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Letter to Governor Henry and Parole Board members

Dear Gov. Henry and Parole Board Members,

I hope you are well and prospering. I could be doing better, de-
spite all this free stuff; it’s trying to make me lazy.
Recently I tried to obtain some good-faith “costs of corrections”
While I was a refugee from this false conviction, I had to get steady
work quickly to fund my search for the actual killer of Mr. Hunt and
proof of my innocence. I accomplished this by working under my brother’s name for Head’s Up inc. of New Mexico. While there, I earned a profits-sharing pension. I presented the proof to the CFO, Sean Stomp, who abruptly ceased the cash-out process upon learning that I am a captive, which makes Heads Up corporation safe from our legal system. Soon, when I retire, I’ll hand the proof to OK, who can, if desired, attempt to collect my pension for its own purposes, which will continue to accrue, as it has for over twenty years.

Also, I noticed that parole interviewers penalize us for failing to
marry. This should not apply to me, (or many others), who was dragged off at barely nineteen, far too young to responsibly marry. Instead, I should be awarded the point, for eschewing matrimony until I was able to clear my name. My philosophy is to avoid harming innocents, and no wife or family should suffer the calamities inherent in a hunted, hated, spouse.

Additionally, I noticed that paroles declined from 18%/year to only
8%/year. I’d like to mention that the economy y was just as bad or worse when I left during the Reagan years. Homeless and jobless persons were everywhere, and the amnesty stampede took what jobs remained.    (I detail this in my biography, “JAILBREAK:”) Despite the economic disaster and the extra disadvantages of being an undocumented refugee, I still prospered while managing to clear my name and uncover the actual killer of Mr. Hunt. As then, I am just as employable now, and, with legitimacy you provide, could advance and prosper even more swiftly.

I hope you will consider these important points.

Take care, and thank you for listening.
James Bauhaus