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Oklahoma State Department of Health

October 15, 2008

James Bauhaus
LCF 88367
Lawton Correctional Facility
8607 SC Flowermound Rd
Lawton, OK 73501

Dear Mr. Bauhaus:

The Jail Inspection Division of the Oklahoma State Department of Health has received your complaint concerning the overcrowding of sick prisoners into small cells at the Lawton Correctional Facility. This facility is a private prison and the Jail Inspection Division does not have jurisdiction over private prisons.

My suggestion would be for you to complain to the monitor in your facility that is a part of the Department of Corrections.


Don Garrison, Director

Jail Inspection Division


The OK health-dodging department is worthless and harmful, allowing 35+ pneumonia infected captives to be crammed in a 10 x 10 cage, waiting hours for cough syrup/antihistamines that are not supplied! Instead, captives are forced to wait over a week for delivery on purchase from the corp-prison canteen.

OK health sends complainers back to the same crocodiles who cause these respiratory epicemics, the above “reply” cost me four letters of complaint! James Bauhaus