Parole Requirements James Bauhaus 3-15-11

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Of the millions of victims of the state’s Lawyers’ system seeking surcease from its cruel enslavery, only a few percent will succeed. Most of them will be re-victimized or get caught at additional crimes, wasting everyone’s time and making it more difficult for serious persons to succeed. In addition to the nonsense of the captives you must compete against, there is the nonsense of the several bureaucracies to contend with. Exactly opposite of how they portray themselves, almost no one of their employees want you to exit their maze. The rare ones who do will ignore social science and waste their time on the young, ignorant criminals who have already proven that they have no intention of changing their lifestyle. Further proof of the malanthropic nature of these bureaucracies is illustrated by simply considering their economics and the logic behind them. You are their pariah. The more of you they have, the larger their bureaucracy can expand and employ more of their children, kin or friends. Also, now that gov’t has let business pull off the second world-wide financial robbery, and send all the gruntwork they could to China, India, South America, et al, and imported millions of foreigners who will work for almost nothing, they have chosen to make captives pay for these crimes by shrinking parole access, in OK, from about 18% to as little as 5%/month This unstated, secret policy is to prevent captives, who will work for even less than many illegal workers, from competing for jobs that voters may accept.

Dismal as this big picture is, your local situation is worse. You can not uncover how specifically worse it is until you manage to pry from the bureaucrats the Parole Investigator’s Report on you. This is a secret “public” record that they make almost impossible to obtain.

The bureaucrats, being immune to any type of quality control or punishment for any word-crimes that they commit against you, can and will simply ignore all captive’s letters asking for this supposedly public record. Maybe captives can obtain this record through interminable niggling with the judges’ law apparatchik, but this will take years of effort and much expense, and has much more likelihood of you giving up than obtaining success. A slightly quicker way is to enlist the aid of kin who are proven to the ‘crats to be registered voters who actually vote. (Yes, they keep exacting records on this, and how much public service you obtain from govcrats is directly proportional to your voting record, among other things. There are degrees of citizenship, and this is why, even as a refugee from these American gov’ts, I always kept an active voting record every time my aliases could withstand the minimal scrutiny involved.) If you have not got the aid of voting kin to assist you, you are stuck with trying to get a judge to order them to grant you this right, in which case you are likely just buried in the morass. They rarely rule against each other, and, when their intransigence and recalcitrance make you give up trying, you fit their term, “The Forgotten Man”. Always remember; it is better to be reviled by them for never ceasing to try and access your rights than it is to be forgotten by them as an easy, taxpayer subsidized, profitable target.

Even with voter assistance, this insignificant action of merely photocopying six pages and mailing them took an agony of effort stretching out to over nine solid months. A law clerk friend, with 35 years of dealing with such determined obstructionists, was delayed by ignoring, stalling govcrats for almost two years because he had no free-citizen help. If/when they send the stuff, be certain to scrutinize each page minutely, because you are faced with a heavily coded document full of bureaucratese specifically designed to be indecipherable to persons outside this super-privileged class. They have much to hide, and they hide it well. The first thing that my law clerk friend deciphered is the pound sign circled around my name, (ex. 4). Three years later, advanced computer technology enabled one of these highly overpaid crats, or perhaps a team of them working in shifts, to create an enlarged, enhanced form of this pound sign to be affixed to captives’ names, obviating their need for an eye-catching circle, (ex. 9). This pound sign is the parole crats’ version of an air raid siren. It whoops “Murder! Murder! Murder!” at the parole board members and governor in this backward state. Though paroling certain murderers is the safest bet for successful reintegration and non-recidivism, especially innocent non-killers such as myself, it is a-re-election nightmare whenever the wrong one is released and escapes the intense supervision that always follows.

Since re-election is more important than captives’ lives, this pound sign is like a knife in your back. Maybe one day citizens will force govcrats to obey scientific and probability laws over re-election tactics and political patronage sinecures, but this will not occur while we allow the govt to steer the media and stampede the ignorant and gullible. All we can do is educate against their tricks and traps. Since Oklahoma citizens are particularly un-, mis- and mal-educated, our captivity relief system is quite primitive compared to more progressive states. Even so, all American states follow the same basic patterns. In the spirit of altruism and social progress, I publish my own investigators’ reports to illustrate how the tip of this iceberg works. The 90% that remains concealed can’t be pried out without first exposing the carefully crafted criminality hidden in the top ten percent. The ultimate goal is to help victims of the system improve their position on the learning curve and then force some of its built-in, rampant bias and injustice out.

