Tough Decisions

You’ve probably heard on TV crime dramas, or in real life, some smug judge tell some poor, helpless peon, “You give up some of your rights upon conviction.” This is not true. They phrase it this way to fool you and the public into thinking that their actions against you are justified. Mostly, they aren’t, and in at least 13% of jury convictions, they are completely wrong. The fact is that you gave up no rights; they robbed you of your rights, exactly the same as any other gang of armed thieves rob people, except regular robbers don’t enslave you too. And, it’s not “some” rights of yours that they stole, its all of them. Here’s one example:

For over six months now, I’ve been trying to make these indifferent, uncaring prison employees replace worn out clothes. They’ve got a long, drawn-out, bureaucrat packed process that they use to discourage their victims from even asking. They steal your clothes when you get here, and they give you canvas pajamas, shoes and underwear that have been worn by someone else previously. They intend for this to last you forever, or for you to buy double-priced replacements from their prison monopoly “store.” It’s their job to feed you and clothe you, but they have figured out a way to get out of clothing you after their first theft-issue of your clothes. They simply ignore your requests for replacement of worn out items. This forces you to beg your family to buy you clothes (because you are unemployed), or you can decide to pay $50-$450 to enter an equally useless, indifferent, uncaring bureaucracy (the lawyer system) and try to make the lawyer-bureaucrats make the prison-bureaucrats do their job to provide the required replacement clothes.

That’s a tough decision for an ethical man: help the thieving exploiters of thousands of defenceless victims make profits that are illegal, or try to help thousands of victims get fair prices or their worn out clothes replaced as if they deserved humane treatment.

Let me help you out with this tough decision. If you pay $50-$150 to file a “Petition for Writ of Mandamus,” trying to make a judge make the cops issue you, and everyone after you, replacement clothes, the judge will probably find some way to duck his responsibility and avoid forcing justice. One of the most common excuses that judges use to escape rendering an honest decision is to claim “we have no jurisdiction (over this issue).” This is a legal excuse that fits all situations, because it’s meaningless. No explanation is ever provided. It’s exactly like the child’s explanation of “just because.” It’s impenetrable. They’ve got plenty of other excuses to dodge decisions too. You’ll discover them when/if you pay $450 trying to buy some “justice” with a civil rights lawsuit. After his clerk banks your money, the judge, or maybe just one of his many bureaucratic flunkies, can scan through the first two or three paragraphs and claim “sua sponte,” which, in lawyer jargon, means “this is bullshit. I’m just going to send this shit back with no answer, no explanation, nothing.”

Another common excuse judges use to escape having to waste time on you, yet keep your money, is to simply “decline” to rule. Imagine if a car mechanic charged you $500, then “declined” to fix your car. That would be a pretty cool “practice,” because he could collect and “decline” hundreds of times per day, getting lawyer-rich quick!

Judges don’t stop there! They’ve also got thousands of different “procedural bars” that they can use to take your money, then refuse to rule honestly, all because you didn’t read their hundreds of pages of procedures or decipher the law-gibberish used to describe them. Every tiny step has tiny little rules that must be followed in the right order, or you lose. If they don’t follow their petty little rules, they get another chance. Also, they put time limits on you, but only pretend time limits on the prosecutors or attorney generals or gov/biz “defendants,” and none on the judges. They can ignore your lawsuit until you die of old age.

So, their “best justice system in the world!” is really nothing but a system for road blocking the disenfranchised while feeding the gluttons of privilege and power. You get to pay double for clothes that should be supplied gratis. Next, we will be given the tough decision to either buy palatable food from them or eat garbage. Oh, wait: it’s this way now! And again, the price is double retail, at least.

Another example of a tough decision is whether or not to go to the corp-prison clinic when you’re sick. Mostly, captives decide “no, I’m not sick enough yet to waste $4 to get a medicine that is probably worthless. That’s a whole month’s “wages” down the crapper!” So they sneeze, cough and Sling snot until their infection reaches everyone and the cops carry it back out, stronger, to the unsuspecting public (they are told that these supergerms come only from hospitals. They believe this, though hospitals are, at worst, less than one third of the problem). Forced unemployment and high medical costs make captives avoid the “doctor” like the plague. The corp-cops are having a hard time getting any captives to visit their worthless, price gauging clinics. They have to be bleeding out or near death first (the bureau of justice statistics today (2-17-15) had the news-squawkers tell us: “Oklahoma prisons are number one!” (For risk of getting murdered in prison). The situation is so bad that the nurses have to send cops to drag captives to their clinic. So many captives try never to go to the clinic that many of us have not been there in years. This problem made the cops run to the legislature for a law that says they can drag us in for “physicals” once a year. They used to send the cops to me all the time. “Come get your flu shot!” “We need to check your blood pressure!” “You better do what we say, or you could die!” “You need to come with me, or they’ll send the maggot squad to get you!”

Mostly, when they came asking for me, I’d tell them “he went to the yard” or somewhere else. I get the flu every year, same as everyone else in prison, so I don’t need it twice a year. My blood pressure is none of their god damned business. When they gang-beat me down and stole ten millilitres of blood for their DNA database, it was enough for them to plant at fifty crime scenes. They can use that blood for whatever schemes they have going on now. They could be slipping toxins and viruses into that ground-up sludge that they fed us and be making vaccines for themselves out of our blood. This is what I’d do if I were a rabid government run by terrified paranoid psychopaths. They got caught twice deliberately infecting prisoners and Negroes with syphilis, just to document how they died of it. None of them went to prison for it or suffered the slightest penalty for it. In fact, these crimes were all covered up for decades until the last culprit was safely in his grave after living long, full lives of excessive privilege.