No, I’m Crazier than You!

So! As soon as I write that Trump will choose to continue Obama’s secret policy of letting Russia run Syria, the guy answers Assad’s chemical attack by shooting about 60 cruise missiles at the runway used to send the planes to drop the bombs of poison gas. Good for Trump, except that he warned his Russian pals before chipping up all that concrete. He told us that he would not telegraph his move, and then he told the Russians to get clear because his missiles were coming. Before the attack, the Syrian cabal was insulting our intelligence with ever-more ridiculous stories of how their enemies got poisoned. Now both sets of liars are taking us all for fools on how much damage was accompanied. We won’t learn any credible damage figures until a whistleblower shows up, or the event extends far enough into the past for the politics to subside. So far, I choose to “believe” the U.S. version of 20 planes destroyed. We are not told what the Syrians are flying, but since Assad is propped up by Russia, we assume that they are MIGs. No one of the media talking heads are asking what incentive the Russians have for letting our missiles destroy Syrian MIGs. It’s not like they are a capitalist society hot to sell more planes to a guy who has no money. Our state-steered media pals are not cheerleading Trump’s attack like they did Sonny Bush in 2003. The pictures that they are hawking for the pentagon do not show any blasted planes, and only two blasted hangers. A less patriotic person than I would assume that all the planes were in the air before the tomahawks got there. As usual, all the democratic politicians are crying about not being let in on the secret beforehand. They also whine that only congress can declare war, as if a war has been declared. They seem to have no memory of all the “Police Actions” we’ve had throughout most of our history.  Most ridiculous of these amnesiacs was Hillary, who said we can’t save Syran babies from poison gas without also bringing Syrian victims over here as refugees. Her blind spot is in failing to realize that filling America full of grateful Muslims is not going to keep their kids from learning history and religious fanaticism. In fact, her plan will bring us the most sleepers, guerrillas and jihadists.

4-8-17: The news-squawkers now revealed that Trump just pulled up an aircraft carrier attack group next to North Korea. Between thinking “Impossible” and “Maybe he turned them around a week ago to come back after their ‘war-games’ show-off-force,” the next set of talking heads amended this fast breaking news. To say, “Trump is sending a battle group to go park near North Korea. Their excuse was that Kim Jong-Un-cola shot off a missile while Trump and China’s Xi were carving up the consumer markets. Good for Trump! And: no wonder Xi ran off in such a hurry! This might turn out to be like when Britain blew open the Chinese empire and kidnapped Hong Kong for a century or so, so they could sell their opium, except, this time, might be a big hole blown in Pyong-yang.

It always leads to interesting times when arrogant, Gluttons of Privilege and Power try to out-crazy each other. JFK used a subtle, reserved type of crazy talk to make Kruschen remove his missiles from Cuba. Big (republican) Daddy Reagan used his Hollywood style crazy talk while the Soviet Union broke apart by itself to escape Russian domination. George (silly-ass) Bush, the front-out man for the Cheney cabal, copied Reagan’s cowboy-gunslinger/Yosemite Sam motif to crazy-talk us into the series of Muslim/ Middle-east disasters that we’ve suffered since Daddy Bush expanded on the Reagan plan of “put your toe in, get it blown off; stick your whole foot in, see what happens…”

Now, after all of these tremendous successes in creating wars to sell munitions and more efficiently harvest our Taxherds, we of the gullible, exploited classes are privileged to see what kind of crazy results occur with a new type of crazy talk. So far, Trump’s brand of buffoonish crazy talk sounds much less rabid now that the media revealed that Trump gave the Russians a solid hour of warning before the cruise missiles hit. If this is actually true, then Trump takes the title of Emperor Penguin Buffon from Sonny Bush, and his military meathead advisors need to come on TV and apologise to every working man for wasting millions of our man-hours making those missiles on a purely theatrical mission. One hour of warning is far longer than the ten minutes it takes for soldiers to run away to safety. An hour is enough time for all the planes and pilots to fly away four times. So! Buffoonish style crazy talk looks more effective and thrilling than it actually is, so far.

