I’d like to encourage small investors over large for two reasons. First, since the lawyers’ system is more sensitive to public scrutiny than it is committed to following honest law, this endeavor will require the use of public pressure.

The law is clear, and on our side. The only problem we have is forcing the judges to follow the law. This is accomplished through constant, unremitting assault by the publicists, public relations firms, media outlets, right-minded freethinkers, altruist and supporters who generate public outrage. Against the broken system by pointing out its built-in biases conflicts of interest and unfairness, (see “Eyewitness this!”, “Juror groupies”, “best legal system in the world!”, “Cop culture and training” and many others on the net site.) Due to this situation, many small investors who are willing to perform the arts of coercion described above will be able to push this inherently glacial edifice over the threshold of an honest fair ruling and compensation sooner than would a couple of large investors.

The second reason is risk, many small investors risk individually less, which is important when faced with powerful, vicious, wounded animals flailing about, intent on escaping their just desserts. They could simply decide to hire an inmate to murder me. This is exactly what they did to John Shelton when I, in my gullibility mistakenly told them that he was the culprit. This is why I make arrangements for my family to take over the lawsuits in case of my death and honor the contracts of my investors. Also, I can’t… their incentive to continue to push for exoneration and wrongful conviction and compensation is cost plus 10% of the awards. Should some calamity occur here, the remaining funds would revert to my supporters to pursue the same goals, since injustice and liability for it does not disappear with the death of the victim. The suit would become my “estate” and my estate would belong to my creditors, any set of jurors can follow this logic, and the only thing good about our legal system is that, every often, the lawyers, prosecutors and judges can’t trick their way around jurors to subvert the law with legalific prestidigitation and misdirection.