Prison Legal Help Farce

Not long ago I asked prison lawclerk Bill Cathey, via paper request, “Please provide caselaw citations that rule that a court’s judge can be bypassed when he refuses to rule on the facts of a case.” A Mcalester judge (Barteld) had sat on a simple question of law for a solid year, simply refusing to rule that I was right and the law was irrefutably on my side. His plan was simply to ignore me and my Habeas Corpus forever and hope I was too stupid to go over his head.

Cathey typed me out a full page response loaded with questions trying to guess unimportant details of my case. He offered the standard suggestion (sue for a ruling from the Okie Supremes ordering him to rule or let me bypass the crook). Then he offered a single, partial citation of caselaw I was to cite to the higher court as precedent for my request for them to make him rule or let me past him. The citation was Picard vs Connor 10th circuit court of appeals. The book and page numbers were missing. This case could not be found by us without this information, and he knew it.

Weeks later I was able to finagle my way to the prison “law” library. This is where they put you in a cage only a few feet from the lawbooks and let you beg for a law clerk to find the right one of hundreds and let you actually touch and read it.

While there I told Cathey exactly how Okie McJudge Bartheld was screwing me to death with his particular brand of legal chicanery. I also asked Cathey for the numbers required to find his Picard vs Connor.

I never got it. Like a sleazy lawcrat, he began slipping sideways, changing the subject, dodging the question, and finally ran off promising to get it twice, then he just didn’t come back. Talking to other victims in adjacent cages revealed that Cathey and other prison lawclerks routinely save time by simply forgoing caselaw searches in favor of simply dreaming up nonsense and duping the ignorant prisoners into believing it is an actual bonafide law citation we can use in our petitions to judges. Having thus been reminded of the routine duplicity that ever occurs among highly-trained prison lawclerks, I realized suddenly the missing parts of Cathey’s spurious caselaw citation. The missing parts had more to do with his TV watching habits than his special lawclerk training. The complete citation is thus: (Captain) Picard vs (Roseanne) Connor.

Incidentally, the Okie Supremes did order this robed McMaggot to rule, and it was the only one of hundreds of lawsuits I “won”. Judge McMaggot promptly ruled a page full of complete and utter gibberish, deliberately incoherent, that had almost nothing to do with my contentions, then he lawlessly pre-dated his pile of semantic feces to make it appear that he’d vomited it months earlier. (see: C-99-207 in McAlester district court) His own clerk would not participate in his lie and stamped it with the actual date he dictated it to her. She sneaked this true date of creation at the bottom of the last page and signed it. I appealed this McCrap ruling to the Okie supremes. They are still sitting on it, but will eventually rule their own type of lawless, criminal gibberish. The club of powerful, robed vermin is so strong and immune to oversight and quality control that they could simply wipe their diarrhea-laden rectums on petitioner’s lawsuits and their cronies in the higher courts would merely accept and possibly repeat this behavior as a lawful “ruling of the court”. They are as crooked as they want to be, and no power on Earth can make them get right.

8-10-00: They did file a bag of self-serving crap. (see: OCCA “Order Declining . . . (out duty to uphold the law)” no. HC-2000-962

The case itself is so extremely simple that a child of 8 would immediately see the logic and agree with my contentions. Not so, a corruption of old, rich lawcrats in positions of power. First, there is the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution that, in theory only, “guarantees” equal protection of the law for everyone. This is supposed to keep judges, cops, bureaucrats, electocrats, etc, from passing out favoritism for money and other consideration, such as immunity to the law for themselves, sale of law to lobbyists, freedom from ever having to pay traffic tickets for them or their families, or hiring relatives to work with them at high-pay, low-work, perk-laden gov’t jobs.

As you can see, the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment works only in the fantasies of idealists, who often have jobs implanting this nonsense in the minds of ignorant schoolchildren.

The 2nd part involves a grandstanding prosecutor at my trial named Jerry Truster. (How ironic that a corrupt, lying, evidence-stealing lawcrat should wield “trust” in his surname.) He and a pack of crooked, lazy cops duped a jury of ignorant, patriotic fools into branding me guilty based solely on the word of two liars who saw the actual killer, but took the cop’s word that it was me instead.

The main liar, Mrs Dorothy Nell Hunt, inherited her husband’s pornography business when her husband was murdered by the porn dealers he was snitching off for the cops. It was an election year, and the local prosecutor, Buddy Phallus (again, how ironic!) was battling with Okie-city prosecutor Andy Coats, on who was to wedge themselves into the governor’s seat. Their means to this end was the usual “clean up our streets” pabulum in which they sucked up votes by attacking the scum who sold porn to perverts.

