelling distance, they comment on how he reeks of piss. The inmates have constantly complained of the guy’s stench. Every one of the prisoners have spent a large number of minutes banging on the walls and shouting themselves hoarse trying to make the god-damned cops and jailers come take this guy to a hospital, but these incidents are either not recorded in the daily log, or they were torn out an destroyed after their victim finally died. (Tulsa cops have a long history of destroying records and evidence.) Also, they are all in a window-less metal box with their own miseries. People can only hammer the wall with their fists or slap it with their cardboard shoes for so long with no results before giving up. In the old days when we had boots and metal trays, we could donkey-kick the shit out of the walls for hours and hours over several days before giving up due to being ignored. Since then, the cops have made this life-saving activity to hammer with and by making their control-lair soundproof. (Also, when they did it to us in this Tulsa Jail, they retaliated by blasting us for hours with ear-splitting blasts of crumby music.)

Imbecility, the cops and jailers add up this mountain of evidence and still chose to think he was faking. But they can’t allow any inmate witnesses. So, they drag him into a “hole” cage. This is a special type of cage where they focus a camera on their victim. They still can’t make him get up to get his tray out of their bean hole, and there is no one else in the hole cage with him to give him water. These sly, sadistic cops and jailers took away their victim’s inmate nurses for another reason: they are going to force this quadriplegic to prove he is a faker. The cops cunningly put food and water just out of reach of the dying man that they have left on the cold floor. Their copcam runs for over two days. Finally, the cop in charge of putting his victim’s food and water just out of reach notices that their fated, despised faker is dead. They send a psychiatrist to confirm this event.

Now these stinking neglectful, incompetent scummy cops and jailers shift into high gear. They fast forward through those 50-plus hours of copcam video eager to find that “ah-ha!” moment when the guy finally got up. It isn’t there! They all cuss their victim and the fat, shit bird Owasso cop who caused this hassle. Now they’ve got to search out all the evidence of their crimes in the various records and destroy it. There is a (very slim) chance that some sleazy lawyer will show up and figure a way to get evidence of their crimes here. The cops know that this can’t be let to happen, and that they cannot let that discretion be left to any judge. All the judges are their friends, and would do almost anything to prevent these cops and jailers from facing justice, but judges have careers to protect that are a little bit more important than any cop’s career. This goes double if they plan to become politicians. All the evidence that they know exists and can destroy, they do destroy, especially when it points to any specific cop, like the ones who did it. They all know that there is no chance of any cop going to jail, but they still have to repair the myth that authority is made up of all heroes. It is a public relations operation now, damage control. They must put the alarmed citizens back to sleep with the usual legal lullaby and media manipulation of the facts, first, the media spreads the cops’ version of why this guy died, then they suppress the story, trying to never report on it again so that the public will forget all about it.

The next step as, or is, to browbeat the surviving kin out of suing and tricking them into shutting up about the murder. In this case, the kin were not too stupid, easily manipulated or susceptible to lies or trickery, or too scared to demand justice. The sheriff and county commissioners sent prosecutors to sell the Kin a gag-order. It seems that the kin valued ethics and the safety of future prisoners over the millions of dollars of taxpayer cash that anonymous county officials offered as hush money. Instead, the kind hired a lawyer who let the cops have 5 solid years to screw-off any chance that a civil jury would assess a penalty upon the county taxpayers for their cops’, jailers’ and medics’ crimes. (Cops are immune to the law, so taxpayers pay.)

So, the cops had to do their 3rd step, which is to manufacture false evidence to avoid the impending, temporary, short-lived PR disaster. This was the easiest part. They just picked one of their inmates to memorize a script and parrot it into a ‘statement’ for the court case. He then takes his favor (usually cigarettes or a few days off his sentence) and disappears. (Many of these paid, inmate liars inexplicably die prior to the actual trial.) No lawyer can find any of the prisoners who gave the victim water or tried to make the pigs get him to a hospital. These were the very first records that the pigs “lost”. Also, the lawyers of such cases expect this to happen and do not even try to find them. This is just too much work for a $750/hour lawyer. He gets paid anyway, win or lose, so he couldn’t care less. He doesn’t rely on evidence, proof or facts, he relies mostly on his golden throat mesmerizing the jurors, and whatever the cops missed or forgot to destroy, or the ridiculousness of the “alternative set of facts” that the cops manufactured to cover their asses.

Because cops, public defenders and the prosecutor/judge team are used to selling ridiculous bullshit scenarios to criminal-trial jurors, (who are mostly groupie-type jurors, ready to gobble and swallow whatever these legal rock stars pull out of their pants just for the pleasure of being petted by them) they tend to thank that they can sell this same type of offal to civil offal to civil-law jurors. In this case, it was some gold-star drivel. Their one strategy is to blame their victim for his own death, they got their inmate liar to say, “I saw the guy put his down and run full tilt into a brick wall!” the cops touch-up this crap, making it seem less idiotic by salting in a dash o character assassination, which they grind into their media lapdog bullhorns. These Satan’s little helpers saturate the broadcast waves with stories from nowhere a few days before trial: “Anonymous sources close to the investigation say that the guy was a “mental nut” who was “suicidal”!” the guy’s family and friends go nuts when the cops reach this part of their trial preparation to-do list, but, instead of calling the media and refuting these lies, and trying to find out which cops told them, they call their lawyer. Their lawyer always tells them to sit quietly and allow all the character assassination to bias the public and their juror-pool uncontested, as if it were true. Why does he sabotage “his” own case this way? Because his career as a lawyer depends on the judges not revoking his license to play at law. Of course, no lawyer tells this fact to any of his clients. If any of his clients ever realize that the lawyers’ will always sacrifice a client’s case to protect their legal license, it is usually only after their case was sacrificed. In my 45 years of legal research, I have never found any civil-law client who had made this realization, except myself, of course. Lawyers are full of reasonable-sounding lies with which to steer their too-trusting and too-self-doubting customers down their legal rat mazes. News reporters never send their flunkies to the victims’ families to confirm or deny these anonymous, unsubstantiated, secret cop-lies of mental nut-ism or prior suicide attempts. Why not? Several reasons: it’s a waste of time, because the lawyers have already programmed the kin not to speak to the media; it is a fool’s mission to annoy the cops by trying to get this information that will get you excluded from all of the cops-reward-the-media dinners, lake outings, holiday parties, seminars, training junkets, ride-alongs and other freebies, privileges and perks; it takes away time that could be spent at paid gigs reporting upon the airy ravings of speechifying politicians promising the moon in return for re-election. Time=money, and there are only costs associated with hated criminals.

2-24-2017: after a 5-year hiatus, the Tulsa world newspaper reports that the trial is occurring now. They name the lawyers, but no cops: cops get to hide in the shadows, their identities secret so that no one of the defenceless public can be justifiably wary of the killer cop or his crew of brother—scoundrels, co-criminals.

I don’t have to see the trial to know its outcome. It’s just history repeating itself. The cops will get away again. Nothing will get fixed. The cops will keep killing people. The taxpayers will be punished despite having no quality control over ay aspects of the cops.

The only way to effect change to get better, more humane policing and less corrupt lawyering is to open their work records, take away their immunity and make them all subject to real punishment when they maim, torture and kill people. Also, they must be rotated out of these corrupting jobs, never to return, before the excess of absolute power corrupts them completely.