4-9-17: The gov/media alliance changed its story to now say that the missile attack was not meant to cripple the airbase, but merely to “send a message” that chemical war crime will not be tolerated. Understandably, hypocrisy is the new media theme, where dying, nerve-gassed children are fronted out on the news, and Trump’s symbolic gesture of chipping up runway concrete is the only vengeance for their murders.

A lesser hypocrisy, which the democratic controlled, anti-Trump media has so far missed is that, when Trump gave his Russian buddies that no-telegraph, one hour warning on his cruise missile move, he could have given us, his loyal subjects, the same information at the same time with no change in the outcome. So: it looks like that we are the patsies of whom Trump speaks when he brags that he will not telegraph his moves to his targets.

4-10-2017: The republicans finally got their way on stacking their Supreme Court with another super conservative, hereditary-rich pro-merchant, ultra-religious, golden throated Lawyer. The democrats under Obama hadn’t had the guts to override the Republican refusal to even consider their candidate months ago by simply installing their own man, which was their right. (The constitution said that it was illegal for the republicans to refuse to vote, and that the vacancy didn’t necessarily require a vote, only that the [resident fill the void. Obama should have filled the void with a sane, rational person, not necessarily a stinking, arrogant, sneaky Lawyer, while he had the power to do so and thus give the whole pack of Lawyers and politicians something to fight over. The advantage of keeping the, squabbling over such an important matter is at least two-fold. It would wake up the public and educate them. It would slow down the massive corruption, exploitation and thievery by the Gluttons of Privilege and Power while they fought for more privilege and power.) But the weak, sissie democrats let their chance slip away without even trying this bold, republican-esque move. Why? Most likely because they, themselves, are Gluttons of Privilege and Power who only have slight feeling for the plight of we who work for a living, and who were not born rich or privileged. The thing about obtaining a taste of riches and privilege is that you immediately want more. Worse, the more you get, the less the intoxication. E.g., your first Lamborghini is a thrill. The second one, less so. A garage full of them is nice to force “friends” to see, but more satisfaction can be had from yelling at your maid. Eventually, even getting an estate full of flunkies to dress down leads to no real satisfaction. Then you begin to get jealous of the satisfaction that the unwashed masses get from simple things, such as finding a big block of real cheese in our welfare sack that somehow didn’t get sent to feed starving kids in Africa but diverted to the warlords causing the problem. Your jealously of their making do with so little makes you take that away from them so that you can have another bomber or aircraft carrier with which to oppress more of the people whom you possibly used to be like, but now subliminally hate. You probably don’t even realize that you have changed, but everyone with an ounce of political acumen can see that you have. You don’t change your party affiliation, but we all can see that you are now a stealth republican who is merely going through the democratic motions.

So; besides this process whereby weak, compromising democrats gradually turn into rabid republicans, how did the republicans get their toady installed in the Supreme Court, to screw the entire country for the rich and privilege for at least 30 more years? They cheated, of course. Our lapdog media helped by puking a layer of sugar on top pf the whole, lawyerific, cheating process to make the public swallow it by calling it the “Nu-clear option” (eek!) It had nothing to do with nuclear anything: it was simple, bald cheating, the same as any bully does when he changes the rules to “Fuck you! I win!” In seeming not to notice, and in doing nothing to object, the public said, in effect, to the Gluttons of Privilege and Power, “I’d be more lethargic if I wasn’t so apathetic.”

The hearings were almost as maddening, watching Gorsuch dodge every question like the slippery politician that he is. Watching this silk purse pretend he was a common man was sickening. Worse is that he probably fooled major fractions of the middleclass voting public by hiding his true nature behind “Gosh!”, homily and anecdote instead of answering real questions.

