Prison Gang Violence Equals Higher Cop Profits

Why are the prisoncrats in bed with the prison gangs and why do they reward criminality within prison?

Prisoncrats have long thought that they couldn’t control prisoners without encouraging prisoners to snitch on each other’s activities. In fact, ordinary police work would screech to a glacial pace without a steady flood of snitchery to fuel it. Cops can not function with out snitch-lines, news-stalkers begging for snitches on TV and radio, or beating snitchery out o£ people whom citizens have pointed out to them as criminals, etc. Prison kops model themselves after real cops, partly because the trashiest of real cops often get flushed down into prison work when their true moral character gets exposed too often. When they do, they bring their cop-philosophies with them.

When state govts switched “prisons” for “Correctional Institutions” and “guards” for “Correctional Officers’, this “snitchery required” doctrine was codified in the newly created “Corrections” textbooks, though not in the blunt, blue-collar language I use here. As state govts began to realize the true money-making potential of their criminal slave holdings, prisons were proliferated to take advantage of the fact that ignorant citizens would pay huge, college-fund type amounts of taxcash to keep each criminal idle, in a cage, with virtually zero upkeep or overhead. (Prior to the change to “Correctional Institutions”, most prisons were either self-sustaining or turned a profit from actual labor. The current practice of idling slaves is to prevent cries from business about tax-subsidized “competition”.) Guards proliferated with them, discovered their political power and joined the cops, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, politicians, even news-artists, etc, in obtaining ever more Gross National Product pie with their incessant rasping in public about crime. Crime went up slowly since WWII then faster as a result of the encriminalization of non-corporate “drugs”. Crime went up a little faster when the politicians emptied out the mental institutions onto the streets, outlawed corporal punishment for schoolchildren, paid welfare Moms to have Dadless kids, let these kids escape schools and the learning of English, and let 20 million illegal aliens take a free ride during the last amnesty used by the politicians and special interests to sabotage producer wages in favor of merchant profits.

Despite these and more (e.g, the ’87 and ’00 stock crash-ripoffs, the HUD-thefts and the half a trillion dollar savings and loan give-away) mega-blunders and mega-thefts by various factions of the US and state govt employees, citizens did see an actual decline in crime for the past 16 years. Unable to conceal this trend, and apparently incapable of conceiving (or admitting to) the actual cause of real crime (poverty brought on by low wages and joblessness), a ludicrous attempt was made to give credit for the decline to abortion; specifically Roe v. Wade. Citizens were not comatose enough to accept such flagrant nonsense as this, yet neither were we sufficiently awake to discern (or care about) the on-going explosion of prison building along with the colossal overbloat of cops, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, paralegals, aide:, assistants, guards, bureaucrats, social workers, parole officers and other societal parasites that massive encriminalization efforts tend to create and feed.

We can’t discern the massive prison building efforts going on because prisons are kept very small so that thousands of them can be tucked away in far corners, hidden from view and not easily detected. City ‘work’ prisons look like abandoned school. Many of them ARE, abandoned schools with taller fences and darkened, barred windows. The captives are allowed in and out to work, but prohibited from loitering outside the building where citizens and motorists can see them and think: those scroungy-looking men can not be junior high school students! These captives are prohibited from competing with business enterprises, but they ARE let to push out, honest labor from the limited number of available jobs. Oklahoma has over 25k captives spread out among 22 major prisons, dozens of work-prisons and hundreds of city and county jails.

We can’t discern the drop in the crime rate because the gov/media alliance won’t permit it to occur. Crime must always rise in order to support the vast, bloated and evergrowing populations of cops, lawcrats, politicians and guards who depend on crime for their very rich, taxpayer-provided lifestyles. This is why the ‘News’ is mostly lurid crime stories, “entertainment” is Heros solving crime, “legislation” is roping in more citizens by defining them as criminals and “justice” is stripping them as to their assets, declaring their lives forfeit to slavehood, harvesting their labor and requiring massive subsidies from ignorant taxpayers for their encagement.

Legislative encriminaiization of citizens and taxpayer subsidization of enslavement is such a golden money-maker for govt that corporations bought themselves into the game. Enslaving people for pro profit is such a colossal success that the common dream of “growth” desired by every greedy, low-level electo-crat is often realized not Just by speed traps anymore, but by building and selling cage space.

