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Letter to Senators Tom Coburn and Brad Henry

Dear Senator Coburn,

Thanks for speaking up for those poor border patrol guards whose jurors were not allowed to hear all the facts, especially those about their service records. I can easily empathize with them, because even worse happened to me. The Police and Prosecutors STOLE the DNA and fingerprints that would have caught the actual killer. This and worse is detailed on my netsite, www.jamesbauhaus.com (4bauhaus(at)quik.com). In my last three appeals, where I STILL can’t get an honest ruling I disproved everybit of the convicting evidence (merely two fingerpointers) AND un covered massive evidence theft, perjury and the prosecutor lying about it to jurors to cover it up.

When the authorities can simply steal your life with nothing but two liars, then the whole system is rotten. When you can prove your innocence and they still disregard their own laws, con stitution and precedent, and STILL affirm this abortion of justice, the personnel running the system is more than just rotten. (Please see “Lawswindled for Life!” on my site for bibliographic proof that their “mistakes” are often deliberate and that their accuracy rate is abysmal.)

This country imprisons at least 330,000 innocents now, and 105,000 MORE innocents are falsely imprisoned EVERY YEAR.

For each of us falsely imprisoned, there is a criminal who gets away AND is ENCOURAGED to commit more, worse crimes in the immediate future.

When the connected and influential are allowed to dodge out of the appeals system and shortcut to pardon/commutation, then they are snared by the ever more harsh “GET TOUGH ON CRIME! laws, the appeals system is apparently too unwieldy to do anyone any good. Please help get these little-people’s cases fixed, and the system fixed, because the more it looks like we have elite and poor law systems, the more we will be disrespected.

Here’s for a more just system.

Thank you for your time, and for listening, and for any assistance you may provide.
James Bauhaus