Prison Survival Techniques

When a prisoner discovers that he has an infected sore from having to sleep on a plastic pad, it is a serious matter that could result in scarring, sickness and death. Prisons breed supergerms this way that are resistant or immune to antibiotics. Such infections need treatment immediately, not after many days of wrangling with recalcitrant medic/bureaucrats over proper papershuffling procedures. Save your skin and possibly your life by always maintaining a small horde of asprin and replace it quickly each time the prison guards steal it from you. Asprin is very useful for many reasons, one of which being that it is a mild acid. Soak two asprin in a little water and gently rub it into infected sores once a day or so until the prisoncrats decide to render real medical treatment to you. This will slow or even cure infections before they can kill you or cause you to lose toes, fingers or limbs. This is especially important for diabetics to know. But don’t let this slow efforts to force adequate medical treatment from the ‘crats. You could still easily die without it.