More Facts, Fewer Semantic Tricks

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5-24-17: The media is still obsessed with the Russians having influenced our election. We also seem to have 535 politicians and all of our secret cop agencies trying to convince the public that this nonsense is important. Worse, if the corporate, media can be believed, most of the public is fooled by this foolishness. And, so far, only one of the late-night comedians, Saman*** Bee, has popped this colourful balloon of bullshit by pointing out the obvious: Yes! The Russians meddled with our election! We voted for Hillary and the Electoral College gave us Trump! Clearly the “Russians” screwed us!

It’s like the corporate “news” media are circus clowns, softening our heads with their silliness before we get to the magicians of congress, who are now holding “hearings” in which none of the high-level traitors are obligated to testify, and no one of the supposed law enforcement community has guts enough to bust into the criminals’ lairs and snatch out their file cabinets. It’s like these millionaire sell-outs must be given months and months of time in which to shred and burn, Ollie North style, before the phony “investigations” for the public can begin.

The secret hearings are over. The elected Gluttons of Privilege have already decided on how on how, exactly, they are going to let their traitorous pals get away with selling us, and America, down the river. All that remains is for the elite to slowly drag their feet down the roadmap of plausible deniability to the non and fake-punishment that they devised and completed only weeks ago after they bought, or tamed, Sally Yates. She was the only sticking point in the good old boy network that is getting themselves back to business as usual, which is selling arms and stoking the wars that make arms such a lucrative profession for our Republican weapons-systems merchants. Notice how, as the presidential buffoonery got more and more serious, there was a rush to get those arms sold to Saudi War mongers? The actual number of billions keeps changing with the TV station reporting it, but it seems to be that $110 billion will supply a lot of million$ in secret kickbacks to our five, elected arms dealers. And it turns out that I was wrong when I predicted, about a year ago, that any republican elected would be “The job creators” only in the sense that they would create jobs making bombs, bullets and other mass-murder weapons, as is their usual schtick. This time, they even took away our mass-murder weapons-making jobs, by giving them to the Saudis! Yes! Our clever arms negotiators sold us down the river here, Too! The $6 Billion that the Saudis spent to buy 150 Blackhawk helicopters will stay in Saudi Arabia, where they will be built, probably by Phillipinos, Indians, Malaysians and Indonesians!

We didn’t get a lot of information on this. We should have gotten an itemized list of all the mass-murder weapons we are going to supply these Jihadists who are our Politicians’ pals. The list is secret, however, and we have been busy, drooling in slack-jawed amazement at the antics within our media and political clown-show. We can’t disapprove of that which we are kept from knowing. They did tell us that GE gets $15 billion to do something for the Saudis. The rest of the $110 billion (89 B$) remains a huge secret. Almost 90 billion dollars will buy more small arms than all the people that every side has to arm can carry. This amount of money may even buy more small arms than each side can hoard. It’s certainly enough small arms to keep wars smoldering for decades and still have plenty of money left over for, say, buying politicians.

What else can they be doing with, and for, this astronomical sum of excess money? One big hint came when a prominent newspaper revealed that one of the traitors tried to open a Russian bank account.