On page one, no. 2, (Barnes Report) is the most cunning lie, and it comes, predictably, from the prosecutors, who authored this fraud. They ignore their job description, which is to perpetrate justice, and substitute a machinelike policy of prolonging convictions and preventing un-conviction despite any facts or proof that may be uncovered later. Cops and prosecutors are famous for ridiculously parroting “He’s guilty anyway” in arrogant defiance of irrefutable scientific proof to the contrary. Their most common method of proclaiming such nonsense so that at least fools may believe them is to concoct a fraudulent alternative scenario to slather like mucus atop the scenarios, often also false, that they used to obtain conviction in the first place. More specifically, they simply pretend that now their was another perpetrator; one who left the DNA, and the one they convicted through use of worthless, misleading and unreliable evidence. In my own case, the prosecutors have much corruption that must remain concealed from public knowledge. They make certain that I remain silenced in their dungeons by cleverly going to the next county from their own to concoct not just a plausible, yet nonexistent robbery, but also a co-criminal. These lawcrats all know that the title of their conviction is “Murder!”, (just check the pound sign), yet they knowingly, deliberately and arrogantly lie to the parole board members and governor, to call this murder what it is not; a robbery. The prosecutors all know that there is no co-criminal, or they are too incompetent to hold their jobs, since this information is on the same page that they just read “Murder!” from. Or they are simply gleeful crooks, happily perpetrating perjuries simply because they can. The “inmate profile” is, no doubt, an even worse jumble of lies and despicable halftruths designed to make their targets appear worse than they really are. This is the 90% that will suddenly vanish out of your record soon as someone manages to drag it out into the light of day. And these evil crats will put a copy of it in an even deeper file, but some of the most vicious and unsubstantiated attacks will sizzle and boil away into the sunlight. This is why, in every other industry, it is common knowledge that weasels should never be put in charge of the henhouse. Only in govt are such glaring opportunities for criminality provided as a standard resource for employees to enjoy.

At the end of the anonymous prosecutors’ deliberate double-lie, the bureaucrats are directed to an “inmate profile”. This is an even more secret record that is, so far, impossible to obtain. Judging by the multitude of lies easily found in the parole interviewers’ reports, it is certain that their “inmate profile” contains even more, worse lies. Use the lies in your report and this logic to try and pry out the next level of corruption in their “inmate profile”. Good luck finding an honest judge with the constitutional integrity to force this daylight upon his fellow govcrats.

On no. 3, (Barnes Report) “offender’s version…” there is another error that is so subtle that I missed it myself. They put down that I was sitting “with” the kid the cops were chasing. This is not what I told them, and their story cleverly implies that he and I were somehow connected. The fact is that this person come and sat next to me at the counter purely by random happenstance. To me, this was just some kid who was trying to speak with a waitress. I had seen him before, but did not even know his name. Here again, they deliberately garble-up the clearly stated facts to slop one crime over onto another crime in order that one fraud can support the other. The actual cause of this fraudulent murder conviction, along with the details of the police stealing the DNA, manufacturing evidence, coercing perjury out of the two witnesses, etc, are too lengthy to fit in the space allotted, so it is simply discarded. A garbled version is substituted instead, which more closely resembles the prosecutors’ versions than the facts. Yours will suffer this same type of corruption; it is a standard, routine tactic everywhere govcrats can stigmatize their victims. It is simple human nature to attack pariahs, particularly when economic and glorification incentives are involved.

On no. 9, (Parole Docket 2008) a 30 year old mystery is solved. Two unscrupulous Stringtown prison kops simply scribbled out a bogus accusation, AND prison “conviction” for dope possession that did not occur. Apparently, low-level kops can slip any type of fraud into their target’s record and their fellow bureaucrats will rubberstamp it. I wrote about this in detail so many years ago that I can not even remember the title. (Might be “Free Ratcash” or “Smoking and Joking: The Prison Drug Plan”.) Basically, the kops were given cash incentives by a super-ambitious Atoka county prosecutor to bring him prisoners to convict of dope offenses. The kops used inmate rats to plant dope on ignorant newcomers for their own incentives. One of these dogshits pulled this ruse on me, then told the two scummy kops he worked for. The kops Woodrum and Horath became enraged that I escaped their vicious little game and filed a battery on me so that Woodrum could steal some Workmans compensation. Horath said Woodrum fell over while snatching at my sleeve, attempting to assault me as I left. They’d accosted me as I was trying to urinate, so I assume that he smashed into the toilet, if Horath can be believed. Somehow, by bureaucrat thinking, this can be counted as an assault and battery on them by their victim or target. Zero proof is required, only some crook to scribble up a few words on their form. Decades later, the parole interviewer dug this up and seemed to refer to this one bureaucratic accusation and “conviction” as both a battery AND a dope possession. I told him that he had to decide between battery or dope possession: their own rules prohibit them from stacking multiple accusation-“convictions” on one form. Clinton Lewis did nothing to clear up this fraud. Only last month did I receive his report and uncover the fact that these two kops, in their rage at failing to obtain their bonus for creating a 20 year dope possession conviction on me, had chosen to sneak a bureaucratic dope possession fraud into their record on me. Their ability and desire to secretly sabotage your life this way makes it imperative to obtain and scrutinize their records on you. Most times, their bureaucratic “convictions” are kept nebulous as possible to cover the most latitude, such as “Contraband possession” rather than the actual type of contraband.

