Destruction of Blood Evidence


James Bauhaus ©2005

On October 17, a punk kid got caught burglarizing the home of two smut peddlers. He shot one while the other screamed her head off ineffectually. At the trial of the innocent person they falsely convicted of this crime, this fact was concealed by the cops and prosecutors to make it seem that she was some kind of level-headed, analytical witness. The killer then crashed through a glass door and bled a trail of blood five blocks long as he escaped justice for murder, forever, apparently. At least three highly-trained cops from the Tulsa, Ok police’s “identification bureau” and two ‘doctors’ posing as the cops’ “medical examiners” took at least eight known samples of this killer’s blood. At trial they all pretended that only one sample was taken, if any. Most of the time they simply lied and claimed to have none.

The first sample was taken by the cop, Billy Yarbrough, and given to Dr. Stewart Hinkle for him to type at his pathology lab at Oklahoma Osteopathic Hospital It took only three drops of blood to type it for the A, B, 0 and rh positive/negative antigens. I know this because my high school teacher had us all do this in Junior biology-class. If the cops had let it be typed for just these three antigens (0 is a lack of antigen), I would have stood an 87.5% chance of immediately being excluded as the killer. For reasons that no cop or coroner will explain, this sample of the killer’s blood simply vanished into Dr. Hinkle’s and Dr. Fogel’s hands. These two excellent coroners did do at least three tests on the corpse’s blood, though, for no apparent reason, and published the results. Worse, this sample of killer’s blood was actively concealed by the cops and their two tame coroners an soon as I sent the first of three public defender-type lawyers to them to ask about it.

(The cops had fed their media hacks the story of having followed a blood trail five blocks.) The cops and Doctors simply lied to each of the lawyers, claiming to have no killer’s blood while knowing that they’d collected at least eight samples. The public defenders all ate these cop-lies with relish and took great pains to convince me that cops were commonly so incompetent with evidence that is so crucial to them getting the correct person convicted.

Years later a private investigator, John Floyd, and a fourth lawyer, Richard O’carroll, said that they had found evidence that the Tulsa cops had sent some of their stockpile of killer’s blood to the Oklahoma State Bureau Of Investigation. If they had, it too vanished into their agency, along with all record of their analysis of it, same as had happened with the coroners’ “sample.”

The identification expert cop, Don Peyton, then decided to just sit on seven more samples of the killer’s blood for 114 days. During these 114 days it became obvious to all the 23 Tulsa cops involved in the smut dealers’ death that I had nothing to do with his murder. They all knew this because of my frantic attempts to get worthless public defendertype lawyers to get the killer’s blood analyzed. They all know this because the cops, Billy Yarbrough, Jess McCullough, Sgt. Lewallen, Larry Johnson, Don Bell, Jerry McMillian and Bill McDonald, all high-level detectives and sergeants, were actively steering both their only two witnesses onto me despite the fact that one of them told McCullough and Johnson that I could not possibly been the killer because my hair was too long and the wrong color. They all knew that the smut peddler’s killer had escaped them. They all knew that they’d decided to dodge my police brutality lawsuit against them by framing me for the smut peddler’s murder. They knew that they would not be able to keep me framed for murder for the rest of my life unless they found a clever way to conceal and destroy the killer’s blood without appearing to conceal and destroy the killer’s blood.

Thanks to the FBI records I got recently, I can now show you how this is done. The blood-ditching task was given to their lowest underling, private Don Peyton. He didn’t need any special skills to do this; he merely followed standard, well-established police bureaucracy techniques. Now that, after 33 years, the FBI slipped up and sent me a nearly uncensored account of this technique, I show it to you. Had it been left to the Tulsa Police, we would be forever in the dark. Tulsa and all other local police have no fear of any consequences from getting caught destroying evidence. They have many layers of police, judge, prosecutor, city, county, state and legislative bureaucracies Hell-bent on concealing the fact that evidence was concealed and destroyed, and on concealing the names of the cops, prosecutors or judges who concealed and destroyed the evidence. Ok police also deliberately mis-interpret an almost indecipherable law that their cop-lobby bought from their legislative cronies that allows them to destroy the evidence after all appeals are exhausted. The Okie cops do this by pretending that there is no federal appeals system and no US Supreme Court. By simply feigning stupidity and illiteracy, local Okie cops get away with destroying the pesky evidence that they concealed after only one Okie appeal court rubberstamps its approval onto its city or county judges’ legal concoctions.

