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Fake News and the Gov-Media Alliance (It’s not just for governments anymore)

In order to escape mounting heat from the discovery of Trump’s minions being in bed with the Russians, Trump merely tweeted one sentence: “Obama tapped my phone!” This minuscule effort was, is still, sufficient to send the media howling after this nonsense for days, like a pack of hungry greyhounds chasing a mechanical rabbit. Now the media couldn’t care less about Trump cabal’s shaking down the Russians for relief from US sanctions, or Trump’s not too subtle moves toward expanding US merchant access to Russian markets. Apparently, to the media, the best fill for broadcast time is the yakking of ‘experts’, politicians and other reporters on how this could not, and thus did not, occur. Right now, CNN has had several experts tell us. “The President cannot order a wiretap on anyone’s phone! He asks the special FISA judge to let his cops do it. This only happens when the President’s cops prove that they have ‘probably cause’ to believe that national security is threatened.” This crap straight out of the mouth of famous former Federal Prosecutor Jeffrey Toobin, who seems to have either suffered a concussion or is simply taking us all for fools. My research into political psychopathy indicates that bureaucrats, (like Toobin) and politicians alike think that the rest of us are idiots, unable to remember further than one president ago (Trump doesn’t count) when Sonny Bush dodged the FISA judges hundreds or thousands of times to pull his crimes against humanity while flailing about in terror and rage after the Arab counterattack on 9-11-01. When caught at it, his excuse was that he was going to get them all rubberstamped approved later. Somehow, there was no time to call the judge and obtain blanket approval over the phone.

So, Trump’s “news” was fake, and the media’s speculation and debate about it is another layer of fake, since all of us know of, or can check history, and easily find that our gov’t is lawless. Nixon used the FBI and the IRS to attack people on his enemies list. Sonny Bush had his lawyer scalawags secretly twist the constitution to allow torture and other cruelty. Trump is probably in secret confabs with Dershowitz-type lawyers to make torture legal again.

Fake news goes back to Ronnie Reagan too, who wanted to establish an above the table pentagon department of lying bullshit to plant fake news in the media worldwide. He was quick to pull it all back underground after the voting public voiced our outrage. Long before this, the CIA had been planting fake news stories all over the world. Before the CIA existed, its predecessor, the OSS, was doing the same.

Everywhere that there is gov’t, there exists some sort of gov’t control over the media, whether by force, bribery or cajoling. This is an obvious fact seen throughout history, not the least illustrated by the Gov/media alliance turning an accidental boiler explosion into the so-called “Spanish-American war.” This fake news from 1898, still uncorrected, claims that a famous newspaper King started this war, all by himself. This is only true in the shallowest sense, much like claiming that the US media’s yellow journalism about the Arab counterattack on New York’s “World” Trade center caused Sonny Bush to “Pre-Emptively” attack IRAQ and Afghanistan instead of Saudi Arabia.

Fake news is found everywhere in the media in every moment of history. We don’t need any of these Presidential and corporate fake news professionals to throw their noses in the air, sneer and point to the public’s peer-to-peer media to tell us that we are the origin of fake news, we know better. We know exactly who has the biggest and busiest stable of fake news-artists working full time around the clock, to fool most of the public most of the time. Only Gov-media alliance fake news has the fine grained, polished look of reality. All the fake news from us amateurs look like pac-man vidiot-games by comparison. We don’t have silk-suited Harvard schooled slick-talkers like Jeffrey Toobin or Alan Dershowitz to spread lies-by-omission for us. We are just the primary prey species; public plankton, trying to figure out what is really going on before the whale sharks of gov’t eat us. If we manage to use out outrage to make a tiny speedbump that slows the Gov/media eating machine one Iota, we can say we accomplished a great deal!