Or it could be that the bureaucrats themselves simply switched a “possession of contraband” to “Possession of dope” out of pure cussedness for my insisting that I don’t do any type of dope, including alcohol, nicotine or caffeine. Instead of playing politician-type games with them prying into maters that are none of their business, and to try and get my important matters in before they abruptly ended the interview, I cut off their attack by telling them “No, I didn’t do dope in the past either.” (They try to brand everyone, as this gets them fed-cash or programs.) I’m not any type of addict, yet they were determined to make me look like one. Since the bureaucrat, Barnes, had a coffee maker in her cluttered office, she would be more likely to find an addict in her mirror than in me. Same for Lewis, too, except more so. If she took offense at my argument-dodging answer, and scribbled out “dope possession” instead of “Contraband possession”, which the paper she was looking at may have said, then this would be a fairly common occurrence. E.g, a counselor named Bingamon, whom I’ve never met, was so full of cussedness that he, out of the blue, switched from sending me time slips with no discharge date, to ones with a short discharge date. For over a year he sent me this crap, apparently trying to make me think that they’d “mistakenly” turn me loose, as they had once each at the time from OSP and a jail somewhere. “Contraband” could be anything: a bent paperclip (lockpick:) a chapstick cap (dope measuring cup:); a piece of carbon paper (tattoo ink:); or anything they wanted to name, since they often make the rules up as they go to fit their mood. If this occurred, the actual contraband was so insignificant that I can not remember it or their punishment.

They hate not-addicts because their “job” is to find “needs” for you and force you to take “programs”. This justifies their bloated salaries. I wish that free people could see these programs for themselves. One I was in, I had to regularly interrupt to steer it back to the point (Thinking for a change, TFAC) from being a gabfest about irrelevant nonsense. It was a complete farce.

As for the contraband, I’ll have to keep trying to penetrate their records to try and uncover what it was, if anything. One thing is certain: IF they had caught me with any type of dope, they WOULD have had me convicted of it in real court and sentenced to extra years in prison, exactly as they had done to at least one other person in the 4 months I suffered the madness that was their prison at Stringtown. (They were so nuts at chasing dope that the inmates set fire to the attic to busy the kops from chasing their little quarter pound of weed. They’re absolutely nuts about dope at Stringtown due to the fedcash incentives.)

The last part of no. 9 (Parole Docket 2008) is just as as a bad a fraud us as the previous one, it involves a subtle bureaucratic lie or error involving professional psychiatrists. It began with the public defender, a former and future prosecutor, convincing me to agree to a mental health evaluation by state doctors, “To dodge the media and let them calm down for 60 to 90 days”.

Like the ignorant, gullible, trusting teenager I was, I went for this nonsense, never suspecting any of their actual motives. I wrote extensively about this too, years ago, and can’t recall the title, but it is somewhere on my site, same as the others I mention in this treatise.

The PD’s primary motive for duping his non-paying victims into nuthouses for “evaluation” is this: he was guaranteed $1,500 by the alcoholic judge, Mermon Potter, from taxpayer pockets, the minute he was forced to “defend” me from his courthouse pals. This money is awarded to the PD no matter how worthless, lacking or harmful his “defense” happens to be. Remember that Texas judges ruled that even SLEEPING Public Defenders provide “adequate” defense of their clients. In Oklahoma, it is even worse: adequate legal defense is had even from drunken, drug-addicted lawyers who stagger down courthouse hallways after having pissed themselves and vomiting in the judge’s luxury hidy-hole. (George Briggs, (my PD) in “The Innocents”; non-fiction by John Grisham, p. 197, 219 and 229) Also in Oklahoma, judges can spend 10 to 20 years conducting trials while joyously masturbating, and NOT ONE of his victims gets a re-trial (judge “Peterpump” Thompson of Sapulpa, OK, circa 2007). Oklahoma is famous for having sex-maniac judges, (Jesse Harris, Tulsa county, 3-9-08) and crackstealing prosecutors as well. People who are already paid for are put in a holding pattern; Stacked like planes over the courthouse while the lawyers seek paying clients to push to the front of the line. Caged victims are refused access to lawbooks; hence they can’t figure out how to try and get a speedy trial. They left me in this holding pattern for almost two years through a steady diet of plausible lies.

