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In the Old Days

In the old days, you could set something down and it wouldn’t disappear if you turned you head. People would stand in line, like civilised men do.

This is what separated us from animals. Almost all of us had educations. We were smarter and more knowledgeable than our parents. (These poor saps were worked to the bone by their politicians; starved out during the first worldwide financial robbery, then forced to waste the rest of their lives fighting and killing their politicians’ enemies.) Music wasn’t just a bunch of screaming and bitching. Despite all the death, hunger, and hardship they’d suffered, they hadn’t let this wrap their minds. Instead of constantly wallowing in self-pity and whining “Me more!”, they smiled with black, rotted teeth and asked what they could do for you. The politicians gave them pretty medals, ribbons and Certificates of Honor for their sacrifice, then called them “The Greatest Generation”. Killing, starving, working, and living in poverty for their politicians didn’t make them the greatest generation. What did make them the greatest generation was the way that they took all this exploitation, abuse, and chicanery with a smile, unfailing good nature and a willingness to make even more personal sacrifice, then did their best to rebuild and repair the brobdingnagian destruction that they had wrought!