Rule 60b Requests and Denials

Bauhaus v Ok Crf-73-24,, “Order Denying eleventh application for post conviction relief”            filed by Judge Harris, 3-16-07, p3

“Blanket Denial of P-C-R, Petitions in Error and Writs”. These documents simply reassert

Petitioner’s claims from prior Applications for Post-Conviction Relief, make personal

attacks upon the prosecutor and trial court judge, and reiterate a fantasy-life set of

background “facts”.

            On May 30, 1997, Petitioner filed his Sixth Application for Post-Conviction Relief

alleging that exculpatory evidence was withheld from him during his trial, and he has only

now come into custody of this evidence. Petitioner’s claimed exculpatory evidence is a

police artist’s sketch of the perpetrator as well a a description by a witness which indicates

that the suspect is “clean cut.” Petitioner offers as contradictory evidence a booking photo

of himself which he alleges was taken three days after the murder which he alleges shows

that he is not “clean cut.” On August 7,1997, Petitioner’s Application for Post-Conviction- Relief was denied.

            On October 1, 1997, and Order was signed denying Seventh Application for Post-


On September 4, 1998, Petitioner’s eighth Application for Post-Conviction-Relief was

denied. Petitioner appealed the court’s ruling and on November 13, 1998, Petitioner’s the

denial of Petitioner’s eighth Application for Post-Conviction-Relief was affirmed.

            On March 5, 1999, Petitioner filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus/ Application for Post-

Conviction-Relief On November 9, 1999, Petitioner’s Ninth Application for Post-

Conviction-Relief was denied. Petitioner appealed the courts ruling and on January 24,

2000, Petitioner’s appeal was dismissed.

            On July 13, 2000, Petitioner filed an Application for Equal Protection/Tenth

Application for Post-Conviction-Relief. Petitioner’s tenth Application for Post-Conviction-Relief was denied.

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