During my psychiatric evaluation at Eastern State Hospital, in Vinita, OK, (which the highly-paid prison bureaucrat can’t even manage to spell correctly while looking at the record), the doctors saw me twice in two or three months. One trainee gave me some standard tests that took less than an hour. A group of doctors saw me for ten minutes before they called the kops to drag me back to the county’s cockroach and mice infested dungeons. Like trained seals, these doctors perform for the state. Their fish-buckets get taken away if they don’t blow the required tune on their rack of horns. Every judicial target that the state brings them is branded with some type of mental malady. Since they felt more sorrow for me than malice, they charred me with their absolute lowest significant “disease”: anti-social personality. (As if people are supposed to enjoy being beaten, abducted, caged, tortured, harassed and lied to and lied about, for no good reason.) Had they done their jobs as real doctors, ignoring the state’s unwritten edict that something be found wrong with everyone, they would perhaps have uncovered, at most, a true diagnosis of mild social phobia. On top of this nonsense, a clever, anonymous prison bureaucrat decides to switch “evaluation” to mental health “treatment”, as if I was one of the thousands of paranoid or other schizophrenics of whom they are so terrified. This practice, and many similar “upgrades”, are standard, routine, common tactics used by the people whose prosperity depends upon demonizing victims of the state’s crime apparatchik. They pull these conniving little stunts on everyone who has the misfortune to suffer their bureaucracies, so, one would think that the damage they cause is negligible to individuals, as painting everyone with turds causes everyone to stink more to the same degree. In the case of mass demonization of a pariah class, however, benefits accrue to the ones doing the painting and collecting the tax subsidies; i.e. the govcrats. We burn; they are warmed, which makes every free citizen colder and less prosperous due to the heavy burden of ever more gov’t parasites squealing for more taxes, fees and fines with which to protect “us” from “criminals”.

Again, the secret “inmate profile” is invoked. Opposite of logic, any ignorant bureaucrat, who may or may not have graduated high school, can see the doctor’s report, but not the victim of his diagnosis. As long as they can keep these records secret, obviously unqualified and malicious crats can pack them with lies without providing proof or justification. Soon as these frauds are pulled into the sunshine, many of them vanish, perpetrators may get sanctioned and their petty little system of cheap-thrill demonization may be forced to become e slightly more honest. DOC employees are perpetrating frauds upon the parole board and executive branch, and such official criminality is attacked first through their farce of a grievance system, then through a mandamus. Then they are exposed to the public as I do here, because their court system is a costly, harmful farce as well, designed to prevent your access to justice and fair treatment through use of endless requirements, high fees, interminable wrangling over trivia, cunningly imposed time limits, procedural bars and just outright lawlessness.

No. 10, (Barnes Report) “Documented violent behavior” is the category that malicious guards and crats most commonly utilize to further destroy the lives of their hated captives. E.g, the “Sharpened Instrument” that they mention came from an incident that they caused. They know this, too, but, once their fellows write the lie, it is virtually impossible to get them to take it back. This I also detailed on my site years ago. It might be under the title “Bred for Crime: Towler”. The quick facts are thus:

The OSP kops had a dope and inmate property theft ring going, run by a Lieutenant Bess, who was later caught and “prosecuted” for bringing trash “speed” and other dope to the Nazis. Whenever the kops dragged some target off to their extra harassment units, the guards’ inmate flunkies would steal their color televisions, radios, canteen or other valuables for the guards, who would reward them with food, dope, tobacco or other trivial items. (See “Billion Dollar Industry No One Ever Heard About”) One of the inmates involved figured he got screwed on a deal, so he threw a tantrum by squealing on the whole gang of them to the kops’ boss, the warden. The Warden told Lt. Bess, who told his flunky kops, who told their inmate flunky cagethieves. Together, these corrupt guards and scummy inmates concocted a devious plan. Ignorant kops would escort the snitches to the shower while other kops would “accidentally” open the cages of their inmate co-criminals so that they could suddenly rush out and stab these rats. The snitch who got away, named “Towler”, they threw in my cage, on the floor below. The kops’ inmate flunkies on that floor tried to sucker Towler out to the yard or shower so that they could try to murder him again, but he was too scared and wary. Finally the inmate flunkies concocted a new plan. They whispered to Towler, “The kops are going to open the door while you’re asleep and let the inmates try to kill you again; take this fan shaft bolt [that we have sharpened for you] so you can protect yourself”. Towler took it. The inmate ran straight to his kop-pals and told them, “Go get Towler; he took the “knife”:”

