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Letter to TPD Internal Affairs

Freedom of Information Act Request/ Interrogatory

Tulsa Police Dept. Internal Affairs      James Bauhaus
600 Civic Center Plaza            LCF 88367
Suite 305         Lawton, OK 73501-9765 Tulsa, OK 74103

Dear Sir or Ms.   
On 2-8-1973, TPD Identification Division Officer Donald Peyton sent exhibit one, (enc.) to the FBI lab along with at least g human blood samples that he had gotten from a 5 block long trail of blood that one male youth had bled while escaping a murder he had committed seconds before.

In this letter, Officer Peyton first. advises the lab that. they will be the only ones who will ever get to report on this evidence. This declaration, by itself, establishes that deceit in any results is most probably to go undetected, and that deceit is actually desired. If there is any innocuous explanation for this invitation to commit evidence fraud, I would love to hear it.

After describing each of the 8 blood samples as the human blood that he knows them to be, officer Peyton asks, inanely, “Please see if these are human blood and see if it can be typed.” His job and training is to know that this is possible. This is another invitation to join the TPD conspiracy and commit evidence fraud. In the next sentence, Officer Peyton warns the lab that they have no blood from their target, effectively warning them that no blood typing must occur, as an honest analysis will free their target and force police to seek the actual culprit.

Peyton next describes exactly how he and his fellow Officers already know for a fact that the evidence is human blood from one killer. This knowledge and this letter combine to prove a desire by Peyton and TPD to engage the FBI in their conspiracy to conceal scientific and other evidence and to commit evidence theft.

This letter came from FBI files, and the handwritten conversion of “blood spots” in it to “red-brown stains” and the conversion of “dried blood” to mere “scrapings”, constitute proof that the FBI lab technicians did indeed join the conspiracy and agreed to and perpetrated this first step of their own conspiracy to steal evidence.

On 3-21-1973, the FBI returned the blood samples to Officer Peyton by registered mail. Since this murderer was never brought to justice, there needs to be a determination of what Officer Peyton did with these blood samples.

Also, on or about May, 1997, someone with access to the TPD evidence vault stole at least 23 fingerprint samples from the killer to prevent their use as DNA evidence. This occurred as a direct result of my appeal to Judge Jesse Harris’ court, when I first notified him and his prosecutors that new science made them DNA, capable of identifying the actual killer of Mr. Hunt. This is documented by two researchers with the Innocence Project. One is Attorney Richard O’Carroll and the other is federal investigator John Floyd.

I anxiously await your reply.
James Bauhaus
Founder: THINC