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Letter to Representative Coody

Dear Representative Coody,

I’m asking for parole help. I escaped for over ten years and could not even get convicted of escape, so I’m a very good candidate for the search for low risk parole candidates. (See enclosed synopsis.) I’ve been in prison for 35 years for a crime that I had nothing to do with. I’m highly educated, and I have many skills. I’ve worked all my life that wasn’t spent wasting away in prison. I am wasted in prison, and many dollars are wasted in keeping me in prison.

If it would help, I’d be willing to leave this country. I can easily be much more useful in developing countries where I can teach English, science, math, construction techniques, plumbing, electrical engineering or sanitation; all things I learned while on escape.

Since the legislature picks four of the parole board members, I’m hoping that you will help.

Can I yet a bit of leniency or consideration after all these years: Thank you for any assistance or suggestions you provide.


James Bauhaus