4-14-17: Last night, on Deta (PBS) a group of altruists put on a documentary called “Are we charging dollars for cents,” or something like that. Their conscience got tweaked when a cop dragged away a Bus Driver, leaving a bunch of little church girls stranded on the highway. An anonymous judge had sent his army of cops DN revenue collecting missions. This is where cops profile Negro drivers with curiosity stops, to see if there is any money that they can collect off of them. Cops profile Negros, preferentially rousting them because, being the cops’ prey class, they are much more likely to hit a jackpot by stopping Negros than anyone else. In the case of the cops kidnapping this Bus Driver, they were able collect a ransom of almost $500 to split with the Judge. This is a penalty that a judge had slammed the guy with, which he and somehow escaped paying for 16 to 25 years, probably by giving up his right to drive. (People somehow begin to believe that, after luckily escaping for a few years, the cops’ files “Forget” about the judges’ kidnap orders.) It took the church group four solid days to scrape up the $500 and additional ransom fees, demonstrating how very poor and exploited that the cops’ prey class is.

This show went on, probably with more anecdotal evidence, before presenting a graph to convince us that the courthouse crew depends for their support almost solely upon what they can harvest from the public. Their claim is that only 5% of their budget comes from tax appropriations. This claim is undoubtedly the ripest of nonsense. If one could audit the lawcrat community, we would certainly find that they get multiple appropriations of out taxcash: the judges get at least one; the prosecutors get their own, separate, appropriation, as if they were not just the other part of the judge/prosecutor team. We will find that the judges have fixed it so that they get “special” appropriations to fund their court reporter crews. Likewise, the prosecutors and judges get more special appropriations to pay their ancillary crews such as bailiffs, deputies, paralegals, aides, assistants, secretaries and even janitors, exactly like all other over bloated gov’t bureaucracies do. A common trick of gov’t bureaucracies is to overlap at least two appropriations, so that they can get paid by taxpayers 2 or 3 times for the same people or program. This type of creative accounting often does not even require active collusion or coordination between the judges, prosecutors, cops or top bureaucrats; it just happens and the gov’t officials in charge of spotting this double dipping conveniently do not. E.g., the top judge charges the taxpayers an appropriation for “courthouse security”. The prosecutors do the same. The sheriff also charges the taxpayers for his deputies’ time protecting the lawcrats at the courthouse. This doesn’t mean that the cops get paid 3 times; it means that they get paid the same, and that the excess money gets secreted off into 3 separate slush funds for exclusive use by the top judge, head prosecutor and chief cop. (For a detailed account of exactly how sneaky a bunch of mere cops can be, scrutinize an expose done by  the Kansas City tar newspaper, circa 1994, in which their cops tried to connive the public into a penny tax increase to build the cops an exclusive, $2 million playpen by pretending that they were broke. They got busted with over $2 million in 3 separate, secret slush funds and 13 separate, lucrative, revenue streams that no one had accounted before.) Double-billing of taxpayers is the most common accounting fraud perpetrated by gov’t employees because it is so easy to get away with, so very lucrative, and, when caught, so easy to escape punishment for, since it is always just one big “miscommunication” between department heads.

Every gov’t bureaucracy pretends it is perpetually on the verge of bankruptcy because every gov’t bureaucracy’s goal is to expand its territory and grow its personnel and power. Every gov’t bureaucracy’s goal is to expand its territory and grow its personnel and power. Every govt bureaucracy races to spend its excess taxcash just prior to the end of the fiscal year so that it can convincingly feign a “shortfall” and beg a larger appropriation for the next year. This is common knowledge to everyone who is the slightest bit alert to gov’t and current events.

