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Famous Mass Murderer Goes Free!

Only a few days ago, our watchdog media slipped this real news in as one quick sentence between debates of which politician said which most ridiculous lie. Ousted Egyptian Dictator Hosin Mubarak is famous for having his uniformed thugs kidnap people into secluded underground, gov’t dungeons for prolonged torture that often resulted in death. I’m pretty sure that he started out as a US/Israeli-installed puppet who gradually turned into such a rabid Islamist that he had to have his military sadists slaughter crowds of protesters just to stay in power one more year.

Where most genocidal politicians in similar jams usually decide to loot their country and fly off to safety elsewhere, this one actually got arrested, though not thrown in any cage like most killers. He was, at over 80 years old, too old and sick to go to prison, so they took him to a hospital. That was about 5 years ago. Now that no one is looking, they’re sneaking him out to a new hiding place, where he can spend all of his billion$ while trying to live to be 100 or more.