Judge Jesse ‘sex-fiend’ Harris

(c) 2009 James Bauhaus

Nothing so upholds the law as punishment of persons whose rank is as great as crimes. Machiavelli

2-2-09 What kind of despicable varlot waves his genitals at women in public? Tulsa Oklahoma Judge Jesse Harris does, two women were confronted by judge Jesse Harris and his genitals in a parking lot a year ago This is the exact, same number of witnesses that crooked Tulsa Authorities steered onto me to convict me of a murder that I had nothing to do with. Judge Harris no longer roadblocks my appeal. I hope he gets the exact, same quality of justice that he gave me when I proved them all to be evidence-destroying, witness-manufacturing criminals with their own documents and police records. (See: PCR and exhibits on www.jamesbauhaus.com) He deserves the same “justice” that he puts on others, right?

He won’t get it. Instead, Judge Harris gets very special justice that only members of the govt gang can access. Judge “Flasher” Harris is a cog in the Tulsa county conviction machine, which has its very special privileges  He is immune to arrest, immune to jail, safe from prison and he is not required to post any real bond. He does not need to because he is not going to flee the non-punishment he will get. The gov/media alliance takes VERY good care of its own criminals and perverts. Every ordinary citizen should take close note of these “special justice” cases in order to use them to try and drag down special, elite-only justice privileges for ourselves; the ordinary taxpayer who supplies the life of lucre and luxury, to these curs.

The first special justice privilege that Judge Harris accessed was the ability of elites to commit crimes and simply drive away. On March 9th, 2008, when the two women were sexually assaulted by judge Harris, they could not make any cops investigate. Instead, they were themselves investigated, discouraged and threatened. They persisted in demanding service from our public servants for 46 days! Finally, on 4-24-08, they managed to force the local legal machine to indict judge Harris. No local legal machine will, by itself, consent to indict elite criminals working as part of its own cabal. The women had to complain far above the local elites, probably to a set of politicians over the state attorney general, Drew Edmondson, One of Edmondson’s lackies was told to appoint a prosecutor in an adjacent county to indict Harris. Usually elites get away with their crimes for years or decades before the sheer weight of the numerous complaints can no longer be plausibly denied. Elites get many warnings, their crimes are kept handled in-house, and complainants are ignored, ridiculed, duped, lied to , threatened or otherwise chased or turned away        Most victims eventually give up trying to bring elites to justice- Local radio and TV news-sellers generally refuse to report elite crimes, and newspapers put the best face on it as is possible with pro-govt spin and by omitting key facts    Mostly they simply parrot statements given them by bureaucrats whose function is to be the govt’s Public Relations mouthpiece-Harris was notified of the charges by phone, and given paid leave from his job.     Washington county prosecutor, Rick Esser, was chosen to “prosecute” judge Harris for sex crimes. An Osage county judge John Kane IV, was selected to “hear” the case. Judge Harris enjoys the free services of two local legal machine lawyers  One is Allen Smallwood, who worked his way up for decades after forcing me to sue him for my transcript in 1974. Another is Joel Wohlgemuth, the junior partner who plays the “Mutt” to Smallwood’s “,Jeff”, Like cops, or judge/DA teams, one does the dirty work of character assassination, etc, after which the other apologizes for it, then builds upon it. No one performs better courthouse theatre than seasoned veterans of the Bar Association, not even the most cunning, scurrilous cops,