On top of this, each city and county of every united state has another clever method of destroying evidence. All the cops or prosecutors need to do is complain to a judge that their warehouses or vaults are too full and claim that they need more room for new evidence and records. This prompts a local judge to quietly and anonymously give the cops and DAs the secret green light to destroy all evidence older than a chosen year. No cops, lawyers, prosecutors or judges notify any of their victims or the media that this evidence is about to be destroyed. No one else is given an independent chance to scrutinize this stuff, either. They just shred and burn, Ollie North style, until it is gone forever.

In the case of Peyton and the FBI working together to destroy the killer’s blood, though, the dance of plausible-deniability began with Peyton writing the FBI a letter. (See exhibit one.)

The first thing that cops do to screw-off the evidence is to throw any science they may know out the window. Peyton does this by flushing down the toilet any possibility of fair, objective, double-blind testing and instead providing the FBI with plenty of information that they do not need to know, Payton tells them in his “re:”, near the top of his letter that the case is very important, and he tells them who, specifically, he wants the evidence to convict. Peyton even tells them the victim’s name, so it will be very easy for any FBI cop to simply look up the case in the newspapers, if he wants to make sure he doesn’t “accidentally” tweak “Justice” the “wrong” way. (Cops are determined to nail their chosen ”bad guy” rather than be careful to avoid crucifying innocent persons tossed up to them by crooked cops and overly pliable witnesses.) Exhibit 1

If Peyton was an honest cop who wanted to be objective and have science nail the actual, criminal, he would have simply said, “These seven blood samples came from one killer. Please type them for us as accurately as possible and they will serve as independent test to the accuracy of our eyewitnesses, whom all of us know are the most unreliable form of evidence there is.” If Peyton thought the anonymous FBI cops were stupid and incompetent, he might have added, ”There is no doubt that all this blood came from one human being, so do not waste effort trying to prove what we already know. Also, be sure to combine all the samples so that you have plenty of blood to do numerous tests on. If you could test for all 300 known antigens and their subtypes, that would give us the highest probability of convicting the actual perpetrator.”

But Peyton is not an honest cop. He is a cop on a mission given to him by high-level crooked cops. Honest cops do not get promoted into this bureaucracy of secret, undercover cops, Honest cops get the dangerous jobs of chasing speeders, abducting wary violators back into jail, separating feuding spouses and patrolling ghettos full of armed, sneaky, vicious gang-children, etc. Peyton’s dirty mission is revealed even more clearly in the second sentence of the second paragraph of his letter. In it he assures the FBI that they need never fear any real scientist ever getting a sample of this killer’s blood and calling them liars or frauds, as they have often been uncovered to be. There will be no independent check of their accuracy or honesty. Peyton tells them this so that they will feel perfectly safe to screw-off the killer’s blood in any sloppy, incompetent or even flagrantly corrupt way and no non-cop will ever be able to catch them at it. (Peyton actually lied to them, since he knew that, 114 days previously, he had see his partner, Yarborough, give a sample of this blood to their tame coroner, Dr. Hinkle. Hinkle, having a long history of tweaking evidence for the cops, did not count as any independent, non-cop medical technician.)

As if it is not perfectly clear yet that Peyton aspires to attain the pinnacle of policecriminal activity, he clarifies the matter so that there will he no confusion at all. After describing the evidence four times as HUMAN BLOOD, he then requests that the FBI test it to see if it really is human blood. Apparently Peyton is thinking that his two witnesses may be mistaken and not really seen his named suspect shoot, crash through glass and run five blocks, but instead merely seen a teenager-shaped object perform these acts, possibly a kangaroo, for example. Peyton is just learning to be a crooked cop, and shouldn’t be faulted for his temporary lack of expertise in this field; he will quickly get to master this trade. He just needs to polish his lawyerspeak. He is making a lot of progress, though, because he is able to keep two exactly opposite concepts in his mind (teenager-kangaroo) and believe them both simultaneously. This is classic politician/lawcrat-think described decades ago in George Orwell’s famous book titled “1984”.

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