drug war

Prison Reform and Drug War

OK State Rep. Scott Biggs
2300 N. Lincoln
OK City, OK 73105

James Bauhaus
8607 SE Flowrmond
Lawton, OK 73501

Dear Representative Biggs,

I saw you and your story on Oklahoma News Report last Friday and thought: If some sneaky little closet misanthrope wanted to feed a clandestine grudge against the world by filling it up with cages and cops, one of the better ways to do so may not be apparent to a pack of sleazy former prosecuting Lawyers. An important set of facts that they would easily miss is that, (A) all of the youngsters whom the “Smart on Crime” geniuses tend to spin out of prison faster and faster to recycle as their one Big Idea for solving their “crowding” problem are gleefully getting high on weed, speed, downs, glue and alcohol every day and, (B) your fine corrections expert/professionals” have ceased testing any of them for drugs, which is (C) helping them to easily dance past all of your safeguards while committing various drug crimes, to leave prison on their way to your neighborhood, to your kids’ schools, to your Ivory Tower to plunder, to deprive you millionaire talk-artists of  your wonderful possessions, to cause you to hide ever more fearfully behind ever thicker layers of cops, armor and alarms for protection.

Such a person who would want to feign prison “reform” nonsense while secretly seeking to torpedo it, then giggle insanely up his sleeve about how clever he has been, could become far more clever by investing a few cents out of the enormous cop-budgets to re-institute random, even targeted, drug testing of the young-punk prison inmates, since they simply cannot stay away from the stuff, not even for freedom from your tiny cages.

If you haven’t noticed, you’re frittering away your drug war! Time you to tighten the screws and get busy. So you can feel “SAFE”.


James Bauhaus


: JB

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