The kops decide that Towler’s knife belongs to me too, because they twist their rules to make everyone guilty in the cage where they find crime, even when they create the crime through their own criminal activities. They locked us naked in the shower, retrieved their “knife” from Towler’s rack, and stole my fan because they noticed it was given to me by a friend when he discharged. These kops put us back in the cage and told us to get ready for removal to their “Hell Unit” prison, The inmates, seeing my fine, color RCA TV that was especially coveted by Lt. Bess’ theft ring because it was black instead of see-through, told me excitedly, “Hide your TV under the rack: We’ll save it for you:” The kops would steal it from be because it also had been given to me. They had not stolen it before because they had no reason to find my friend’s name engraved in it while searching for fanshaft “knives”. The kops’ inmate flunkies would steal it, or the thieving kops would steal it. Mark told me, “Do not let the kops steal my TV” when he gave it to me upon his discharge. He would not have wanted any snitchy, thieving, sellout inmates to have it either, so I dropped it. Screwing these scummy, greedy,thieving kops out of stealing mark’s TV for themselves enraged them so much that they got even by scribbling out two convictions; one for “destroying property” and one for Towler’s “knife”. This illustrates their arrogant, criminal minds; they think that what Mark gave me belongs to them simply because they puked a rule that says that they can steal it.

Another of their scurrilous, self-serving rules involves pinching off outside contact. By making it virtually impossible to obtain addresses, they prevent much of their fellow gov-criminals’ crimes from reaching the unsuspecting public, particularly the public that they use as dupes in their crimes. One such individual was Mrs. Michelle “Jack” Baker. How they viciously used her to convict an innocent and let the murderer escape justice forever is detailed in my Post Conviction Relief Document, et al. Prevented by the govcrooks of each agency, both legal and penal, from obtaining her address, I was forced to write all eleven Mrs. Jack Bakers to show her police documents proving how they’d got caught viciously exploiting her. (Crooked cop Jesse McCullough had cleverly bludgeoned perjury from her by skillfully manipulating his paperwork and by threatening her with perjury if she insisted upon telling the truth: (Ex. C) By forcing me to write all of them, they caused me to bump into a scoundrel named Baker who is a lawyer. He said his mom gave him my letter, which he promptly sent to the kops, lying that it contained “threats”. Thomas E. Baker of Owasso and the kops all know that there are no threats in it. The letter merely directs Mrs. Baker to the proof and tells her that I will legally protect her from police retaliation now that it is we for her to tell the truth. Since these govcrooks do not have to prove anything they say, they can and do often say any type of vile character assassination without the slightest possibility of ever being punished for it. Plus they destroy the evidence, or bury the letter so deep within their files that no one can ever get it out of their claws. Proof that this is true is the fact that, even with their infinite taxpayer resources, not one of hundreds of them have ever had the wherewithal or integrity to sue me for calling them the crooks and criminals that they are. Suing me would be the worst mistake because it would allow me to pull the facts out in a legal forum where their media tools would grudgingly repeat these facts to the public. Citizens would see that these police, prosecutors and judges are exactly as scurrilous as I describe them. So, they hide and retaliate through their prison bureaucrats, who are glad to oblige.

On their “menacing” nonsense, they put me in a cage with a young, skinny punk named Johnney Wayne Hoffman. He was so obnoxious as to be intolerable; deliberately insufferable. I could not get my legal work done due to his constant interruption. This constituted harassment. Eventually I told one of the kops this, and that if he did not separate us, I would be forced to hurt this kid to make him shut up and watch his TV instead of preventing my work. The kop called this “menacing” even though the punk was not present, and was never threatened.

One slap would have fixed the kid’s problem of choosing to harass me until I showed him how to act properly. Instead, I let him laugh as they dragged me off to their shitty little extra torture unit for 30 days. Punk kids such as him easily manipulate the kops and their system.

One of the prison crats most scurrillous twisting of their petty little rules is the way they give themselves authority to put a “battery” conviction on any and all captives whom they think were involved in a “fight”. You show up with a black eye, you battered somebody. The victim of an attack is made into their victim of a battery conviction . No other victim is required. They might promise to let you dodge their battery conviction if they care who attacked you and you give them his name. Captives get battered for debts or snitching, usually, and sometimes for just being mouthy, stinky or simply unfriendly. Sometimes it is nothing more than some punk trying to move in a friend or a suck-buddy. The kops couldn’t care less except when they have a personal vendetta or smell dope, see gambling or contraband. (Sometimes the bosskops put a “bounty” on “weapons” as well as dope, causing more to be manufactured or imported.)

