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Journalism! (It’s not about facts or science, it’s about simplification, then manipulation)

Over the past few weeks, there have been a few interesting and entertaining items half reported on the “news”. The most important one was a mere crawl beneath two reporters mindlessly yakking about politicians that said, “Fasting restores pancreas.” I have not seen this in scientific journals yet, but I have long suspected, and tried to prove with demographics, that losing weight cures many things, from foot, knee and back pain to diabetes, if it hadn’t been let to progress too far. Whoever wrote that crawl must have seen it in an authoritative journal, since no reporter could likely have dreamed it up himself. Then he simplified the article down to his three inaccurate words. It would seem that mere fasting slows or stops the auto-immune attack upon the islet-of-Langerhans cells (now called “Beta cells”, I think) in the pancreas that produce insulin. If this is the correct presumption, it gives diabetics the perfect incentive to fast and/or lose weight, to effect a cure. Of course, this muddy reporting could have concerned the actual function of the pancreas: digestion. This is less important than diabetes. Either way, I still see plenty of evidence that weight loss, and even mere fasting, improves diabetes and can cure it in some cases. We will just have to wait and see what was actually printed in whatever science publication the reporter paraphrased.

More muddy reporting was on the airport assassination of the North Korean Dictator’s half-brother by two women who thought they were on a game show. Soon as I heard the TV’s first version, which said they sprayed him in his face, I immediately assumed cyanide, the same method of murder used by US/USSR assassins throughout most of the 20th century. Then the TV changed its story to “she put a rag over his face.” To people who are historically alert and old enough to remember President Carter, this says VX nerve gas. After many hours of dithering, the Malaysian gov’t finally admitted it was VX. Then our reporters googled it, omitted key facts, and publicly scratched their heads while debating among themselves, “How could she have survived the poison?”

This cunning distraction was good for wasting many hours of TV-time on nothing. Another time wasting, TV-filling nonsense question was, “This technology is as advanced as their nukes and missiles! How did they steal this information and where can we hide?!” The simple facts, avoided by the journalists for the sake of filling TV-time, are these:

Sarin, (“VX”) and other organophosphates are insecticides developed in the 40s and 50s. they are nothing special. Any first year chemistry student can look them up and find the synthesis. In fact, a pack of religious nuts did exactly this and set some off in a Japan subway years ago. Prior to this, terrified, idiot politicians of the US/USSR had their chemists make tons of these murder weapons to preserve their positions in gov’t. They spilled the shit everywhere, negligently, accidently and incompetently slaughtering thousands of lives, mostly farm animals. (Rabid, insane gov’t officials were actually smart enough to store their mass-murder nerve poisons away from cities.) When these political psychopaths got caught at over 70 such incidents of  brob dingnagian numbskullity on the US side alone, these cold-war imbeciles were finally ousted. They were replaced by another set of elected idiots who promptly poisoned the ocean with tons of this shit, trying to throw it away, off the coasts of Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, the Carolinas and God knows where else.

But they still had tons left, spilling in Montana bunkers that they were too scared of to fix. And the crazy/scared Republicans got elected again to fill up gov’t with another bath of military morons. This time, they invented new! Improved! Safer! “Binary” nerve gas. This simple chemical trick stopped it from being nerve poison until two chemicals were mixed together, like, in an explosion of artillery shells, landmines, bombs or grenades. (Gibbering psychopaths can be very inventive when stoked-up on God, Patriotism, fear and an infinite supply of gov’t money stolen from Taxpayers.)

The Kim Jong Un’s military madmen told him, “This is the perfect assassin’s weapon! Much better than a cyanide squirt gun! Just put Agent “V” in a perfume bottle, then give Agent “X” a wet-nap soaked in the activator!”

So there you have it: a conspiracy of TV Reporters pretending to be stupid so that nobody will realise that we have been cleverly led away from the facts because they are terrified that some ordinary citizen might get a “Big Idea” that gov’t Madmen have had since 1979. The real news is for the reporters, editors and censors: We are not the rabid super criminal psychopaths with infinite resources who are terrified of losing our spot in the Ivory Tower and obsessed with protecting ourselves from other Gluttons Of Privilege and Power just like us. We are just ordinary citizens trying to avoid being trampled by the super criminal class who are too rich and powerful to have to worry about the law. (They hire flunkies to do their crimes for them.) These being the facts, this information on exactly what methods that the super criminal psychopaths are using to murder people is more useful to us in protecting ourselves from them than it is for you of the gov-media alliance to conceal from us. I.E, you do no one any favors by hiding gov’t psychopathy from the light of day.

Some muddy journalism seems never to get corrected despite many repeats of fairly obvious nonsense. The best example of this is the fable about the hero industrialist Howard Hughes and his “Spruce goose.” He sold the US politicians a cargo plane breathlessly called “The biggest aircraft in the whole wide world, made entirely of wood!” It was for the war, so he got rich off of merely building a prototype. Just by looking at it, you can tell that its engines are too small to make it fly, empty or loaded. To keep from having to give the money back, Hughes had to “prove” that it would fly. He could only do this by piloting it himself, because any other pilot would have blabbed to reporters. He got in his seaplane with no crew, then only succeeded in barely lofting the thing out of the wet despite going full throttle for over a mile, twice. History erased what actual aviation engineers may have said to reporters. Instead, newsmen created a hero myth story around Hughes, claiming that it had flown. Then they excused the fact that it never “flew” again “because the war was over.”

In actual fact, it never flew. It merely rode a cushion of air piled up by the camber of its wings, still resting on the surface of the ocean. It never flew again because, even empty, it couldn’t get any higher than 50 feet, unless it was flying into a hurricane. This story is repeating itself today, except now the gov’t’s rip-off of the taxpayers is called the “F-35”.

An amusing story was one where reporters tell us that Trump and his cabal asked the FBI to “knock down” news coverage of their shenanigans with the Russians. That’s really polite of the media to say “knock down” when they mean “suppress.” Even more amusing is the media’s new phrase “Walk it back” for when Trump or his cronies get caught telling us outrageous lies. When previous presidents got caught at this, and had to try and un-tell a lie, it was called “Damage control”. The most amusing of all was Trump’s spokes lady inventing the term “alternative facts” spontaneously during a live interview. Scientific journalists say that we have entered a “Post truth” era. or myself, I say call a liar a liar, since, if you pretend to be stupid or are too polite to call him on it, you encourage him to insult your intelligence even more.