Tough Talk before the Wars

Today Trump twittered ominously on a few subjects. He was joined in his Tough Talk by UN ambassador Haley. Syria’s Assad got together more poison gas and mass-murdered a bunch of his citizens. Haley said “If the UN doesn’t do anything about this, we in the US might.” Apparently she has been secretly told to put together another coalition for us to hide in while our Politicians’ military thugs go joy bombing all around Assad’s country except where Assad is. (Rulers, whether democratic or despotic, all obey their secret rule not to target each other directly. This is why armies of ignorant children are instead thrown at each other.)

I’m pretty sure that the politicians of Britain, Australia, Germany, France, Turkey, et al, are all a little bit too smart now to let America’s Republican nitwits drag them into any more wars, considering the last 25 years of disasters and catastrophes that looked good at first, (Kuwait) but quickly turned into environmental and guerrilla (“terrorist”) shit storms. The millions of refugees from Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, and who knows where else flooding into Europe, have caused many rulers to realize that joy bombing Israel’s traditional enemies has consequences that will last at least as long as it takes for the refugees children to grow up, learn religion, politics and history, then continue the jihads.

Trump added to Haley, saying “Assad crossed many lines”, “He’s intolerable” and “Russia needs to step up,” etc. He seems to want to start a war on Assad but wants the Russian’s help. He goes on to bark at North Korea too, for shooting off a missile just before he talks to the Chinese leader. He said that North Korea is “out of options”. And he barked at Iran today, which signals that the Israeli rulers are probably getting tired of waiting for him to attack Iran for them, as he probably secretly promised them for their election support. (Overtly, this was his election promise to “renegotiate the Iran nuclear treaty.”) Israeli politicians have been desperately trying to sucker our US politicians into bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities for over a decade that we know of. My own thoughts on the Israelis is that they would perhaps do well to perform some humanitarian activities. The world appears to see them lacking the milk of human kindness as they sit in their bunkers, incessantly complaining.

As a signal that the Trump cabal is getting ready to do something drastic, they tossed out the odd man of their security council. Steve Bannon is gone. He

S like having a Rush Limbaugh give you advice. So many of Trump’s pals are getting caught lying about their secret dealings with the Russians that trump has to do something to throw the media dogs off of his trail. There is no better way to do this than to start a bunch of wars!

Trump has a long string of potential candidates for pre-emptive attacks: they are, in order of probability, Syria, Iran and North Korea, though, like Reagan, he is more likely to pick somebody much less dangerous. Reagan chose the tiny island nation of Grenada and he rampaged around in defenceless nations in South and Central America, pretending to save people from “communism”. (Working people are “saved” from capitalism: merchants are “saved” from communism.) While Trump is asking permission of Russia and China to attack Syria and North Korea, he is also looking for an excuse to attack Iran. All of these potential attacks will be mostly symbolic, like the way a mother slaps her baby’s hand. Trump is unlikely to get permission from Russia or China. Trump really does not want to annoy Iran. He really does not want to start another guerrilla war against America. So, most likely, he will pull out the standard, all purpose “Drugs!” excuse and escape media yapping about his Russian connection by picking a fight with heroin (Afghanistan) or cocaine (Columbia, Peru, Equador, Panama, even Cuba) or Marijuana (Mexico).

The wars or pre-emptive (sneak) attacks will occur. This is what republic-conservatives do; they start wars and profit from the sale of munitions and the tax-herd harvest required to buy them. This is why the first thing that republican regimes do upon obtaining the levers of power is to bloat up the military. They know that their intention is to drive the tank of state over the cliff of delicious, profitable war. They simply can’t help themselves!