This explosive growth of cages for sale follows -he explosive abduction efforts of police and parole-crets whose jobs are to keep every available cage filled. Since crime is down, despite anything the news-talkers say, the excess cages are filled in other creative ways. Parole rates are plummeting in every state. Parole revocations are the highest they’ve ever been. The City Councils and state and federal legislatures are pumping out thousands of new offenses, micro-managing what used to be single crimes into multiple crimes full of enhancements, extra sentencing and fining opportunities, etc. Cops, lawyers, judges and prosecutor, are encouraged to create all kinds of scenarios about what they want their media tools to sell to •’he jurors about what they thought their target was up to, each more hideous and fiendish than the last, in order to maximize punishment. Often their target is completely innocent. (Approximately 15% of the time, based on Prof. James Liebnan’s 2000 Columbia University study, “A broken System…”) In a11 cases the sentence and fine is excessive due to the situations already stated and the fact that almost nothing in the US “justice” system is scientific, and almost all of it feasts off near-hysterical emotion and cunningly disguised subjectivity to produce its extreme results.

This crests a welcomed backlash of more crime and bad attitudes in the persons who eventually/temporarily get loose from this accursed cop and lawyer system. This backlash primarily Manifests itself in small thefts, petty vandalism and small-time mutual sabotage of the social contract between the producers of society and the elite who provide wages. Buildings get covered with noxious grafitti, windows get broken, alarms get set off, crank calls get made, tires get slashed, portable valuables get stolen, cars get burglarized, purses get snatched, women get groped;: keyholes get plugged, lights get put out, public facilities get trashed and thousands of other crimes of opportunity get committed. The Elite retaliate by invading everyone’s privacy, setting up cameras everywhere, turning minor crimes into long trips to prisons, destroying whole families, depressing wages, increasing fines, raising taxes, creating new taxes and hiking prices so that everyone is poorer except they who feed off us and our work output.

This same process occurs in prisons. The socially ignorant captives agree to work as slaves for pennies/hour while enduring the most petty of harassments. Even when they do this out of necessity, to buy soap and other hygiene items at high prices from prison profiteers and to pay for medical attention and pharmaceuticals, they resent being exploited. Their lives have been sabotaged, and they respond with sabotage at any opportunity. Tools get broken, materials get stolen and wasted, work creeps along and must constantly be pushed, supervised and quality-checked. Slave labor has never been as cheap as is thought. Any captives who show initiative and competence are swiftly censured by the ones who wear the happy masks and resent exploitation. They oppress the ones with initiative and eventually drag them down to their level.

The guards, jealous of every concession the captives are able to obtain, respond by using each act of petty vandalism or minor rule violation as an excuse to shut down the work and get the captives back into their cages while staging lengthy, unnecessary ‘investigations’.

None of the captives want these interruptions of the daily grind. Socially conscious captives accept their inevitability. The dope-inmates and gang-inmates are totally against anything that disrupts the daily grind. Sales of dope and tobacco stop during lockdowns. Getting high or stupored is harder to do during lockdowns and much less enjoyable when stuck in a dark cage with a person they see too much every day. Lockdowns stop the gang inmates from robbing the weak or unaffiliated individuals who are their usual prey. Lackdowns prevent gangs of thieves from sneaking into other captive’s cages and stealing radios, TVs, etc for resale. Lockdowns often cause the thief-gangs to get caught with stolen items before they can be sold to dupes.

These reasons put the work-managers and guards in bed with the dope-inmates and the thief-gangs. Their common interest is in maintaining the daily grind (and thus production) at all costs. The dope/gang inmates commonly form secret alliances with the guards and managers to snitch off any disruptive efforts of the disgruntled, exploited, activist captives. Doing so helps keep production high, costs low, dope sold and consumed, and thief-gang exploitative activities at maximum efficiency. The rewards for such service is a rampast black market in dope, tobacco, cell phones;. pornography, gambling rackets, etc, and a blind eye toward thefts, injuries, sodomy and many other perversions and crimes. The guards and media also abet criminal activities in prisons by refusing to compile statistics on such crimes and failing to report anything in prison except murders, and them only minimally. It’s a win-win situation all around, unless you’re the exploited, that is.