Both failed, and when they had no more use for Mrs Hunt’s snitchery and porn, they nailed her too. She sold her porn biz and bought a lawcrat who “won” an appeal in the Okie Supreme court. They cooked up an “out” for her, saying that she should get 2/3rds off her obscenity sentence solely because it was now not fair when the prosecutor re marked on how porn increases the crime rate. This whole river of lawcrat sewage can be found in Hunt vs a cr ap 601 p.2d 470 1979. The 5 powerful (and richer) judges said,
‘. . . this (improper comment) can not be allowed”.

This is exactly opposite of what they said to me about the exact, same grandstanding prosecutor’s remark in Bauhaus v Ok cr ap 532 p.2d 434 four years earlier.

When people purchase legal loopholes such as this, the Judges rarely let it be pub lished in any lawbooks; somehow this got into the lawbooks, though it was only one ex tremely convoluted snippit of judge-vomit buried beneath an alp of more judicial ravings. Even so, the judges did reverse their opinion on this particular bit of standard prosecutor’s closing argument bilge. The word quickly spread amongst the prosecutors and they quickly stopped raving at juries about the crime rate and instead adopted a slightly different emotionally charged rave to induce the 12 fools into conviction mode.

Not having a well-oiled machine of numerous clerks, paralegals, lawyers, prosecutors and judges to warn me of when and how the judges change their minds and the law: in doing so, I didn’t blunder across this for 20 years. Soon as I found it, I took it to the same judges whose throats had erped it. They ducked their jobs, probably because I didn’t have a sleazy porn biz to convert into cash and hand over to one of their bag-men. In H-98-1269, it “only” took about 50 days for them to say, “Don’t bypass the Tulsa court.” Thus they forced me to waste more months of my life asking the same crooks who lied me into prison to give me the law they stole from me to get me convicted.

There was only one possible outcome to this, and they stalled around as long as possible. I had to sue them to make them rule, and they stole another year of my life before issuing the “no” that was the foreordained conclusion.

Knowing the Tulsa judges were crooks, I simultaneously petitioned the McAlester judges for the same justice. This is the same McJudge I railed about earlier in this essay, and he also took a year to issue his expected “no”, proving he is a crook too. Worse, he (and all judges) was a crook with immunity, so he can never be punished no matter how often he gets caught stealing, lying, or selling lawchanges for money.

To shorten a long, agonizing story encrusted with judgecrime, it took at least 5 lawsuits and almost 2 years to leap through all the legalistic hoops and force corrupt, illegal, justice-stealing decisions out of the throats of 7 judges in 3 courts.

In the final state-judge vomit-orgy, the 5 okie supreme judges completely dodged the only question I put to them, “Why shouldn’t the same justice you gave Hunt apply to me?” They had nothing at all to say about the fact that the favoritism they sold to the pornseller had finally come back to haunt them, ever-so-slightly. They declined to do their duty and uphold the letter of their own law. They threw precedent into the garbage along with the 14th and other amendments of the constitution. Why? Because they are paid to keep people in prison, especially innocent persons like me who prove with their own words how extremely corrupt their law monopoly is. They have to conceal their corruption inside specially isolated prisons so they can keep their taxherds duped into apathetic submission. No matter that these judges are actively assisting the real killers in escaping their wizened claws o’ justice. If too many people uncovered the fact that corruption is the rule, not the exception, these robed bacteria and their bag-men would be dragged out of their ivory towers of opulent splendor and thrown into the same sadistic cages they’ve so gleefully consigned others to for millions of man years.

The next step is to (again) plumb the depths of federal judge-corruption. (see: 00-5146, 10th circuit) Since the state judges are so secure in their immunity that they can concoct the law any way their whim strikes, T sent this same, exact question to the Denver judges. They will duck their duty too, aligning themselves with the kil ler and against this innocent man, the law and the constitution. Nothing is more important to them than rubberstamping the corruption of the single lying cop who started this mess and the train of lawcrats who chose to assist him. The law means nothing to the cops and lawcrats but a slight obstacle to their plans. They must merely pay lip service to the law as they connive-up ways to get around it to achieve their sordid goals of self-aggrandizement, continued influence-peddling and power over others.

I also appeal McJudge Bartheld’s gibberish past the okie supremes to the okie fed court in Muskogee. This will lead the judges there to also being forced to display their allegiance to the killer when they parrot the same thing the lower judges said; (“Too late! You Waive:”). After this, the 10th circuit Denver judges will get it and have another chance to demonstrate their contempt for the law by protecting the killer. Eventually the U.S. Supremes will get 2 more chances to parrot their contempt for the law too, as they also protect the killer.

What else can I do but make these maggots-of-law show their true colors? They suffer zero quality control now, but maybe after their monumental corruption fills enough records they will be put in the cages they so richly deserve. I can dream, but the line of grafters standing up to replace them is infinite. Like Gore, Hush and McCain, they talk a load of reform, but none of it ever manages to occur after they’ve duped their ways into office.