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Geo Corp Prison: An Asshole Factory

A few weeks ago, during their latest mass-punishment operation, I met a little Negro girl who was busily pawing through my possessions, looking for something to find. She couldn’t find anything, but one of the teachers that they had subverted to be kops did. He found a pile of my math and chemistry books, and one science fiction novel. He brought it out, instead of the educational texts, to tell me, “You should put your name on these books, or they’ll take them.” The little black girl’s ears perked up at this, as it gave her a chance to practice her asshole skills. She ran out of the cage that she was ransacking to try to psychologically molest a real person. She started with questioning the teacher, snatching up the book, then sending her abuse to me after doing her crime-lab routine of trying to find some way to call my book “Property of the GEO prison ‘Library’”. It seems to have galled her to have searched it so thoroughly and failed to find any library stamp or torn-out pages that could have held a library stamp. Finally, she attacked me with her rapid-fire, scripted demands, rudeness and threats: “Is this your book! Did you get it from the Library! Why isn’t your name in this book! I can take this book!” etc.

Seeing that this was an asshole contest, I countered loudly enough for every one of both of our audiences to hear: “Do you have a receipt for that book? We all know that you didn’t bring it with you. It doesn’t become your book just because you can steal it out of that cage.”

The fact is that these cunning, arrogant, professional prison employees have developed a system where they can steal and plausibly feign righteousness while doing so, at least to themselves. Their scam begins when they intercept our books from the mail. In secret, they remove all packaging and nay slips of paper that may be inside the pages of these books. Days or even weeks after “cleaning” these books, or stealing them for containing upsetting material such as anti-gov’t opinions or porn, the kop will eventually call you up to their property-theft lair to allow you to take what they have approved or vandalized. (They used to steal all hard cover books until, years later, we were able to make a judge make the kops rip off the scary covers.) if you are stupid and docile enough to just be glad that the stinking kop let you have some of the books you bought, and hurry back to the cage with them, you  may hear the kops snickering joyfully as you make your getaway. This is because the kops have screwed you out of your packing list, if one was in there. You never get a receipt, but sometimes a judge will let a packing list substitute for one. Most captives are not even experienced enough with the kops’ tricks to make them tell you where the books came from.

Kops despise having their own tactics turned back upon them: “You know it’s my book; you just took it from my possessions! You know it’s not a library book because you just finished wasting ten minutes flipping through every page, trying to find a stamp. You do not own my book just because I let you thieve-off with it.”

This last sentence made me the winner of this asshole contest. Prison kop assholes pride themselves on how helpless their victims are to any and every type of abuse, molestation, thievery or other type of attack that they can think of. When you take this away from them, they sometimes lose control. This one actually gave herself away by letting everyone hear her say, “I’m going to teach you a lesson…” instead of the proper, “You don’t have a receipt, so I’m taking your book.” The key to getting rid of sadistic, abusive or power-addicted kops is to expose their sick ways. I got rid of this one’s predecessor, a “Lieutenant” Johns, by making her do her job correctly, and by deriding her while she focused maniacally on something stupid: laboriously peeling the transparent tape off of the picture identification card that the kops made me buy. This one went so nuts that the warden had her ejected from prison halfway through her shift.

Employee Dawson will go the same way, because kopwork is debilitating. It attracts arrogant, power-mad dip wads and gives them endless opportunity to indulge their sickness. The kops become ever-worse atrocities toward their helpless victims. The kops’ helpless, defenseless victims cannot fight back. To do so is suicide. So the kops have no feedback loops to gently push them toward less viciousness. Their victims can easily make these kops more vicious with gentle verbal protests, (sarcasm and contemptuous laughter work best). Doing so helps speed their journey to irrationality and termination as they compete to be the best assholes that they can be.