Open Letter to all persons of conscience.

RE: Proven innocent, yet can’t get unconvicted. I can find the killer with minimal cooperation by the authorities.

James Bauhaus, 88367-6A207
Lawton Correctional Facility
8607 SE Flower Mound Road
Lawton, OK 73501

Dear Sir or Ms:

One hundred percent of the convicting evidence was two witnesses who are now proven by their own words recorded by police, to be perjurers. (see police reports)

Three women, all separate in time and space gave police matching descriptions and drawings of the killer: short, brown hair, no glasses. They helped police search for him for seven days, then police put me on all Oklahoma TV’s and newspapers for two days. Nobody called police to accuse me of anything then.

For 78 days they searched for “short, brown hair, no glasses.” Then they cleverly caused Mrs. Hunt to forget his “short, brown hair” and pick me instead.

Ninety-four days later, police tried to steer Mrs.Baker onto me. She refused to sign and instead reminded them that my hair had been too long (see enclosed police report and photo). Police did manage to get her to switch her story 20 months later at trial, the day of her testimony.

All the physical evidence vanished. Police said prints were “smudged” and they all forgot, in unison, who got the blood and what they did with it. They all kept secret the third witness who never changed her description and police concealed all the initial descriptions and drawings that would have proved my innocence.

In 1974, the killer blundered into one of my relatives who was working at the checkout line. The two talked and he gave his name as “John Shelton.”

In May 1979 Quinion Leigh saw John Shelton at the trustee building at OSP but would not reveal his name. I told police and prison authorities: “Now his prints are in your files; please match them with the crime scene prints.”

Tulsa Police ignored me; prison authorities had Steve Stewart kill Shelton for a carton of Pall Mall. A kindly OSP employee showed me their photo of Shelton. He was too old to be the killer and did not resemble me. It seems the killer used Shelton’s name as an impromptu alias. Did they know each other? Was it a coincidence they were both at OSP together?

In 1985 I finally managed to escape to try and find him. He and Shelton are connected in time, neighborhood, vices, and criminality. Records and memories were old and much was lost. But there was proof of my innocence and official misconduct.

I returned to use my escape trial to expose the facts, but the judge, D. A. and P. D. conspired and prevented trial with an illegal ruse. (case number F-85-121 McAlester.)

In five years of appeals, 39 judges in 8 courts, all went blind to the facts and ruled “nothing was concealed and the memories of witnesses got more accurate as months passed; I grew 4 inches of hair in 7 days, etc.

After 29 years of lawsuits, they reveal an FBI sheet that shows five expert forensic officials all made the same incompetent blunder eight times in a row (see enclosed). Is this believable?

Twenty-seven years ago, I sent three public defenders after this blood. Police lied to each one, saying they had no blood samples. It all made sense a few years ago when the FBI was caught in decades of misconduct  with evidence tampering.

Only about 1500 persons went to OSP from Tulsa between 1974 and 1979. The actual killer is among them, probably right next to John Shelton in the mugshot files. His scars on his left wrist and palm are listed too. All Tulsa Police and OSP has to do is look in their own files. Both were Tulsa jail trustees, it appears, and were often caught at petty crimes.

I offer a $1000 reward to anyone who will look in these supposedly public records and find this killer. I can’t find this guy from here, in prison, but you can. I’d be much obliged if you would do it or try and make the authorities catch him. He certainly shouldn’t be running loose.


James Bauhaus