Telling the Truth

Telling the truth just got more likely! The lawyers, the prosecutors, the judges, even the law professors are running scared! They’re headed for another train-wreck with science that will expose their corruption even better than did DNA technology. Soon, they’ll have a lot harder time lying people into prison, creating evidence and duping jurors into slapping their guilty-buttons.

How is this coming about? Check out the 8-08 Scientific American, page 18, on functional magnetic resonance lie detection. This technology has been improving since 1998, and now poses such a threat to the conviction machine that the lawyer community is suppressing it directly, and with the help of certain media figures. Two law scholars were hired to denigrate the 20 studies and call for a ban on all non-research use of FMRI lie detection technology.

It turns out that science is jumping ahead because two labs reached a lie-detection rate of over 90% and started selling badly-needed service to a badly-abused citizenry. Plus, the British media didn’t help the law’s monopoly on truth by getting millions of people involved through three TV broadcasts on the technology proving that several shaky convictions were likely of innocents. While science was achieving a 97% accuracy rate in detecting lies, the legal scholars were busy doing as they do best, erecting straw men, creating false arguments, throwing up barriers, causing delay, advising caution and showcasing nebulous “danger” that science may suffer a “black eye” in pursuing FMRI lie detection technology as a safeguard against the lawyer’s accusation-and-conviction machines. The absolute last thing the lawyers want is for their profession of opinion and judgment to be quality checked by science and proof.

Try as hard as I might, I could not uncover any scenarios that would lead to any black eye for science. If the lawyers meant the 97% chance of uncovering a falsely-convicted innocent, and the 3% chance that a guilty culprit may get a favorable line in a media broadcast, then I’m prepared to take that chance!

Looks to me like all the black eyes are going to be on the faces of the law. Then the public will see that FMRI technology is perfect for wiping the smirks off the faces of cops and politicians.

Yes, telling the truth is going to get a whole lot more common, real soon. Anyone wishing to help push this valuable technology along should visit my website, and learn more about it by reading “FMRI Lie Detection = Innocent’s lucky day!” the thousands of accusees who forced the authorities to render a trial, complete the jurors, fully 15% of they who were convicted are innocent. This false conviction rate is unacceptable, and the lawyers, prosecutors, judges and cops who are responsible for these atrocities and are concealing them need to start telling the truth.


We innocent-yet-convicted people learned some good news recently, though the popular press and corporate media ignored and/or concealed the important part. The first I heard of it was in some stealth-news in the crawl beneath CNN’s talking heads. It provided almost not traceable facts, saying only to the effect that, “Oklahoma death row inmate, to be executed 3-15-05, will undergo ‘brain fingerprinting’ due to his claims of innocence.” This was Sunday morning, 3-6-05, sneaked in while everyone was asleep and not repeated. The local news-artists maintained a total blackout of this information until the very HOUR of his execution at 6 PM. The 13 corporate media TV and radio stations focused strictly on his crime, the victim and death sentence only. The one PBS TV and radio station briefly mentioned ‘brain fingerprinting’ in a one-sentence monologue before moving quickly on to other matters. No mention was made of any results of the test.

(Author’s note:. I’m wrong. “Brain Fingerprinting” is nothing more than a portable Electro-Encephalagraph (EM). It only tracks brain waves. The cop community has already co-opted and monopolised this technology almost as thoroughly as they have polygraph testing, making it very difficult for innocents to get an objective test free of cop-taint, which biases it toward continued conviction and imprisonment. Apparently this variation on the EEG is useful in that brain waves detectably alter in characteristic ways when the subject recognizes a picture, such as of a crime scene. I apologize to my readers for this false hope. I am still gathering data on fMRI Lie Detection research, and it still sounds very promising despite the fact that my latest information on it is dated 2002.)