I had two of these shits attack me during this time period, so I do not really know which one it was that the kops chose to write a conviction on for “battery”. I had a lot of bad luck because, unlike most captives, I’d let the kops put any kind of trash in my cage without complaining. I’d rather suffer these inmates than lower myself to asking the kops for a “favor”. Because I was so passive, they put a long string of mental cases in on me. One was a Nazi dopie who took medicine for being a “manic-depressive”. (See: “Bred for Crime: Von Toth”.) Another was Nunio Morales. (See: Why Write?) The kops shoved at least eight schizophrenics or other mental cases in my cage, and I tolerated each one until they got shuffled out. The worst one was detailed in “Bred for Crime: Michael Mitchell” and “Chimp Culture: Just Like Inmate Culture”. This cowardly punk took weeks to gather up enough courage to sneak attack me. It was a catch-out move to escape the Nazis and Indians he’d pissed on somehow. He was so terrified of them that he would never shower-Only the two Nazis could reach him in the shower. He would not go to their yard for fear of the Indians. I took pains to not hurt this dirty, shitty, ignorant crackhead/glue sniffer youngster.

The other punk who attacked me, I can’t even remember his name, he caught out so swiftly. He’s on my site under “Vicious Female Guards” for the medical treatment I suffered after his sneak attack. Such mental deficients seem to think that just because the kops shoved them in on you, (he was escaping a punk nicknamed “Monster”, who was harassing him), and you’re trapped in a tiny cage with them, that you must stop your work and entertain them by listening to their small talk and life story. He was a cunning little shit, well practiced in the art of catching out. He waited until just before the kop came around to count before attacking. This way, if his victim somehow got the upper hand, he only had to hold out for 5 or 10 minutes before the kops gathered enough of a pack to feel safe rescuing him. His record is full of such batteries, but I could not find this out until too late. Evidently this is his way of relieving boredom. Checking my records, this punk’s last name is “Stanley”, and he attacked me on 12-12-2001. Somehow the kops decided not to scribble up a conviction for battery here, even though this time I decided to defend myself. I broke my radio on this turd’s head while he had me pinned down. The kops watched me banging his head with it while they rescued him.

So it must have been a battery conviction for Mitchell’s attack on me that Lt. Bess, the smuggler-for-the-Nazis kop, scribbled up on me. But this is how scurrilous and arbitrary their “violence” indices are. Much of it is nothing more than a caprice of the kops, who are known to have staged lethal combats between inmates, rewarding the ‘winner’ with death by rifle shot from their tower. Guards are themselves a vicious, violent, hate-filled, stereotyping group simply by nature of their job, which attracts sociopaths , psychopaths, sadists, expelled cops and other people with power and compassion issues. I’ve seen hundreds of instances where good kops were run off by bad kops, or turned into bad kops like their fellows. Only rarely are they caught at their crimes, like Lt. Bess, in this secret society that only they and their victims ever see. When they are caught, they usually escape all punishment and are let to take their pensions across a political boundary to resume their same careers and practices upon another group of unsuspecting victims. The six guards who gassed Forsythe to death in 1971 got completely away with their deliberate murder, Bess escaped scot free, and so did drunken warden Krisp along with Melvin Tyler, B.G. Smith, Samasco, Cohen, Patrick 0’Reilly and countless others. These are not the type of people who should be judging anyone, much less persons whom they are trained to passionately hate.

The “Battery on Staff” I already detailed under No. 9, (Barnes Report) “Possession of of Marijuana”.

Again, they invoke their secret “inmate profile” where they probably have a copy of the so-called Threatening Letter that the lawyer sent them. People who let killers get away and convict innocent persons in their stead should be ashamed, especially after their victim proves this. In OK, however, there is, apparently, no shame.

In no. 11, “…needs…” my words are again switched around. I did not “participate” in the guards’ program, “Run Against Child Abuse” in 1984. This program did not exist in 1984. Gary Pennington and I, with Bill Starr, created and successfully put on several marathons, within our organization; Galaxy Jaycees. One of these programs was “Run For Crippled Children”. We even went to lake Texhoma to promote our programs at the National Jaycees Convention that year. We were so successful at fundraising for charity that the guards became extremely jealous. Captain B.G. Smith tried for months before finally managing to succeed in shutting down our charity. Then the guards stole our marathon idea, slightly changed the name, and have been exploiting it ever since.

No, we did not just ‘participate’. We are the founders of the Run For Crippled Children.

They mention a certificate. I suggest they look much more closely at the title on this certificate.

Also, the guards’ ripoff of our program passes out cheap tee shirts made by inmates in their prison garment factory, not “certificates”.

I just talked to an inmate who has their latest shirt. (The business-kops here stole the three I had when I was dragged off to this pesthole on 7-07.) He says that they did give certificates long ago. Also, his shirt says “30th annual…”, which supports the idea that their run began 3 years prior to ours. When the biz-kops stole my shirts, I stopped participating.

