Bloat the Rich, Starve the Poor? (How to end this ‘Business cycle’)

© 2017 James Bauhaus All rights reserved

If you watch the business news, you will inevitably be treated to stock biz-speak phrases such as “Labor shortage” or “tight labor market”, or a shortage of Nurses, Teachers or even Doctors. They qualify the Doctor shortage by adding that their supposed doctor shortage occurs in rural areas” only. This qualifying phrase gives us a hint as to what may be actually happening, instead of a shortage, or in parallel with it. Business, being primarily focused on profits, abhors paying a fair wage the same way that nature abhors paying a fair wage the same way that nature Abhors a vacuum. People who are nurses, Teachers and Doctors would characterize this situation by another phrase, which is never heard on the news because there is no “Nightly Worker’s News” to tell us of the ongoing wage crisis.

The most recent wage crisis began in 2008, in tandem with the worldwide financial robbery that came to a boil that same year. It really started much earlier, when Slick Willie Clinton and his congressional co-criminals stealthily repealed the law out in place after the previous worldwide financial robbery of 1929. This let the Politicians, Merchants and hereditary rich go hog-wild in making their money make them more money. Money quickly became worth much, much less.  The first ones to realize this were of course, the richest people with the most money. Soon as they realized this, they raced to get rid of their dollars before the rest of the herd noticed that they would soon become worth substantially less. They bought up all the tangible assets, such as homes, businesses, factories, land and mines. Now they are safe. The rest of the herd, ordinary, working class investors, lost their investments as the stock market crashed, bonds defaulted and became worthless, financial institutions went bankrupt and insurance corporations went broke. People who have lost corporations went broke. People who have lost their savings stop spending. Businesses depend upon spending for payroll. When buying slacks off, businesses fire workers. Unemployed workers speed even less. The   Nightly Business Report calls this a “Crisis of Confidence”, as if confidence will feed our families. People who keep up on the learning curve realize that we’ve been robbed the same way that a crook wins a card game merely by being the scorekeeper.

Gov’t is the scorekeeper of our lives, which is the reason why we must always closely supervise its grinning politicians, faceless bureaucrats and armies of Lawmakers and Law forcers. Oklahoma’s Republican political elite provide a prime example. They control this state and have run it into the ground for decades now. The rich and the merchants run amok, giving themselves privileges and opportunities that cost everyone else their right to an education, a good job, A fair wage, and safety from disease, exploitation by cops and Lawyerscrats and freedom from being casually locked away forever in their millions of cages.

Good people like Nurses, Teachers and Doctors flee shitty gov’ts run by Lawyercrats, merchants and the hereditary rich. The people who infest gov’t dig in like ticks and chiggers, making themselves almost impossible to remove, no matter how catastrophic the damage that they cause. We are seeing the national version of this shit with Trump, except now there is no other state to flee to. We are all trapped together in the same political disaster until we decide to fix it, or let it become the new normal.

Worse, we have learned that the corporate media excuses it, helps the deceptions along or crassly profits from it by hiding the facts inside “controversy”.