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More Salt Price Gouging Letters

( This is several letters in a series concerning Geo Prison Group and Keefe Corp overcharging of inmates for salt and pepper)

From the US Dept of Labor to James 1-23-08:

The Special Litigation Section of the United States Department of Justice has received your correspondence and careful consideration has been given to the information you have provided. However, as we stated in a previous letter to you, the circumstances you describe in your most recent letter do not indicate a systemic pattern or practice violation of rights related to a statute that this Section has the responsibility for enforcing. However, we will consider the information you have provided along with other information we receive to determine if a pattern or practice of violations exists.

The Section’s authority does not extend to investigating the personal grievances of a single individual. Moreover, the Section is not authorized to represent individual citizens in legal matters or to give them legal advice. Therefore, we are unable to provide you with legal opinions or assistance with personal lawsuits or legal matters. As we stated in our previous letter, you might better address your allegations by contacting a private attorney or a legal services lawyer to discuss these issues. One of these individuals may be able to assist you in determining what,. if any, remedies may be available to you.

Anthony Njoku

From James to the Securities and Exchange Commission, 3-27-09

Dear Sir or Ms,

CEO Group prisoncorp and Keefe LLC have a monopoly together and gouge us unmercifully on purchases of salt, Raman soups, Refried beans and other products.            ($45/lb for salt, $135/lb for pepper; markups of 3400% and 6800% respectively.) Will you investigate this and/or tell us how much GEO owns of Keefe? We’ve already written the FTC and state consumer agencies, and need your help too.

Thank you for any assistance.

From the SEC to James, 7-29-09

Thank you for your recent letter and taking the time to alert us to your concerns regarding Geo Group Prisons. We welcome your comments because they help us to regulate and enforce the laws that assure fair and orderly securities markets.

We maintain a database of information about the complaints and inquiries we receive. This database allows us to track whether a troubling situation may be developing about a particular issue, company, broker, stock, or other securities product. The information you have provided will be reflected in our database.

Also, if your correspondence raises issues that others at the SEC should see, we will pass it along to them.

Amy Rosenthal

From James to the Diamond Crystal Brands, Inc 9-7-09

A prison canteen monopolist corporation is unmercifully exploiting us by reselling your product at a 3400% markup. Our only source of salt is to buy ten of your tiniest packs for 30 cents; this is the equivalent of $45/lb. (Sample encolsed.)

For two years we have written every politician, gov’t agency, bureaucrat and, civil rights group, trying to obtain enforcement of the equal protection amendments (6th and 14th) of the constitution, and the Sherman and Clayton acts against monopolies and price gouging. We have had no success, apparently because Keefe corporation, 2, has bought all these politicians, etc, with lobby-cash.

This price gouging occurs nationwide to almost two million captives and is growing quickly.3 They take the salt from the tables and food, then sell it to us like crack to addicts. They give kickbacks to the prison administrations, (by law) for assisting their ripoffs. It is the same as if you had to pay $14,000 for a jar of coffee.

Now, we know that, according to the media, everyone has a passionate hatred for persons branded ‘criminal’ by the state. Even so, the vast majority of the gov’t’s targets are nothing more than dopies and petty thieves. Also, 7 to 15% of us are innocent, and animals are treated better.

Moreover, doesn’t it make you feel angry that prison monopolists can make more off a pound of your labor than you can off a ton? I know that if this was happening to me, I would stop it. My business has no use for parasitic corporations who exist, not from being competitive or useful, but from merely having bought favor from scurrilous gov’t officials. I would be ashamed to discover that my company had any type of participation in such a disgusting enterprise as kicking teeth from the hog-tied and their families.

This being so, would you help us obtain your product at a reasonable price? Many ideas on how to do this are available on my netsite, www.jamesbauhaus.com. My email is 4bauhaus@quik.com

We would greatly appreciate your help.

From James to the Securities Exchange Commission, 10-26-09

     Local libraries ignore me and prison officials refuse to provide information. I have been trying for months to track down the corporate headquarters of Centrics Group and Taser International-  Also, CFO Group and Corrections Corporation of America refuse to reply to my numerous requests for their prospectuses. will you please aid me in obtaining the prospectuses of these corporations? And addresses of Centrics Group and Taser International? I understand that public corporations are lawfully obliged to do this.

GEO = (561) 893-0101

621 NW 53rd st. #700

Boca Raton, FL 33487.

 CCA = (615) 263-3000

10 Burton Hills Blvd

Nashville, TN 37215.

     Any aid would be greatly appreciated. An S.A.S.E. is enclosed for your convenience. Thank you for your time.

From James to the SEC, 10-26-09

     I’ve been trying to obtain prospectuses from GEO Prison Corporation ((www-the geo groupinc.com), (561)-893-0101, 621 NW 53rd st #700, Boca Raton, FL 33987) and Corrections Corporation of America ((615) 263-3000, at 10 Burton Hills Blvd,, Nashville. TN 37215) for many months and gotten no reply.

     It is my understanding that they are obliged to send a prospectus to citizens upon request- Would you please help in this matter?

    P.S. Also, it is about impossible to get the corporate HQ address for Centrics Group and Taser International. Libraries ignore captives, and authority here refuse to reply to requests for this information. After months of trying, you are my last hope. would you please send this information? I enclose an S.A.S.E. for your convenience.

Thank you for any aid.

From James to the Project on Government Oversight, 9-7-09

     Thanks a BILLION for exposing the Wackenhut “R A International” guards in Iraq in the act of being themselves. Too bad you could not have caught them at their duringwork antics. I’m sure they act similarly to the Abu Ghraib guards, Lynddie England

and Charles Grainer, convicted of the atrocities there.

     Wackenhut is Geo, too, the prison corporation that helps Keefe canteen monopoly price-gouge many thousands of U.S. captives unmercifully on salt and pepper, food, etc. Geo takes salt and pepper out of the dining halls and food, then takesa cut from their sister exploiter, Keefe, who marks salt up 3400$ and pepper up 6800$ by selling us tiny amounts. This is the same as selling crack to addicts, and equals $45/lb for salt, $135/lb for pepper.

     We’ve tried for two solid years to get enforcement of the U.S. constitutional amendments that prohibit this (Equal protection of the law and we process of the law), and the Sherman antitrust act (anti monopoly) and the Clayton act (outlawing price gouging), by writing every politician_, gov’t agency and civil rights group_ involved. (See: www.jamesbauhaus.com/AGSa1t1.TIF and /SaltLtrs.htm)

     We have had no success; apparently Geo/Keefe lobby cash has bought them immunity

to the law and constitution, courtesy of our greediest, sleaziest politicians.  Anyway, we thought you may be wishing to add some free incentives for WackenhutGeo/Keefe to get right. When all it takes is a few bucks to blot out the constitution, federal law and state law, we ALL are in bad trouble. This price is the same as if you were forced to pay $14,000 for a television, ($28,000 for color).

Thanks again. We all appreciate you work.    .