Innocent Prisoners Released

A Texas man was proven innocent after 30 years. He had several chances for parole, but refused to admit guilt. The Innocence Project says only 2 other men have served more time than Mr. Cornelius Dupree, Jr. has, before proven innocent. Under TX compensation laws for the wrongly imprisoned, he is eligible for $80,000 for each year behind bars, plus a lifetime annuity. He could receive $2.4 million in a lump sum, not subject to federal income tax. Other exonerated inmates from the Dallas area who collectively served more than 100 years in prison upheld a local tradition by attending the hearing and welcoming the newest member of their unfortunate fraternity.

Ohio agreed to give $1.1 million to a man who was in prison for 18 years for a rape he didn’t commit. Robert McClendon, 54, was released in 2008 after he was cleared by DNA testing. He’s grateful for the settlement, but it doesn’t make up for time spent in prison.

A Florida man was set to be released from prison this week after his defense says DNA evidence shows he was wrongly convicted of murder and rape 26 years ago. Anthony Caravella, 41, was found guilty in the 1983 attack and sentenced to life in prison. Caravella, who is mentally retarded, was 15 at the time. Prosecutors had sought the death penalty for Caravella, who was accused of raping, strangling and stabbing 58 year old Ada Cox Jankowski. She was found dead near a Miramar school. His defense says new DNA tests exclude him as the suspect.

Caravella is expected to be released this week. He confessed to the crime, but his attorney says police beat him to coerce the admission.