Daily Trump-tweet Bosh and Twaddle

6-6-2017: Goldman Sachs announced that it finally took over Venezuela, by making it a huge loan on its future oil sales. This corporation has been trying to get its claws on these oil deposits and the nation controlling them ever since Sonny Bush tried to kidnap Hugo Chavez and install a U.S. puppet dictator in his place. The major goal of U.S. republican politicians and their CIA is, and has been, to get control of these oil deposits that are larger than the ones controlled by the Saudis. Installing their first capitalist dictator failed because people came out of the forests to demand that Bush release Chavez or face a never-ending guerrilla war that would prevent the U.S. theft of Venezuelan oil. Now they already have a friendly capitalist dictator who needs U.S. arms to keep him in power. The civil war has been going on for months though most of us don’t know it because the U.S. gov’t steered media obligingly ignores this real news in favour of focussing our attention on the daily Trump-tweet bosh and twaddle.