On no. 13, “Parole Plan”, (Barnes Report) they caught me in ignorance. They do not tell you anything about parole. Parole seems to be where you get to do whatever they tell you to do, same as in prison, but you get to do it for a small wage instead of for free or under threat. Also, there is much less harassment, and harassment declines as you successfully avoid being violated and abducted back into prison. It seemed to me that they would require me to return to the city that let their cops steal and hide the killer’s DNA, but I told her that I could live and work anywhere. Somehow she translated this into the ten words you see in her report. Obviously, the last thing I would want to do is give Tulsa and Oklahoma grafters another easy target to kidnap or kill. Also, my familial affairs are none of their business, and it is certainly not up to me to decide for them whether or not they want to be added to Oklahoma’s crime database. I’m sure that they would prefer to avoid this, based solely on what I have told them of my experiences.

On no. 14, (Barnes Report) “Personal Information”, most of my work experience got deleted. I sent an extended history of accomplishments to each PPB member and each Governor.

On no. 15, “Case Manager Recommendation”, I am again caught in ignorance. I know that DOC prohibits guards from commenting on captives except through accusation-convictions, and I naturally assumed that case managers, who are also guards, were also prohibited from making positive comments about captives. I advise every captive to try and obtain positive comments where they are not prohibited.

Mr. Lewis’ parole report is nearly a carbon copy of Mrs. Barnes’ report, with few exceptions. On no. 8, (Lewis Report) “Disciplinary Record”, he adds another bureaucratic conviction, for “insolence”. There are, of course, “no details” perhaps because messy things like the originator’s name, statement or evidence might open their biz-prison up to a medical malpractice lawsuit. Soon as they dragged me into this disease pit, I noticed that almost everyone was spreading respiratory viruses back and forth. I almost immediately caught pneumonia. The big, ignorant buffoon I was forced to live with wanted to attack me because I could not stop coughing. (He thought he’d catch it, but he had already had it and recovered before passing a stronger version of it to me.) I went to their biz-clinic for cough suppressant and got trapped for two hours in a 15 x 15 foot cage with 30 other respiratory disease victims, all hacking and sneezing their diseases into the air and onto every surface. At the end, I was refused treatment. Then they tricked me into signing a paper, which I caught in time to write “void” on it. This incensed them. In retaliation, they refused to let me leave until I signed a new one. I had to raise my voice and I ridiculed them with heavy sarcasm until they relented. Rather than insolence, their anonymous conviction-writer should herself be convicted of deliberate indifference and malpractice for failing to stock or dispense cough suppressant in the midst of a respiratory disease epidemic within her facility. She was the clinic administrator and a nurse. (See: /OKHealth.htm, /deathcamp.htm, and GEO Lawton: The Sickest Prison.)

This contemptible, unnecessary carousel of buffoonery occurred in Lawton prison on the date that Lewis specifies, (9-5-07). Then he puts “DCCC”, which means the Hominy prison I had just been expelled from on 7-21-07.

It seems that he is attempting to blur this clinic incident with the incident that caused the Hominy prison crats to expell me six weeks before.

In the Hominy incident, the case manager-guard, Chuck Shedd, got vexed that I would go to the law library and the lending library on Tuesday and Thursday when it was our turn. We got less than three hours each day. He would rather I stay and catch every candy bar wrapper that the inmates dropped in the 100 square feet of air lock floor that I was to mop daily. He told me that I should forgo both services and attend this job. I told him that I would clean his airlock any time except when these services were available. (They were arbitrarily cancelled at least ten percent of the time anyway.) For this “insolence”, Shedd sneaked my name onto their shit list of people to be sent to this misery-bin. He may also have sneaked in an “insolence” “conviction” while he was at it. This probably anonymous, unsigned, “document” from nowhere is likely what Lewis found with “no details” that he felt he had to report to his masters anyway.

Lewis copies Barnes’ notations almost exactly throughout. Oddly, in his version of no. 9, (Lewis Report) he switches her “inmate profile” with “interview”, as if he provides his own psychiatric diagnosis.

On no. 10, he again parrots her text, yet adds to it what is previously listed in no. 2, 4A and 15(3), (Lewis Report) as if he is unable to get satisfaction, so few are the negative things of substance that he can glean from their record on me. (Both Barnes and Lewis are Black, and possibly are merely trying to compensate for the long lists of conviction tidbits that Blacks suffer and which Caucasians of my type typically do not. Lewis particularly seems to go out of his way to make me look bad. No doubt he would rather see Blacks parole than any other race.)

