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Letter to Representative Duncan Hunter

U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter James Bauhaus
U.S. House of Representatives LCF-88367
Washington, D.C. Lawton, OK 73501

Re: CNN interview and Borderguard pardons

Dear Representative Hunter,

I get very concerned when I see extremely powerful men such as you and GW Bush use your TV-media access to drum up support to free your favorites from the judicial system traps that you either created, or abide, and refuse to fix. You are wrong to say that, “The heart of our justice system is our right to confront our accusors.” In actual fact, the heart of our justice system is to manufacture pointing fingers and accusatory testimony while possibly, or often, concealing contrary evidence. Every Innocence Project report confirms this fact. (See Mr. Harry Scheck’s and Mr. Rob Warden’s, and IL governor Ryan’s commission reports on the causes of innocent conviction.)

Because the legislature has permitted lazy police, judges and prosecutors to turn their justice system into a mere battle of State-backed professional liars v. unrehearsed, amateur, defense liars, we are deliberately fed an overabundance of Hollywood cop-show propaganda to trick us into accepting the idea that science plays a large part in convicting citizens of crime. (See: “CSI:BS” on my netsite, www.jamesbauhaus.com 4bauhaus@quik.com) Token “science” appears mainly in the courtroom spewings of the tame state coroner, whom the authorities routinely handpick for his readiness to fudge results. Many of these coroners are later uncovered to have been the instrument for letting serial-(wife)killer-cops like Drew Peterson escape his murders. Other of these state-picked coroners help conceal the thousands of taser-murders and police-custody deaths caused by police bursting their victim’s internal organs with beatstick jabs. Their victims are left to die, for hours, in agony, screaming for medical attention in isolated cages where they are ignored. (See: “Murder by Taser”, and “Tulsa Jailcops murder ANOTHER Prisoner”, as representative examples on my site.) The state coroners routinely cover up these murdermedical neglect-deliberate indifference occurrences by blithely claiming nonsense such as “Perforated ulcer and drug toxification” or “cocaine frenzy with hyperkalemia”, etc.

Nope: the heart of EVERY conviction is the extremely well-trained and rehearsed pointing finger and prosecution phrase, “That’s him! I’m absolutely certain!”

This, and your misguided efforts to pardon your own constitute much of the reason why 330,000 innocents are in your prisons and why 105,000 MORE innocents are added every year. (See: “Lawswindled for Life!” bibliography page and “Death Penalty Study of Columbia University”.) We innocents get convicted upon prosecutorial juror-trickery of “beyond a reasonable doubt”. When, years later, we finally are able to uncover the lies and evidence theft that prosecutors and cops perpetrated to obtain our false conviction, the judges force us to prove our innocence beyond a shadow of ANY doubt. (See: also on my site, 10th cir. ct. of appeals case numbers 07-5094 and 07-5141 and petition for rule of civ. procedure 60 B (3)(6), and Motion for Remand 07-5141 and USSCt. Petition for Writ of Mandamus.) What could be more crooked of a justice system than requiring of an innocent the VERY THING (DNA) that the cops STOLE and the prosecutor LIED about? The lazy judges have created for themselves, out of nothing, hundreds of these US Constitution-screwing petty courthouse rules to lighten their work load and make their boundlessly corrupt system of self-interest look like infallible justice.

We innocents, convicted through use of these uncountable illegal frauds. (See: “Innocent’s Guide to Avoiding False Conviction”) and screwed out of our appeals through yet another layer of judicial frauds, depend upon the elite getting caught in these same hideous traps for our own eventual release from them. E.g, When Pattie Hearst got trapped, her family’s millions bought all of us an ACTUAL right that had before only existed in lofty, nebulous, totally subjective legal theory. Thanks to Ms. Hearst, the state no longer makes very many of us rot in its cages for years awaiting justice’s leisure. NOW many of us get tried on or before the 120th day of being accused by the state of crime, but only if we are knowledgeable enough to ask for it, properly, in (ink) writing; an actual time limit on the prosecutor! Thanks to the despot president, GW Bush, some of us have had this new, hardwon right revoked yet again.

Thanks to another elite, O .J. Simpson, we innocents are slightly better off. Simpson’s millions dragged commonplace, flagrant police evidence manufacture into the public mind by catching Van Adder and Fuhrman in multiple acts of casual corruption. Now these dirty cops have been driven slightly further underground, and though every one of them routinely escape justice when caught stealing or manufacturing evidence, and none of them have suffered any real punishment, like ordinary people suffer punishment, the Simpson acquittal and media coverage slightly discourages them from perpetrating further, common practices of routine police corruption.

When those sadistic cops were taped torturing and beating Rodney Ring, then the state caused a city to burn with its stubborn refusal to punish them, and the federal gov’t trashed the double jeopardy clause of the US Constitution, then subverted the “jury of your peers” clause by cleverly and illegally switching the cops’ trial to an elite location, then gave the cops illegally short sentences, we innocents benefitted again. State and federal authorities were exposed as the supremely arrogant, law-twisting monsters that they are, and had to tone down their worst crimes against we citizens for a while. This got video cameras installed in copcars, forcing police to the slightly discouraging hassle of having to act a bit more mature when confronting motorist in the collection of revenue, etc.

