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Letter to Senator James Inhofe

Dear Senator Inhofe.

We need a legislative check and balance on the judiciary from you in the legislature. They are refusing to release from prison innocents who were convicted through use of fraud, perjury, witness-steering and evidencechicanery. My own case is a prime example, though over 750 persons in OK prisons alone are unable to pry innocence-proving (DNA) out of police vaults.

There is a seven percent innocent conviction rate nationwide in death penalty cases. (see. “Death Penalty Study of Columbia University” on my site, www.jamesbauhaus.com IL gov. Ryan’s death machine was uncovered to be no more than 50% “accurate”. Thus there is no doubt that the state has murdered innocent persons during its long use of its privilege of execution. (A 1987 study in the Georgetown Law Review reveals that the US has likely killed 23 innocents since 1907-1985)

At these rates of innocent conviction, there are obviously thousands of us, like me, who can’t get UNconvicted despite having proven our innocence and police/prosecutor use of fraud, etc. (theft of DNA twice,in my case) to obtain knowingly false convictions, (see. “Lawswindled for Life” endnotes page. “How Police Screw Scientific Evidence”. “PCR”. “OCCA”. “10th Circuit”, “En Banc”. “Rule 60 H” and exhibits B, C,115).

As you can easily see, in Tulsa and every appeals court to the very top, the facts of a case make no obstacle at all to too-powerful persons with no oversight or quality control, determined to pave over their predecessors’ crimes with new crimes of their own. They on the state level are the worst, because they go blind to the county level cops (NOT police) and certain assistant prosecutors stealing evidence, manufacturing witness perjury, lying to jurors themselves and basically getting away with murdering citizens with prison while letting culprits escape to be thus encouraged to commit more, worse crimes in the future. Tulsa prosecutors, police and judges are so corrupt that they stole DNA samples under the noses of the three innocence projects investigating the conviction. Apparently the police evidence vault-within-a-vault serves only to prevent honest persons from entering, because the crooks not only steal at will, but also steal all traces of the “chain o’ custody” records that are supposed to document who does what to and with the evidence. Fortunately for me, the crooked cops and prosecutors didn’t manage to steal or destroy ALL the records of their crimes, and I managed to uncover them. (see exhibits A-W, 1-12. on site).

However, when I returned to make them take their false conviction off me, I found that Tulsa officials had become even more scurrilous during my investigation. They mumbled a bunch of semantic nonsense, the Ok City court judges rubberstamped it, the now disgraced Tulsa Fed. Judge Sven Eric Holmes sat on it for 18 months before deliberately garbling the facts and ruling bogusly on his engarblements. Though the facts are obvious, especially when put next to their lies, they refuse to follow the law that functions to correct such deliberate frauds on their parts. Then all the other judges and courts added their frauds, one, most outrageously, ignoring OS Supreme Court precedent, invented his own standard of review, invented his own law requiring me to prove my innocence beyond any doubt, made impossible by their own (twice!) theft of the DNA! At minimum their own records caught them in the act of stealing 31 DNA samples, EACH ONE of which was sufficient to identify beyond doubt the actual killer for whom I was framed.

On top of this, it is found that the patriot acts and other legislation were cover for hordes of “activist” judges to cut their work loads by getting enacted long lists of citizens’ rights-abolishing, constitutionscrewing laws that chop off our right to re-hearings when judges rule bogusly after garbling the facts to suit their agendas. They also stole our right to en banc hearings, which are essential attempts to make crooked judges get right in their bogus rulings by trying to get the majority of their fellows to rule honestly. (Currently honest judges are in the minority and can only be found filing “dissenting” opinions that make no difference other than to ineffectively protest wrongs.) Next they had legislators chop off our right to access the Supreme Court to correct bogus rulings. The effect of all these sneaky little rapes of citizens’ rights is that now the even slight possibility of honest rulings has been hacked off at the circuit court judge level. This is an extremely bloated, highly-overpaid, worthless bureaucracy to function merely as the series of rubberstamps for the assistant district attorney’s paralegal.

Clearly the DNA Act is not working, as police, prosecutors and judges are permitted to thwart it through numerous means even after they are caught in the act of deliberately destroying innocence-proving evidence.

Now there is a new technology that is poised to re-expose the monsterous amount of casual corruption within the cop/prosecution conviction machine, same as DNA did. It is fMRI brain-scanning lie detection, scientifically proven     to b e 90 -958 accurate,          (see www.noliemri.com, www.cephos .com and “FMRI Lie Detection = Innocent’s Lucky Day!).

The cops, prosecutors and judges are fighting tooth and claw to prevent this technology from entering their courtrooms and mainstream acceptance, because it will eventually provide some badly needed quality control and oversight on their antics.

What we need for our own safety is a statute that provides an immediate right to fMRI lie detection technology in cases where victims have proven that the state deliberately stole innocence-proving evidence, as I have in my 44 lawsuits to over 40 judges in 36 years of false conviction. This simple law and new technology will force crooked officials to deal more honestly with citizens.

Senator Tom Coburn agrees, (see letters to/from Sen. Coburn). Others, like Ted Poe, Dana Rohrbacher and Duncan Hunter, et al, oppose, (see, “How Politicians Juke Justice”).

This is a simple, much-needed, long-overdue check on over-abused judicial power that the legislature is designed to fix.

Can we count on you to do the right thing and fix this? The common good is certainly not served by letting thousands of innocents suffer false imprisonment so that the guilty can run amok.

We at THINC anxiously await your reply,
James Bauhaus
Founder THINC