In no. 11, Lewis adds “Cognitive Behavior and Education recommended”. Too bad that “Behavior” (another version of “Thinking for a Change”) is impossible to obtain here, and it is apparently impossible for long-time captives to ever leave this dead-end biz-prison except by using violence to force a transfer to McAlester, where at least there is a chance of eventually getting pushed out to start the “corrections” maze all over again. As for education, thanks to decades of forced idleness and forced unemployment, I am probably one of the most educated men Lewis has ever encountered. Unlike most captives, I have not wasted much of my time with gossip, small talk, TV, radio or chasing various types of balls.

On no. 13, (Lewis Report) he subtracted most of my parole plan, but did allow a slight change.

On no. 14, the last sentence mystifies me. My supposition is that this is where captives are expected to offer excuses for their convictions, such as alcohol or other drug use, abuse as a child, mental deficiency, etc. I remember him fishing for some type of answer to a very vague question, but I had no excuses. They are trained to think that everyone is guilty and that their accusation-conviction machine is infallible, hence innocence is no excuse that they will accept. In fact, it pisses them off no end that captives would have the gall to contradict them.

On no. 15, interested persons should also see Parole Voodoo, to see this new form. Ostensibly, it was invented and inserted into the process after some captive(s) uncovered the fact that the corrections bureaucracy outlawed case manager comment in 1977, yet secretly allows it on the shell document that parole interviewers fill in as their report.

On Lewis’ shell form, this voodoo form is subtracted, showing only the checkbox “scores” that Lewis picked as his “risk factors”. By subtracting the alternatives, Lewis was able to slam me with the extra points he needed to raise me from their lowest risk category to their moderate risk category. He managed this coup by pretending that this homicide, worth zero risk points, is a robbery, or an “other”, which it plainly is not. During the five minutes that I was allotted to answer his questions, I remember being extremely careful not to do or say anything that he could possibly perceive as a sleight. In this, I failed: once again, the bureaucrat tried to brand me as some type, any type, of drug user. He took offense at my pride at not even being a slave to nicotine or caffeine. (I don’t even have any skin graffiti for their gang cops to catalogue.) This, along with his natural bias against Caucasians, the slaver race, in his mind, caused him to subtly torpedo my chances at relief while cleverly covering his bias by recommending a fake “commutation”. (No. 16). (Lewis Report) He provides three options that would let me discharge the killer’s sentence, should I manage to live to be 87, 92 or 97. He uses some nebulous “goodtime” “math”, which he does not exhibit, to make it seem that I could live to discharge. The farce is threefold: captivity drastically shortens the victims’ lives, (unless you are Black, in which case, oddly, it extends your life); goodtime is routinely taken away faster than it can be accrued; the legislative tendency is always to strangle convictees with more time, never less, and to slam them with ever worse conditions, such as 85% laws and legiron and shackle prisons such as OSP, etc. Food typically gets steadily worse until it forces riots. Same for medical care and bureaucratic “conviction” “justice”, etc. The windsock of “corrections” always blows in the direction of sickness, demoralization, suicide and death, never toward any lessening of the constant harassment and torture. This sentiment is manifest in Republican Governor Fallin’s RAH: plan for the state budget. Every state agency takes it on the chin, even the various types of cops, but not the Okie prison industrial complex. They get 9 to 37 million dollars extra, if they keep asking for it. (Much of the reason for this is found in Paranoid Delusional Syndrome.)

Lastly, Lewis repeats his deliberately inflated, erroneous “risk” score. He wants to make DAMNED SURE that the busy parole crats who see the MURDER: asterisk at the top of the first page do not miss his fraudulent risk score while skipping to the last page.

The psychological and stereotypical aspects of these legislative and bureaucratic rituals are both far-reaching and subtle. Sorrowfully, I am only able to cover the most obvious ones here. One last point is this: most captives are so desperate to escape the state’s torture that they gladly adorn themselves with whatever version of reality that these bureaucrats are selling. E.g., feigning drug addiction in the hope of obtaining leniency only appears to work in the pre-conviction phase, and it is likewise an illusion in the post-conviction phase. If you really do suffer from what they claim that they can cure, take their program. Despite your desire to please your captors by agreeing with them, they are not nearly as educated and experienced as they would like you to believe. Most are simply guards who opted to take the title of “counselor” because extra pay is involved in order to entice people to fill these required positions. “Counselors” are what make dungeons into “Corrections Facilities”. Their “training” is usually little more than a rundown of duties, and when the need arises, which is often, these counselors all quickly revert back into guards. Obviously, counseling, case management and “corrections” in general are minimal, ancillary functions to the primary goal of harvesting taxpayer subsidies, prisoner labor, and federal matching funds and grants. Prison is a very lucrative gov’t business. Their agenda is to keep themselves and their kin employed at your expense. The fewer captives they have, the less profit they enjoy from their ever-expanding industry. When you try to kiss your way out, try not to bend the fabric of reality too much in their favor, as this behavior injures all of civilization for the benefit of the few.