The adjacent county Judge/DA team was selected to give the illusion of propriety. Osage county cuts through half of Tulsa, which puts Tulsa’s conviction machine in bed with Osage county’s cop/lawyer apparatchik. They have always shared and cooperated in harvesting Tulsa’s human resources. All the lawyers who are forced to perform in this case, including the judges and prosecutors, work toward the same goal. All of them desire that their profession escape being soiled by judge Harris’ sexual perversions. When newspaper, radio and TV media have juicy sex crimes to sell to the public, they shriek them loudly and often. This is s not done when elites are caught at these same crimes.  The cops, lawyers and media instead spring into action to repair damage to their sleazy professions. These near infinite taxpayer resources purchase microscopic scrutiny of the accusers in an effort to thwart the law. Smallwood and Wohlgemuth team with judge Kane and DA Esser for five more months- This gives the machine’s cops time to dig up dirt and previous convictions on the witnesses. The cops find none, so they create some. They focus their special police privileges of privacy invasion to attack the two women. The extra stress of harassment by police quickly pays off. The cops put some drunk driving convictions on one witness, then the ever-helpful machine judges made sure she went swiftly away to prison. Smallwood and Wohlyemuth got their media tools to paint Harris’ other victim with pornography accusations. They claim she was in a “sick, perverted” video, but omit how they uncovered this information. If the citizens of Tulsa, who wish to cleanse their city of sick, perverted men who wave their genitals at women in public, had the machine’s resources, we would find that judge Harris has a very large collection of porn (or he did until he was indicted, that is- Judge Harris has undoubtedly wiped his computer at home and at work, though no one is going to ransack them for porn, as would be automatically done with all ordinary persons accused of sex crimes. It may come out that it was through porn that Harris was waving his genitals at this woman. Smallwood claims she was once Harris’ “girlfriend.” If judge Harris could be investigated, interrogated, searched and his property seized as ordinary citizens are, it would be easy to uncover how he loves porn, strippers, sex-bars and stalking and harassing beautiful women. Like Sapulpa Judge Thompson, he may yet be caught with an auto-sucking machine in his courtroom lair and his semen sprayed around his chair, chambers and bench. Sadly, no one is looking for such evidence. Instead judge Kane whittled away at his crimes. By law, Harris sexually assaulted at least two women. Prosecutor Esser undercharged Harris by scribbling up the lowest-value crime possible: two mere “indecent exposures”- Then judge Kane whittled this down by half, claiming that only one of the crimes occurred- (Ordinary citizens do not get this special service: judge/DA teams routinely expand crimes into many different “counts” of crimes, to match or exceed the number of victims. Fancy legal, semantic gymnastics such as these are how one murder can be stretched into life sentences of one sort or another for everyone involved, say, in a drunken drive-by shooting, even the ones unconscious on the floorboards at the time ) While the judge/DA tag team was busy minimizing judge Harris’ crimes, Smallwood and Wohlgemuth were busy digging up or creating a defense witness. Usually it is the cops who force persons to testify against their will, or lie to jurors in order to obtain relief from police attacks. This time a cleaning lady is made to testify against judge Harris victims, She thought the lawyers’ threats were empty, and refused to parrot their script, but judge Kane had her dragged in and fitted with an electronic ball and chain. Additionally, the judge/DA/cop team threatened her with jail and told her to report to Smallwood’s law firm so they could record her words.This way, even if she did escape, or chose to tell the truth about having seen or heard nothing of use about the incident, she could be caught again and this transcript of her lies used to convict her of perjury for telling the truth, same as these authorities had done to Mrs. Baker in my case. Witness-steering is the most commonly practiced courtroom fraud of all. The ease with which authorities manufacture pro-conviction testimony explains why they run from science.

With all the witnesses treated like terrorists, and the criminal treated like royalty, it is easy to see that judge Sex Maniac is going to escape being brought to justice. Still, the prosecution must look as authentic as possible in order to fool the gullible public. If too many of us realize the truth about our lawyers’ system, we would audit their work and jail these meta-criminals instead of letting them plunder and loot our tax resources. Hopefully, one day they will be held to actual, scientific standards instead of let to pretend with phony, rhetorical/semaritic standards, as has been the case throughout history. Amazingly, judge Kane ordered a trial for judge Harris instead of letting him escape his deeds after a much delayed, intermittent, low-profile, perfunctory hearing from which citizens were cunningly excluded. Apparently the courtcrats who are stuck with absolving judge Harris decided that their societal victims are not quite so docile as to accept an exoneration of this well known judge yet, (Politicians and other authority monopolists and nepotists are gradually becoming aware of their inability to control the blogosphere as well as they do their corporate media tools. Even gov Henry, in his recent address to his cronies in the OK legislature, complained bitterly about citizens opinions racing across the net, putting the lie to the gov/media alliance’s versions of the “facts”.) Still, there are yet many, MANY “legal’ ways in which judge Harris can be diverted from suffering the punishment and treatment that he so richly deserves and requires.

The OK state legal machine will be utilized to accomplish this. The chief state supreme court judge, Jimmy R. Winchester, who cut off citizens’ net access to Okie courts on 3-12-08, only three days after Harris knew he was in deep trouble, chose Kane as Harris’ judge.

