NBNN (No Bullshit news network)

I just got to read some of my 3-2-17 Nature magazine. In a few, narrow column inches (P.10) They state more facts than a month of corporate media hooting and gasping on TV, On 2-24-17 Malaysian police named VX as the nerve gas swabbed out of the eyes and off of the face of the victim, Kim Jong-nam. Only 6 days later, nature reminds us of it being a “Binary” weapon that was made to be mixed into a deadly nerve agent at the site of the crime (s) against humanity. Though nature stopped short of providing a condensed, sordid history of what, exactly, developed this mass murder monster (U.S. Politicians); it did add more pertinent information never dribbled out by the U.S. corporate media. Nature confirmed that plural substances were put on the victim’s face, and that VX kills by inhibiting an enzyme that allows muscles to relax. So now we know that allows muscles to relax. So now we know that the 2nd woman got sick because; in wiping her chemical onto her victim’s face in the pretense of wiping off what the first woman had squirted on him, she got some of the first chemical on her skin. The corporate media seemed determined to be vague, omissive and misleading on almost every aspect of this attack, probably in its usual effort to create mystery, suspense and controversy for its panels of fellow reporters, consultants and experts to milk. Hopefully, by exposing their reportage formula, the public may be educated to it enough to protest being continually played for fools and demand news instead of what editors and talking heads count as “entertainment”.

Or, intelligent people can turn off this squawk box after gleaning what “ Facts” it may reveal, then go to our own news sites on the net to compare notes to sift the real news from the fake, formulaic, corporate “info-tainment” nonsense and time waste. Use of either strategy will result in a better quality product, but simultaneous use of both will yield the fastest results.

Take the foolishness out of corporate news. Don’t let them think that they are fooling you. Don’t let them fool others. Civilization and progress demand that we do not tolerate bullshit artists.