Deathcamp Survival Lesson #1

Do not eat the “meat” they try to feed you; especially do not eat it if it is ground up meat particles from indistinguishable origins. “Pork” is particularly dangerous for prisoners to eat. Prisoncrat purchasing agents actively seek out tainted food products, same as meat sellers actively try to sell tainted, condemned food products to prison purchasing agents. The result is that much meat that can not be sold to regular distributors can be sold secretly to prison purchasing agents to feed prisoners. The USDA regularly tests meat. When it is found to be tainted by carcinogens and other toxins, it is condemned and the owner is told to destroy it or sell it as animal food only. Often this meat is sneaked into third-world countries. Often this meat is pork tainted with arsenic. Hogs are often fed arsenic to “worm” them prior to slaughter and sale. They are supposed to be given time for the arsenic to pass through their system before being made into food, but often this doesn’t happen, resulting in toxic pork products. Seeking higher prices, crooked sellers team up with crooked institutional buyers to sell this toxic food to prisoners and unsuspecting consumers. Lately ignorant state buyers in Oklahoma and other states have poisoned schoolchildren’s lunch programs this way. Two meat companies were run out of Oklahoma but were otherwise unpunished. A Canadian corporation named “Vita-Pro” was caught poisoning prisoners with “bricks” of “food” used for punishment in Texas, California and other states. Since schoolchildren were not involved this time, it took prisoners years of starvation to finally get the lawcrats to force their prison brethren to stop making prisoners suffer toxic garbage as food. Prisoners have a much higher incidence of dying from colon and other types of intestinal cancers and diseases than free people due to these scurrilous, yet widespread practices. Eat as little as possible, too. Chances are that most of the food they try to feed you is toxic or tainted with filth or germs. And all of it is substandard and tainted with dirt, glass, grit and other impurities due to careless handling. A starvation diet makes mice and monkeys live significantly longer: 25% longer in the ease of rodents. Exercise all you can, even when trapped in a cage 23 out of 24 hours per day. Exercise even when the thing you are forced to live with is crying about the smell. Being trapped in a cage for years makes your muscles deteriorate so badly that you will not have the strength of an elderly man after only a few years. Also, the older you get, the harder it is to get your strength back, and after so long, the damage is permanent. Always exercise, no matter what, or you will succumb to the torture, which is what their goal is. Avoid fights on the yard. The tower guards will use this as an excuse to murder any and all involved. Never get soap in your eyes while showering. Other prisoners choose this time to attack.