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Oklahoma Tax Scientists in Panic Mode!

The Republican Party, in charge of Oklahoma’ taxpayers almost since its inception as a state, used to be called ‘the borrow and spend party, (Along with all other republicans nationwide). Recently, they have “borrowed” all that they possible could, meaning that they sold bonds for future repayment, with interest. From taxes to be raised by others years hence. Republicans also managed to raid the various pension funds of cops teachers, fireman and other gov’t employees. While spending these billion$ giving themselves raises and tax-cuts, Republicans quietly got away with the money that used to help children eat and learn the elderly buy medicine and food and the disabled find food shelter and medical care.

How do Republicans manage to rob so many of their taxpayers and still trick them into voting republican? They first dumbed-down schools by taking away funding. Then they opened the flood gates of the southern border. By taking away education, they trained people to work for nothing and to be satisfied with having nothing. By letting poor people move in and work for nothing too, Republicans provide an example for their victims on how to be happy with nothing. Also, since most Republicans are merchants, this tactic made many of them rich by exploiting the labor of poverty stricken foreigners who will work for food.

Republicans are also very skilled at making up catchy slogans about themselves. One of their most popular slogans is “We are the job creators!” Slogans work well on people who are not educated properly. They seem to be true because mal-educated people can’t think of alternative slogans that are often more true than the slogan that the wealth people are selling us. More true than “job creator” might be “Money loaner,” since most of these job creators are more like the guy who buys the shovel and says, “Dig a sewer for my mansion and I promise to feed you as long as no one hungrier shows up,” My own research into people who love to call themselves “job creators” tells us that many of these rich people are just profit takers or even job destroyers. Milt Romney destroys jobs when he buys corporations to merge or dismember. He fires people, making the surviving employees work harder. Or he simply fires everybody before he sells all the assets for a profit. Sometimes these ‘Romney-type’ job creators create Phony Corporation to take all the debt so that these robber barons can make off with fatter profits. Their phony corporation lasts long enough for these republicans to get away with the cash then it goes bankrupt, screwing all the creditors out of their time, materials, equipment and payment. When I see the silk suit mob pull these tricks on honest people, I like to try an expose it, so that they can’t do it so easily to people the next time. One Romney-type connive artist steals more in a single rip off than many thousands of street criminals put together, yet almost every one of them is let to get away with their loot. This is why, when one of these super crooks gets on television and tells us he’s a job creator, I like to point out the fact that people who work for a living are “millionaire makers.” Without us, they would starve.

When we make millionaires in Oklahoma, they tend to get even bolder. The Republicans here are scheming on laws that increase their tax bite on everyone, even people who have to pass through this state to get to a less abusive state, first was an attack on their old standby: “Sin” taxes. So far, they have only had the guts to try and raise their tax on cigarettes. (Smart people would outlaw tobacco.) Greedy people want to profit off stupid people killing themselves. Alcohol gets a bye this time, because Okie tax-scientists have found over 165 new things to tax, starting with Oklahomans who are bypassing Okie merchants to buy cheaper goods and services outside this state. If these “smart on crime” “job creators” wanted to think up a slogan for us about this, they would probably call us “Tax cheaters,” or “Home-state price-dodgers.” By taxing internet purchases, Okie politicians expect to suck out hundreds of millions of dollars for their purposes. Their abuse of their taxing authority is so flagrant and obvious that they attempt to make themselves look less greedy by removing their tax on groceries. Even this grand gesture is soiled by their proposal to allow cities and counties to tax groceries in solace of the state tax on food, etc. they plan to jack up their already high taxes gasoline and diesel. They plan to jack up their already high taxes gasoline and diesel. They are secretly increasing the fees, fines and penalties on every state “service” such as licenses, traffic violations, court costs, tags, safe stickers, etc. they are so desperate for cash that they are wanting to sell concealed gun permits to just about anyone, without making them pay the cops for their bullshit “Training” classes. (Any buffoon can figure out how to point and pull the trigger, or find someone who is not a complete idiot to show them everything needed to know about a gun in less than 5 minutes. It’s not rocket science to use a gun. Okie tax scientists are also going to tax wind energy. Soon as someone gets enough solar energy, they plan to tax that too. Most amusing is their plan to tax “legal services.” I guarantee you that no lawyers will get taxed, only their clients, who are already screwed by merely having to employ a stinking, greedy, worthless or actually harmful lawyer.

Some of these new taxes are strange because the Gluttons of Privilege somehow overlooked these gold mines before. They are cable TV, day care, plumbing electrical, car repair and similar services. It is astonishing that somehow these tax resources escaped detection for so long. It’s not believable that Okie tax-scientists were this incompetent. It must be that these services were already taxed somehow (sales tax, property tax, license, permit, etc.) and that these are only new taxes placed on top of old taxes.

So, now we can call Republicans by the curse phrase with which they describe their pea-pod pals in the other elitists’ party: the “tax and spend” party.

Even after all these new taxes have been dictated into law with much theatrical struggle between the two elite parties, and the tsunamis of tax cash begin rolling in, do not expect that their panic mode will end or that their constant efforts to mine new tax resources will cease or even slow. The purpose of every gov’t is to feed itself and expand into new realms. The only way for gov’t bureaucrats and their politicians do this is to exploit their resources, beginning with taxpayers, who are the plankton that feeds everything else. It is we, the working men and women, the millionaire – makers, who should be in panic mode!