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Gateway Laws

You know how cops and politicians never miss an opportunity to try and sell the ignorant and gullible their bunk concept of “gateway drug (eek!)”? This is a weed tat dies off every year as youngsters grow into thinking adults. Authority must constantly re-plant this gateway drug nonsense in everyone’s minds for two very important reasons. The common sense ‘logic” of the concept keeps falling off like a pair of clown pants every time the scientific community reports on it. Also, authority cannot let this bogus “fact” die because 90% of their drug “war” is based solely on scaring voting fools into believing that all “drugs” (except corporate drugs) equal the worst drug.

Cops and politicians have mastered this magic trick and have been perpetrating it on the gullible, voting public for over 80 years now. Citizens are slowly getting wiser; however, especially now that we are beginning to get free of the Gov./media alliance’s top-down, one-way bullhorns that scramble our brains with endless, constant Gov-think. Now that we have our own, two-way communications where we can compare notes, many of us have learned to think for ourselves. One of the things that many of us have learned is that the cops and politicians have lied to us for 80 years. It seems that there is no “Reefer madness.” Many states have voted to de-outlaw marijuana because it suppresses crime, and it is not the same as heroin. Many of these cops and politicians have been seen to have egg on their faces now that it is found that a succession of corporate-made opioid analog drugs seem to have been gateway drugs to heroin. Of course, you don’t need a gateway to get you into the yard from the yard, but yes 90% of the gov’ts lucrative harvest from “crime” would fail if the citizens ever woke up, shook loose from their programming and realized, “This isn’t crime! This is simple parasitism! If this realization ever becomes widely perceived, then thousands upon thousands of excess cops, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, jailers, prison guards, parole bureaucrats and other leeches who live off the misery that they impose upon other would get thrown out of their sinecures. They would have to go do useful work to support themselves. We suddenly would have a lot fewer over bloated gov’t bureaucracies wasting our tax cash in luxurious accommodations where they shuffle paper and keep secret records of who has which black checkmarks that can be further exploited. Almost as good, a primary infestation route would be shut down, or at least slowed down, so that maybe we could become a gov’t of people instead of lawyers.

Though there are no gateway drugs, many of the more experienced citizens have noticed that there are “Gateway Laws.” The clearest gateway laws are, of course, the many thousands of laws against smoking pot, possessing pot, giving pot to friends, (“trafficking”) having slightly too much pot, having pot wrapped in too many little packages, having pot within 1,000 feet of a school, church, daycare or playground, etc, having pot in the same home as your kids, having something to smoke pot in, clean pot on, store pot in or to conceal pot from cops, thieves, children or kin. Cops have even bought gateway laws from the politicians to allow them to detect microscopic amount of pot, pot soot, pot chemicals, even traces of pot in piss so that they can get rich off out of every aspect of pot. We who have lived through the crime of cops and politicians criminalizing pot saw it as a slow-motion train wreck. They created crime out of pot to take away people’s assets through bonds, court fees, fines, prison and slavery (Abduction, ransom and theft of labor). Soon as they saw how easily that they could trick citizens into accepting the lie that reefer madness was a real crime, cops and politicians raced to pump out more false crimes to entrap their target class and to enrich themselves. They gave the cops the privilege to perpetrate crime in order to drag more people through their legal slaughter houses faster. Cops sold drugs to accomplish this. The cops’ greed festered, as did the insatiable greed of the Lawyers, Prosecutors, judges and politicians. With so many buzzards feeding off the same carrion, no one could get fat as quickly as they wanted. New gateway laws were invented. Now they could say that they had found microscopic traces of pot in your car or home and steal anything you own! Some greedy California cops got caught pretending to have found pot on a ranch that they had seen while flying around in their shiny new drug-chaser helicopter. Their victim had to waste almost a million dollars feeding the lawyers just to keep his own property! The “anything that touches pot is ours!”  laws were just the start. Next, they decided that they could steal anything of yours that they declared was paid for by pot “profits”. Even this couldn’t sate their greed for long. Their addiction to stealing your cash and assets made them give themselves the Midas touch: They simply point at what they want of yours and declare it to be theirs!

Gateway laws are not all about just making fat profits off of a defenseless prey class. Gateway laws are for making your targeted class even more vulnerable to exploitation by stripping us of our political power; our vote and credibility. One of the Watergate burglar-cops even confessed in his new book that the actual point of him and his cronies’ drug “war” was to steal away with the votes of hippies, Negroes and the poor who tend to vote democratic. Nixon, the republicans and “conservatives” represent the hereditary rich, the merchant class and persons who are riding the gov’t gravy train. They were drowning in democrats and could maintain election no other way. The rich, the merchants and the gov’t gravy-train freeloaders are so few in number compared to the common man that they must constantly scheme up ways to lie, cheat, steal and suppress voters in order to gain election. Their gateway laws do exactly this, disenfranchising millions of people who would normally vote for the people instead of the parasites, who do no work, but live off of loansharking their money, or who are middlemen who take a huge bite out of everything that passes, or who simply live off of their bloated gov’t privileges.

Worse, gateway laws are just the tip of the crocodile’s jaws hiding in the scum of the swamp. Cops now talk openly of using drug laws as “leverage”, now that too many state’s citizens are taking away the crime of making pot a crime. Cops whine carefully and vaguely on TV, “Without or drug laws are our main crowbars which we use to beat out courtroom testimony that makes convicting other people easy. Dirty, rotten criminals will swear to a judge and jury anything that I tell them to say when I can take years of their lives for a crumb of dope!”

Yes, the nonsense of a gateway drug was hatched from the political fact of Gateway Laws.