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Letter to Tulsa Prosecutor Tim Harris

Dear Prosecutor Harris,

I noticed you and the Bar association on OR news report last week, having a seminar on avoiding false convictions. On behalf of the thousands of innocents imprisoned nationwide, (up to 750 in OK alone), we thank you for this. We certainly want to help you in any way we can to get culprits convicted instead of innocents.

Unfortunately, however, this does nothing to address the culprits who escaped conviction when we were falsely convicted instead. Their lucky escape from justice encouraged them to commit more, worse crimes. In my own case, I point him out for you, in your own records and in DOC records. (See www.jamesbauhaus.com/Oletter.htm and /killer.htm) Besides finding the actual killer for police, I also proved my innocence, albeit from uncovering police corruption. (See/screwoff.htm)     You could fix this with a stroke of your pen, and I could help you uncover more culprits who should not be running amok.

As for the seminar, I am astonished that no mention was made of fMRI lie detection, which is now more accurate than the legal community’s most carefully administered punishment; death sentences. (97% v 93%; see www.Cephoscorp.com, NoLieMRI.com and Columbia University Prof. James Liebman’s study “A Broken System…” which uses DNA to prove that the minimum Innocent-conviction rate is 78.) FMRI lie detection technology will clear up virtually every false conviction. It has already prevented many false convictions in America, Australia, the United Kingdom and the European Union. It is high time that we fully utilize it, since false conviction is very common. (See “Miscarriages of Justice…” by Profs. M. Radelet and H. Bedau, in Stanford Law Review, vol. 40, 1987) This seldom seen study will soon be featured on my site, so great is its importance in defining the exact reasons that false convictions are so common.

Thank you again for your work in preventing false convictions, and I hope you will extend it to repairing the damage of your predecessors.


James Bauhaus
Founder: THINC