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Letter to Frontline, WGBH

Frontline WGBH                                                        J. Bauhaus

125 Western Ave                                                        LCF 88367

Boston, MA 02134                                                     Lawton, OK 73501-9765

Dear Frontline,

Thanks a billion for yanking some of the sheets from the murder-by Texas of Todd Willingham in a fake arson.  Too bad you didn’t speed it up a little to includes how he tried to fire his worthless, harmful public defender, who was a cop before turning into a lawyer, who is still a cop. Also, the coplies of him burning his children to simulate their playing with fire were more horrific and guilty-verdict inducing than the coplies of mere pentagrams and accelerants. Even though you coddled the liars, you did well. In the extremely slow evolution of minuscule amounts of qua quality control on a thoroughly corrupt pt lawyers’ system, you made forward progress without holding anyone the slightest bit accountable, not even Webb, the jailrat, who has a long career of selling scripted testimony and hearsay to cops and prosecutors who are scurrilous enough to pay for it.

It would be nice if, instead of lagging behind, quality investigators such as yourselves could leap ahead, perhaps by publicizing the 393 innocents, 25 of whom were murdered by crooked officials duping jurors with death penalties. (“Miscarriages of Justice in Potentially Capital Cases” 1900-1980, by H. Bedau and M. Radelet, Stanford Law Review, vol. 90 (1987)

Now that police know, and practice, how to keep DNA secret until they know whether to steal it or use it, it would be a great leap to go to FMRI lie detection, which is now 978 accurate, and can not be stolen, destroyed, coerced, concealed or otherwise twisted to conviction needs (See www.cephoscorp.com; www.noliemri.com; search: FMRI Lie Detection = Innocents’ Lucky Day) The

The lawcrats are fighting fang and claw to prevent this next technological quality control disaster from showing the world (again) how extremely corrupt they are, having learned their lesson with the recent DNA disaster. DNA has proven that their death sentence convictions are, at maximum only 938 accurate. (See “A Broken System…” a 2000 Columbia University study by Prof. James Liebman.) Obviously, the lawcrats’ privilege of murder, primarily used to force acceptance of life without parole, needs to be curbed.

Thank you for listening, and for a great show.


James Bauhaus

Founder: THINC