Then Winchester quickly split from his fat, top-judge job for parts unknown, largely due to citizen outrage from his blocking us from the courtnet which we pay for. His phony justification for this heinous act was “privacy” for the accused, which has never been any concern for the gov/media alliance before or since. The REAL reason he roadblocked citizen access to these public documents on our courtnet is to conceal the dirty deeds and slippery methods of him and his lawcrats. Their most effective way of giving their too-inquisitive citizen-victims the bureaucratic jerk-around is to make us send costly, information-begging letters to low-level, no-name, anonymous courtcrat flunkies while judges, DAs, lawyers and cops zip their information and schemes amongst themselves at lightspeed over phones, faxlines and computer networks. As the attacking parties, they are ALWAYS far ahead of the curve, and this advantage makes them even farther ahead in their planning, staying and executions, Equal justice and equal rights requires equal access. Judge Winchester escaped after screwing us out of our rights. This means judge Edmondson, younger brother to OK attorney General Drew Edmondson, moves up to chief judge and picks a trial judge for judge Harris, (this is a fee-doubling maneuver, disguised by nonsensical “fairness” rhetoric). Since they are all in bed with each other, it does not really matter who he picks, but it will be another crony judge from Osage county, purely for convenience of travel.

The new judge/DA team will likewise allow endless delays and recesses, calling them “continuances” to give any observers the illusion of movement. This is to provide plenty of time for the citizens to forget, give up and stop caring or even watching the legal shenanigans. This also gives the cops, defense and “prosecution” plenty of time to work their magic. The last remaining witness will be further denigrated, and either disappear or be convicted of some crime, giving the judge an excuse to claim that the case “collapsed”. This will be good enough for him to dismiss the prosecution of Judge Harris, despite the fact that judge/DA teams force witnesses to testify from prison against ordinary,non-elite citizen-targets every day.

Just in case the witness does survive, all the lawcrats involved have already agreed that judge Harris will be “tried” in Tulsa, where he already knows all the jurors from decades of using them on his conviction targets. Since he is a high and mighty judicial official who has smiled at them and deigned to speak with them as semi-equals, they all love him, can’t believe he is a secret sex maniac and would not vote to convict him of anything     (See “Juror Groupies”)

Judge Harris also benefits from the usually hated, so-called “CSI Effect.,    This is where judge/DA/cop teams complain that “science” crime-dramas make citizens expect ACTUAL proof of criminal behavior and no longer mindlessly accept the usual, standard courtroom “proof” of mere fingerpointers as worthy of their conviction vote, (See: CSI.BS’) Closer the truth is that citizens are much less gullible now, after watching 20 years of DNA set free hundreds of innocents and prove that cops and lawcrats routinely manufacture eyewitnesses and other evidence to convict their carefully selected targets. (“Stealth Rights Robbery”) Conviction will not occur, but if we pretend that by some miracle of justice  it did, judge Harris would still escape. Same as they are, this moment, sneaking judge Thompson back his pension, they will sneak exoneration to judge Harris, eventually on appeal, soon as everyone gets tired of hearing of this extremely slow motion rape of justice. “Conviction” would mean as little or nothing as “indictment” did except that would cut off his paycheck, which he has not been earning for a year already. He would still be let to run loose to commit more sex crimes on appeal. His “sentence” would be minimal. It would be changed to a misdemeanor, and suspended or deferred. A. technicality will be found on appeal that will excuse the whole proceedings up to that point. No charges will be refiled.

The witness-victims are already imprisoned and/or their lives destroyed.     The citizens are already overcharged for this farce and fraud that is only half-way finished. We are cheated of justice. Harris will not get the sex-abuse treatment he requires to become a sane man, His reputation he laundered thoroughly, by authority and media alike. He will be reinstalled as a judge to continue to feed his sex addiction from the bench by slamming his victims extra hard due to the excess hatred he now has for being caught and ‘prosecuted’. Like judge “autosuck” Thompson, Harris will probably buy his own autosuck to play with while he tries to get even with the world by convicting everyone he can get into his courtroom. Psychopaths are attracted to power, and here is the last stage of creation of one of the worst. Judge Harris will continue to abuse and assault more citizens in worse ways until his antics force citizens to address his perversions ourselves. Let us hope he is forced into treatment before his vices prompt him to murder some of his victims.