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Just take your bait and shut-up!

Today the media reported that president Trump will skip the “Reporters dinner put on by the White house. This is a party for the media like a bribe to keep them in line with politicians, reporting “news” the way that the President like it. At the very least, it makes reporters soften their reporting if it doesn’t succeed in its purpose of making them all lickspittles. I thought that this was only an annual bribe for reporters who have been good to the president for a year but now it seems that this reward occurs more often than yearly, and that it is of course more than a mere free banquet with the president. Reporters who are tame and doole and domesticated enough to get invited also get a valuable bag of loot, paid for by taxpayers.

These media mouth pieces climb over each other to get this, and other more subtle gov’t rewards an example of how badly that these reporters want this bribe came from a reporter gripe session put on by CNN this evening. While they were all whining about how the person that they despite so much was giving them the finger by not being there, one of the reporters offered a solution. He suggested that he and all his crony reporters should give Trump the finger right back “…by attending the dinner and making it into the best time of our lives.” This guy was probably the only one on this panel of talking heads who had an invitation, since Trump has already blacklisted CNN, the New York Times Politico, Buzzfeed. Univision and who knows who else. The illustrative part of this guy’s suggestion and the other reporters abnormal non-reaction to it is this: Normal people who have been deliberately and pointedly shat upon by the high and mighty react with calls to boycott the entire affair, not wallow in it, like hogs. That is, if they have an ounce of integrity. My hope is that some reporter will deem it news worthy to see who, exactly, attends this no-host white party and who, if anyone, burns their invitation as if it was a draft card like men used to do, long ago.