When actual, non-prosecutor-controlled, science was able to force its way into the courtroom, DNA exposed the whole rotten system’s outlandish wholesale corruption. Illinois’ death row, where every accuses gets TWO lawyers and millions of dollars are wasted to make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that their convictions are right, was uncovered to have a 50% “error” rate! Half of the people they were killing in their legal death chambers were INNOCENT! This exact, same thing was uncovered to have been happening in every other death row studied. (See: 2000 death penalty study of Columbia University by Professor James Liebman). Obviously, these legalized murders resulted from system-wide corruption and/or negligence by judicial, legal and police authorities. All authority and their media tools named as the culprit “mistakes” and “errors”, yet we surviving innocents benefitted, however slightly; the gov’t elite pumped out extra millions of dollars to the cops, judges, prosecutors and lawyers who presided over this abomination of “justice” to try and see, or make it seem, to have stopped. Continuing DNA and real science use proves that the conviction machines are negligibly more accurate than before, and that prosecutors are less eager to execute citizens in order to obtain celebrity, bonuses, promotions and higher political office.

As you can see from these few examples off the top of my head, we of no money or influence make zero progress against the monolith of the judiciary until an elite becomes snared in its perfidious webs. When powerful, influential persons like Nixon, Ford, Carter, Clinton, Hush and you open golden pathways to freedom for your special favorites, you cheat us innocents out of getting the rotten system partially fixed. When you feel that your poor border guards got cheated by the prosecutor keeping secret the most recent dirt that his fingerpointer had accumulated, crying on TV for a special pardon is NOT the correct course of action for the common good. The correct course of action is for you to fix the flaw in the system for EVERYONE, not just your favorites. Specifically, pass a law that makes MANDATORY the worthless, subjective, nebulous legal theory propounded 44 years ago by the judiciary in Brady v MD, 373 US 83 (1963). This landmark decision says, buried underneath much wordy legal confusion and later conflicting caselaw interpretations, that “[Prosecutors must (or should) voluntarily provide the defense with all (or some) exculpatory evidence that they know about, with many exceptions and only upon specific demand, but not after a year’s time limit]”. This totally subjective, largely indecipherable, wide-open-to-creative-interpretation judicial jargon is the specific web that the prosecutor/judge team used to prevent a fair trial of the border cops you like so much. The lawyer who controls court proceedings pulls this type of evidentiary chicanery on virtually EVERYONE who forces them to trial. They revel in the fact that they only need keep the innocence-proving evidence secret for a single year. After a year, the appeals judges refuse to fix these “mistakes” and “errors” even when they prove deliberate FRAUD, (See: PCR exhibits 1-5), and even when the convictee is proven INNOCENT!

How can appeals judges sleep at night when they let corrupt prosecutor/ judge teams conceal evidence and proof of innocence, and engage in flagrant corruption? Very easily, by using their “due diligence” caselaw rule to trump the US Constitution’s FAIR TRIAL LAW. They simply say, in reasonable sounding legalese, “[We’re tired of innocent citizens and their never-ending appeals for justice! Judges’ time is too valuable to waste rubberstamping the opinions of lower court judges. In order to give ourselves more time to do with as we please, we declare that poor persons with no money or influence have only one year or less to uncover the specific frauds used to convict them, after which they will be declared to have waive their right to justice forever because they failed to show “Due Diligence” in appealing for justice]”. Through use of this quiet, shady legal technicality; and rights-ripoff, innocent persons are forced to become clairvoyant as to what innocence-proving evidence the cops found, discarded, stole or manufactured during their monopolization of the crime scene and all the information concerning the crime. (See: Innocents Easiest to Convict; Copcrime: Evidence, Stealing; Copcrime: Perpetrating Lineup Fraud; Coptricks: Evidence; Officers and Identikits, for insight on such frauds.)

So, Representative Hunter, when you order special justice for one, you screw everyone else. If you really want to help the cause of justice, do so within the bounds of your branch of gov’t. Please don’t go crying to the Executive for a pardon. Try to force the judiciary to get right by making it THE LAW that prosecutors, cops and judges cough up ALL the evidence, and by taking the judges’ phony time limits OFF innocence. Americans deserve better than the “shortcut justice” offered by today’s legal system. Also, we need a law that says innocent or fraudulently convicted citizens get OUT immediately and automatically, (See: …Judicial Ping Pong.) THIS would swiftly make future convictions much more honest. Also, outlaw immunity. There is no immunity for crooked prosecutors, cops and judges in the US Constitution. Immunity is nothing but an illegal perk that they’ve given themselves. When you take away their immunity, honesty in court will quickly become a primary interest. When ALL criminals can be punished, ALL citizens benefit!

Also, I wouldn’t worry too much about those two border cops. Getting caught lying and covering up their actions will make them better cops in the future. There is no doubt what so ever that GW Hush will, on his last day, “Scooterize” these poor cops out of doing but a smidgen of their lawful juror-imposed sentences.

James Bauhaus