If I was a lawyer…

I’d run out and buy, then read carefully Mary Christina Wood’s book, “Nature Trust.” She was on Bill Moyer’s show 1-4-2015 and is, I think, a lawyer or law professor from the University of Oregon. She puts forth a plan designed to force our worthless and harmful grafters in the legislatures to address the emergency of global furnace, particularly the coming loss of our breathable atmosphere.

Her plan for doing this involves using the judicial branch to force the legislative branch to do its job of protecting the public. The legal theory that allows this dates back to the Roman Empire or before and states that government is responsible for the welfare of its citizens. The courts of western law formulated a public trust doctrine that, for example, stopped the government from giving miles of shorelines to the railroads because this resource was needed by fishermen and other members of the citizenry.

Though mostly we see government using the opposite legal doctrine (eminent Domain) to unlawfully take from the public and give to the merchants, government has a moral obligation to wisely protect and apportion our national assets for the greater good of all. In the United Kingdom, this is called the national trust, and it has prevented this nation from being deforested (again), fatally polluted and paved over for the exclusive benefit of the rich and the merchant class. According to Ms. Wood, the public trust doctrine was the legal bedrock or common law upon which we obtained our national parks, the food and drug administration and most of our environmental laws passed in the seventies.

Ms Wood’s plan, which is already succeeding, calls upon students to sue for their right to a liveable future with clean air and a few plants and animals left over to distract them from the soiled, used-up wasteland that business interests commonly leave as their legacy. Though Moyer’s show was too short to reveal much, Ms Wood’s map was law, precedent and the ability to be effective. I highly recommend her book to all thinking, responsible persons of conscience!