How to end this ‘Business cycle’ part 2

© 2017 James Bauhaus All rights reserved

As if we needed more reason to fire our ruling millionaires and prosecute them for being the criminal parasites that they are, they just stealthily repealed the almost worthless law that was the patch grudgingly placed on the super-rich for paying our politicians to let them pull off the 2008 worldwide financial robbery. After their 1929 worldwide financial robbery that caused “The Great Depression (starvation)”, outcry from the survivors forced our ruling millionaires to outlaw the banks from becoming brokerages, which can, essentially, print their own money. This law was called “Glass-Stegel”, for the two politicians who put their names on it. About 60 years later, slick Willie Clinton and his cronies legislated a law around this law, which swiftly resulted in the second worldwide financial robbery of 2008, sponsors by Sonny Bush/Cheney and their cronies. Years later, public outcry finally forced the politicians to reluctantly scribble out. A legislative patch called “Dodd-Frank”. This new law was almost completely worthless, being crafted by two of the persons who profited from the Big Blowout. One thing it did do, though, which proved to be a slight irritant to the culprit banks, brokerages and insurance corporations is create a board of elites to act as cops for when the super-rich and the corporations pulled their next “Business cycle” of worldwide financial rip-offs. Today, the politicians earned their financial campaign contributions from these robber corporations by sneaking in with a law that steals away with the funding of this corporate policing agency. Another of their sneak-laws takes its power of policing away and gives it to the head crook.

The corporate media mentioned this once, early this morning, while everyone was fighting traffic, trying to get to their low paying jobs. We will not hear about it again until the next time that the corporations and hereditary rich make off with all the money we invested in their gambling houses.

The gap between each worldwide financial rip-off becomes shorter each time. Soon as we workers of the world fill up our bank and investment accounts again at half of our former pay, the Merchants, hereditary rich and the politicians will steal it from us and make us again work twice as hard for half as much. This is exactly what the British were doing to us which caused the revolutionary war. This is exactly what the British were doing to us which caused the revolutionary war. This is exactly what the Elite of France did to cause the French revolution. This is exactly what caused the Bolshevik revolution and the rise of communism all over the world. Every time the public goes to sleep, our politicians get busy raping us. The obvious solution is to always maintain citizen oversight upon all of our extremely dangerous greedy, vicious politicians, merchants and hereditary rich!

How do we do this? We get control of the governing process through our constitutional right of initiative petition. I cover much of this in my essay, “Electronic Voting: The Ferrari of Citizen Empowerment.” By using our right to propose and pass our own legislation, (which the politicians would never do themselves) we can put a bounty on political corruption. There is no better way to root out abuse of power by the ones most able to abuse their political than by rewarding ethical people to say something when they see something.

A bounty on corruption is five for uncovering corruption when it occurs, but what can we do to slow or stop its occurrence? Citizens bring back the Law that punishes persons who abuse their political power at three times the rate that a citizen would be punished for the same crime. Why? Because a gov’t employee is supposed to have more integrity and honesty than the average citizen. He has more opportunity to betray the public’s trust, less chance of getting caught at it, and he hurts many more people. At a time when he does. Naturally, the punishment for public corruption should be substantially higher to offset the ease of its perpetration, the difficulty of getting caught, and the excess temptation of the opportunity to rip off millions of citizens at once.

Another essential method of preventing political corruption before it starts is to establish Citizens Oversight Committees to continually monitor. The most powerful people in gov’t who have the most opportunity to steal from the common good or otherwise injure the American people.

These are three simple. Logical, common sense laws that are essential to stop or slow gov’t criminality. No pack of politicians would ever even propose them as they drain our tax-millions into their secret Swiss Bank accounts. No one will do this but ourselves. The quickest, most effective way to do it is through our right to pass our own laws. While we are at it, we can tax Wall Street for the two worldwide financial robberies it pulled, and apply that to a public fund for use in passing more citizen-benefitting laws that bypass the politicians. It’s easy, once enough people agree to do it!