Toothbrush, Pen Equals Security Nightmare

The guard’s fondest wet dreams came true not long ago. An idiot inmate got ripped off for a dollar by some Negro inmates one time too many and decided to get even. Since the guards have metal detectors, inmates now scratch, cut and poke each other with plastic. First time, it was a toilet brush handle whittled down to a point. The guards now do not permit clean crappers.

Next, a pair of idiot inmates poked a guy with a pen barrel. The Kops took away all the pens and pencils for months, then began selling limp noodle pens and 3-inch, eraserless pencils. The latest idiot inmate, appropriately going by the prison alias “Pot head”, poked a thieving Negro with a sharpened toothbrush. The Kops immediately began stealing everyone’s toothbrushes. After a month’s delay, they began selling half length, phony toothbrushes that are too soft to clean teeth, and too short to reach them. (Try cutting the handle off your toothbrush and using it by holding the remainder between your thumb and forefinger.) There’s going to he a lot of prison dental bills and toothless prisoners in the future because of this idiocy/sadism.

Because brainless prisoners can’t think 7 minutes into the future and grasp the routine, standard, mass-punishment the priscrats pull every time in response, everyone else has to lose their teeth to common rot we haven’t seen since the previous dark age 500 years ago. Such stupidity makes me want to sharpen a coffee cup or a snuff can and use it on the idiot inmate who thoughtlessly got our toothbrushes stolen. (Attention cops and prosecutors! The previous sentence is called “sarcasm” and should not be used by you to dupe parole board kops and juries into branding me with your favorite fear and guilt inducing word, “violent”.) I’d like to see the kops make these idiots drink coffee with their fingers and carry their snuff in paper bags.