Police State Blues: Tragically Amusing

When the state elects buffoons into its offices, there is plenty of opportunity for mirth. It is astonishing to me that anyone was foolish enough to vote for such an obvious buffoon as trump. The fact that it was a close race, decided by only a few million motivated voters, seems to indicate that America is full of people who are themselves buffoons, or who are easily fooled. The people who are actually in on this newest Republican rape of America cannot be an appreciable percentage of the total population. Samantha Bee put it hilariously and more informatively than any news program on her show, “Full Frontal” last night. The elite, hereditary rich and gluttons of privilege are running more amok than ever before. Even the previous record holder, Sonny Bush who managed to Shepard two massive rip-offs of the commonwealth during his rampage; is envious of Trump’s successes in the past 60 days. Even before the gate opened, Trump and his cabal of shady, secret millionaires got caught filing their numbered Swiss accounts with Russian Rubles. Another scary sign occurred when the whole gaggle of politicians voted in public to break the law so that they could get their pal, “Mad Dog Mattis” in charge of their military. The law is there for a reason, and now we know what that reason is to keep outsiders out and to waive insiders in. I will think of this mad dog every time one of these sleazy elites gets on TV and angrily shouts someone else down with their pat phrase, “We are a nation of laws!” the facts have never been more plain than now that we are actually a nation of Gluttons of Privilege and Powerbrokers (GOPP). Coal corporations can again fill the rivers with their pollution. The already toothless Dodd-Frank law that was supposed to protect us from the coming third worldwide financial rip-off was revoked. Investment planners can again fill their pockets from yours while pretending to give you sage financial advice now that they got the fiduciary rule rescinded. Any idiot can again get assault weapons or carry concealed guns. They again took away nutrition standards for school kids. They just took away funding for food for hungry school children and meals on wheels for elderly cripples. It’s like they’re dragging us backward into the 1890s, so get ready for things to get a lot worse before they get any better. Instead of school, children will soon be working in mines and factories as the wealthy help us compete with dirt-world labor by bringing back manufacturing jobs that pay nothing and create thousands of love canals. Also, look for an explosion of previously conquered diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, lockjaw and diphtheria, since, in return for their votes, Trump and his ‘Best and Brightest’ are going to let the idiots kill their children by withholding vaccinations.

All the money that they save from gutting the EPA, NIH, HHS, education and every other safety, regulation and social improvement program is going straight to bloat-up the department of Bombs, Bullets and Mass Murder. Just yesterday I saw one of their propagandists making his rounds on TV, telling us how sick and puny his air force is. They must be drawing up some hellacious bombing plans, because he was pleading for more pilots. He kept a serious face, too, as if he really believed that no one in his audience knows that our military is bigger than all of the next twelve largest militaries combined. Trump’s cabal gives us a hint of the next secret war that they are planning in their propaganda blasts about North Korean missiles and by now accusing China of helping them improve their missile technology. If I was an insane 800 pound gorilla plagued with terror fantasies, I wouldn’t be too stupid to chum-up with my target’s neighbor before attacking. Since I’m a little bit smarter than a terror phobic ape, my own fear is that the war long arms-fetishists within Trumps cabal are designing new ‘gulf-of-tonkin’ type incidents and that I won’t be among the first to decry them as they are sprung. Probably, the first sign of impending doom will be GOPP representatives appearing on all channels Sunday morning talking with their lap dog media meat heads to the public about how rational and sensible is the concept of “Limited Nuclear War”. This is the exact, same terminology that Big Daddy Raygun used to “scare down that wall!” Republicans actually do believe that Reagan’s star-wars huffing and puffing really did blow down the mighty Soviet Union. Because of this, they have war planners a plenty in the pentagon pumping out similar ‘strategies’ to take care of their North Korea (China) problem.

What is almost as tragically amusing as what genocides the Trump cabal is planning is that the states are mimicking the Federal gov’t in miniature, particularly Oklahoma. Republicans hold us all hostage here as the state GOPP cut their own taxes to nil, sop up all the loose taxcash, starve the schools, the poor, the cripples, the elderly and the wage slaves. They raid the pension funds and sell all the bonds that they can for others to repay or default on. When the inevitable boulder of debt and poverty finally smashes through their citizens’ apathy, the ruling GOPP continues to ride the wave of catastrophe for years somehow, using the same ideas that caused the wreck as the cure!

Most notably, the GOPP has 61,000 people stuffed inside their prisons and jails and laboring on parole. This is, per capita, two point twenty-three times the average of other states’ prisoners and ‘sanctionees’. They feed us offal. Livestock get better medical care and live in healthier, less crowded conditions. They spend half a billion dollars of their $7 billion per year keeping their slaves in cages. They never stop crying about the cost, though it’s the lowest of all the states. They never stop begging for more money to build more prisons, though they give most of it to the corporate cage industry, which makes enough profit on it to buy a majority of the politicians. They’re so eager for more kickbacks of tax cash that they closed 17 work centers where they rob inmates who are about to discharge their sentences. They even cut the throats of ten county jail sheriffs who thought that they had permanent contracts for slave labor. Some of these greedy counties bought massive new jails on credit, trying to max out their return on the slave industry. Last week, (3-17-2017) The Oklahoma News Report revealed that one of the poorest, least-populated counties had put itself on the hook for $21,000/month for 30 years trying to cash in with a new jail for 60 slaves in a contract worth $775,000/year ($35/head/day). They thought they were going to make $13 million in profits over the life of the loan, and now they have an empty jail ten times bigger than they need and no way to pay for it.

So here’s the bedrock of the police state. The cages are already built. Now the cops just need to buy the laws that let them rope in the victims to fill them. This is the police state blues.