Innocent Persons Easiest to Convict

How can innocent people defend themselves from the accusations of the entrenched, hereditary elite? Only by proving a negative preposition, it would seem. “I swear I was not where you say I was two months ago:” The trouble with proving a negative preposition is that it is impossible. The  accuses can only say, “I don’t know” or “I was somewhere else.” Usually, the only possible ‘defense’ is the “I dunno” defense- because the cops and prosecutors usually don’t attack with their accusations until months after the crime was committed. Also, once they choose their target, cops and their ‘experts’ contrive to expand or shift the time of the crime to dodge the alibi of their target, if he has one. (Special judge-imposed, prosecutor-favoring disclosure laws force the targeted accusee to reveal his defense at least ten days before trial. This facilitates the prosecutor and cop efforts to nail their target by allowing them to switch the ‘facts’ to their benefit.)

Because the cops enjoy a monopoly of all the ‘facts’, the crime  scene, even the type of accusations, it is virtually impossible for the  victim of their accusations to escape conviction once targeted. (The  lawyer’s system enjoys approximately a 99% successful conviction rate for  just these reasons. As I’ve said before, to be this good, you have to cheat. As previously explained, the much over-hyped ‘alibi’ defense only works in Hollywood and TV fantasies. The public, and especially jurors, are subtly programed to disbelieve alibi witnesses because they are usually friends or relatives of the target. Jurors automatically assume that they lie for the accuses due to this closeness and fail to realize or take into account the fact that most people spend little time with strangers or enemies.

Another way cops and prosecutors screw innocent persons on alibi defenses is by hiding the expanse of time in which an alibi is required for as long as possible, and by being able to shift the expanse of time by a maximum extent of hours, sometimes even days. This way the prosecutor can increase the number of possible opportunities that their target could have ‘slipped away’ to perform crime. Jurors love to believe any kind of ‘Master Criminal!’ v. ‘Sherlock Holmes’ nonsense the prosecutors and cops typically serve up to them. Worse, furors love especially to thwart such supposed master criminals by convicting them despite a complete lack of real evidence. The prosecutor’s titillating story is ‘evidence’ enough for most jurors. Jurors erroneously believe cops and prosecutors are somehow more honest and worthy of belief than other citizens. Also jurors are universally ignorant of common lawcrat conviction tricks such as lying-by-omission, preservation of ignorance, etc. (I e, when cops lie to the prosecutor, and the prosecutor chooses to believe the lie and weaves it into his conviction stories, the prosecutor, technically, is not himself lying, at least according to common lawyer’s system thought. Lawcrats have many such ruses.) Guilty persona have the advantage over innocent accusees in so far as they have some idea of what occurred despite the cop and courtcrat monopoly of the crime scene, the evidence and the accusations. Because of this knowledge the guilty have a much better possibility of dodging cop and prosecutor/judge shenanigans. They know something of what to expect from the cope and courtcratas and thus can plan a real defense that beats the Hell out of “I dunno” and “What the Hell ar you talking about!?”  defenses.

Yes, innocent persons make much easier targets than the guilty. They  are easy to convict for the above reasons and because they believe the absolute horse shit of “If you’re innocent, you have nothing to fear.” Innocent persons have the most to fear: because they are programed to believe no evil is possible of the cop and lawcrat crew, fully 10% of all convictees are innocent. Cops and lawcrats have absolute power to become absolutely corrupt with time. The system is not evil; the Gluttons of Privilege who control it ARE!