The bottom line is that the appropriations that the lawcrats receive is more than enough to run their empires. What they harvest from their working class prey directly through fines, fees, penalties; confiscation, ransoms and service charges is all gray on top of the sumptuous feast that they have already taken from us in taxes. You may have noticed that rich people do not get curiosity-stopped for crime searches while they travel the roads and highways. One would expect cops to crime search Cadillac-, Lincoln- and corvette-drivers as the most likely source of revenue; revenue that is paid out almost immediately, without the extra expense of dragging people to jail and waiting days for victims to scrape up the ransom. This does not occur. Why not? People who drive luxurious and expensive cars do commit crimes, because there is a law against everything. The primary reason that cops tend to avoid exploiting this resource is because rich people tend to be literate, possess the skills to effectively complain about curiosity-stop crime searches to the correct people and agencies, and they tend to vote. They don’t have to try to hide from the cops because they have suffered previous attacks by the cops. Because they have not been successfully targeted by the cops previously, they can stand up, recognize when the cops are committing crimes of profiling and random, curiosity-stop crime searches without probable cause to believe that any crime is being committed, and make the criminal cops cease their criminal activity in the present case. The cops go find and easier, more exploitable target, which is you.

4-15-17: For days now the media and military experts have been bragging about their “Mother of all Bombs” which they just dropped on Solid Rock Mountain in Afghanistan. This time, its 10.5 tons. In Vietnam, it was only 7 tons, and they called it a “cookie cutter” bomb. It was stubby, with exit holes around the base for the gasoline to squirt out when the plunger touched the ground. After the gasoline was atomized, 4% in air, like the cylinder in your car, a strip of magnesium was struck, igniting the hanging cloud of gasoline, which is 216 times more powerful than dynamite. Getting the cloud to homogenize to the correct fuel to air mixture is very difficult. I doubt they ever made this type of bomb very efficient, hence it is almost never used. Their newest version was never explained except in vague terms, never mentioning the name of its explosive, and only saying that it is both a penetrating bomb and an air-burst bomb. Instead of showing us decipherable pictures of the blast, or telling us its supposed power in tons of dynamite or even putting a measure on its blast radius, they just kept repeating their stock phrase. “Mother of all bombs.” The next day, they wanted to sell us on how justified they were in using it. Then they had high-ranking military meatheads tells us how it destroyed an entire complex of deep, mountain caves that had defied invader armies for centuries. Though they seemed to have no real knowledge of physics, they seemed convinced that their super bomb “Collapsed all the tunnels, blew up the weapons depos inside and killed 36 el kitty or Isis terrorists. Apparently we are to believe that they already captured the place, dug it out and found pieces or smears of 36 corpses.

The next day, probably in response to thinking doubters on the net, they changed their story again, saying “36 dead, 3 collapsed tunnels.” I am amazed that they didn’t claim hundreds of kills, since no one can gainsay them. Fact probably is, some in bed reporter asked “Top Gun”, “What should I put down as kills?” Top Gun, not knowing, simply says, “Three dozen sounds good enough.” The reporter replies, “I’ll put down ‘Thirty-sic’, to make it sound like somebody actually counted real corpses.”

As for the troublesome physics, solid rock does not simply “collapse” when you hit it with a hammer. It’s not jello. Compared to the mountain of rock, those tunnels are just cracks, and their little 10 ton bomb is like a firecracker in an anthill. All the munitions that are stored in that mountain didn’t “Blow up” just because a bomb blew up outside. The entrance got blown up, but the people inside are waiting to be dug out, or they will dig themselves out, exactly the same as ants do after rotten children kick in the entrance to their nest.

The last day before the media had worn out their super bomb story, they had more military experts come on TV and admit that their super-bomb was really nothing too special in its total effect upon their wars against the three groups of Guerrillas that they created in their endless efforts to keep Israel from having to fight its Arab enemies. Despite the fact than no one in history has ever managed to civilize or pacify the Arab hordes, the military experts fervently believe that US taxpayers should continue to pour trillions$ into the futile effort to keep Israel planted firmly in the middle of Palestine, no matter what the cost to everyone else. Much cheaper and better is to buy them a homeland in some other desert.