Cheap Labor Right Here

Now that Trump is going to wall of the Southern Border, deport all the illegal immigrants, end catch and release, re-negotiate all of our trade deals, tax imports and force American corporations to bring jobs back home as a requirement to selling their products at home, where are our merchants going to get the cheap labor that they must have to make fat profits? The obvious answer that the politicians, police, prosecutors, judges, Lawyers and media are desperately hoping that no one of the thinking public snaps to is our 2,400,000 prison slaves.

Yes! The U.S. of America is by far, the biggest slaveholder in the world, yet completely wastes this vast resource by, typically, making five guys sweep, mop and buff the same ten meters of prison hallway every day! And this is not even the most obscene part! You know what these five American slaves get paid to endlessly clean and polish this 33 feet of hallway? Eight dollars a month! Do you know how many third-world peasants can survive on $8/month? None! That’s less than 40 cents per day!

So! Why aren’t we starving out our foreign workers by using our own slaves? Uncle Sam’s slaves are the most highly educated slaves in the world! They already know English. They easily, routinely, out-produce the peasants of Asia, Africa, Indonesia, Mexico and even India. No other nation on earth can compete with American slaves in cost-effectiveness. Any sane, rational merchants worth their profit margins would love to employ American slaves, but the politicians, lawyers=crats and cops do not allow this except for county cops getting weeds chopped and trash collected. The cop and lawyer communities are terrified of letting their legal victims work for nothing at real jobs, fearing that this will let their chickens come home to roost. Specifically, DNA proved that a minimum of 16% of all courtroom convictions are of innocent persons who were lied into prison by false  witness or by manufactured, omitted or planted evidence. Despite this exceptionally high rate of routine, long-term cop and lawcrat use of fraud to obtain and maintain convictions, it is practically unknown for any of their victims to even try to obtain vengeance, even after the theft of decades of their lives by corrupt cops, prosecutors, lawyers, judges and media hacks. (Statistics prove that it takes an average of over 13 years to force the lawyers’ system to rescind its most flagrant fraudulently-obtained convictions fewer than one percent of false convictions ever get cancelled.) Even though the chance of any cop or lawcrat ever getting caught at their frauds is minuscule, and the chance of them ever getting punished for them, either through legal means or vengeance, is microscopically small, cop/lawcrat terror of this is extreme.

Somebody needs to find them some courage, because we have the technology to safely use our vast, precious slave resource, giving it to our merchants so that they can profitably compete against foreign, third-world labor. We have the Police State that continually tracks everyone through DNA, fingerprints, face-raping software, the numbers of social security, drivers’ licences, tags, credit cards, safety stickers; etc., data mining the records of deeds, titles, mortgages, rents, purchases, pay checks, sales receipts and tax payments; etc., business and cop-camera surveillance, phone snooping, internet capture of files, gov’t-paid snitch networks of cab companies and truckers, and phone-armies of eager neighborhood busybodies and approval/validation-seeking fanatics. This is just a small part of the semi-above-the-table networks that we know about. We also suffer the ‘cops’ secret, illegal underground snoopage networks where millions of computers sift through everything that we write, type and say. In addition to whatever other secret, illegal methods and technologies that the politicians, lawcrats, merchants, media and hereditary-rich have given their cops for use in controlling and profiting from their working class prey, there are electronic shock collars for their slaves, electronic shackles, shock belts, electronic fences, drone surveillance and internet crowd sourcing surveillance. This means that, instead of watching soap operas, cartoons, old movies, Jerry Springer and Re-runs of “Cops”, anyone of the public can participate in some real-life entertainment by watching these slaves as they work and shock the dog shit out of them if they try to steal something or run away.

So! Imagine how cheaply you all could buy smartphones and other hi-tech gadgets when our merchants can have them made here by our own slaves for virtually nothing! The only thing preventing this is our scared, cowardly politicians, lawcrats and cop. Write your law-creators; tell them to grow some courage. Tell them to service their international conglomerate masters by passing the law that lets them use the cheap labor right here!