When the news-artists say ‘brain fingerprinting’, they don’t mean, “functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging lie detection” (fMRI). This technology first reached the fringe of the popular media in 2002 with an article in Scientific American. Lest year Science News published a short article on it. From my studies, this technology seems infallible, because conscious efforts at lying require creative thought in the left brain to construct end reconstruct the fantasy involved each time it is recalled. Truth-telling primarily resides in the reality-based right brain. The machine is so accurate that it can track high levels of neuron activity in clusters smaller than a cubic centimeter. FMRI is so fast that it generates images almost in real time. Unlike DNA, real fingerprinting and other types of evidence, fMRI lie detection can not be “lost” or planted, plus it is not perishable, nor can it be easily tainted by implantation of false memories. Conscious lying can be detected from adolescence to senility. Coupling this technology with already-existing brain maps promises to begin a renaissance in truth and veracity in govt officials. Also it may get upwards of 300,000 innocents like me out of US prisons in spite of police-theft of DNA and other physical evidence. Even better, it can sound the death bell for manufactured evidence and a slow-down of police-created bogus eyewitnesses as officers have to validate their work and theories. New superconductors recently discovered may even make the sensing ring unobtrusive enough to display the brain images of debating politicians on TV, just below their grinning faces. When the liar-lights appear in their brain images, a siren can go off to drown out their attempts at subterfuge.

For now, though, we have an uphill battle to force judges to accept this technology as reliable. This is already the case for much of the scientific community.

The judges of Oklahoma’s Criminal Court of Appeals (OCCA) are slyly fighting it. (See Slaughter v Ok cr ap 6 2005, Ok Bar Journal, 3-19-05 p. 739 These judges pulled the cops’ standard ploy and blamed their target-victim for his own demise. They claim that Mr. Slaughter “Failed to give (the judges) comprehensive reports” explaining to their Honors exactly how fMRI works. (As if mere wordsmiths and rhetoric-artists could grasp nuclear physics in the week it took them to refuse Mr. Slaughter’s test results and shove him into the grave!) Our excellent judges then offer further excuses/justifications for their rash act by admitting, albeit in endnotes, that they HAD in fact received comprehensive reports. These they used to call into question a mysterious “MERMER effect” of the process that they do not deign to tell us anything about, not even what the initials stand for.

Their Honors further make obvious their agenda to kill Mr. Slaughter quickly by mentioning, only between the lines of their legalspeak, that the Ok Indigent Defense System and/or some other un-named innocence project persons thought so highly of the RESULTS of Mr. Slaughter’s fMRI test of his claims of innocence that they used them as good reason to pay from their own pockets for a very expensive (mitochondrial) DNA test on a hair that ALSO pointed toward his innocence, though fell short of proving it. To dodge this evidence the judges chose to switch from the trial-DA’s story about how the crime may have occurred to concoct a fantasy-like scenario in which the hair somehow became superfluous instead of the primary means of convincing the jurors to pass out a death sentence. All this without benefit of a re-trial in front of jurors who are informed of these new ‘facts’ freshly minted for the occasion by these highly self-esteemed judges. (One of these judges recently had to excuse himself from the court until some shady dealings are cleared up. The other missing judge, Steven Taylor, is the very same crook who stole my escape trial with a cheap ruse in McAlester, Ok in 1996. (See crf-85-121, Pittsburg county court.) Only three judges killed Mr. Slaughter.)

Incidentally, NOWHERE in these judges’ legal ramblings is there any mention of what the actual RESULTS of the fMRI test were. This is not any accidental omission: this is standard lawyer trickery to preserve their Honors’ “plausible deniability”. How, exactly? The judges’ law (rule) proclaims, “Where the record is silent, the findings are to be interpreted in a light most favorable to the state!” Since no one can or will gainsay them, the records vanished and there is zero quality control on them, they just pull the Reagan/Bush defense, saying, “Duh, I don’t know! I was cut of the loop!” This is common lawyer/politician chicanery that always works.

Lastly, these fine judges excused themselves further by throwing their noses high into the air and opining that, (sniff!) “It is not likely that fMRI lie detection could pass a “Daubert Analysis.” This legal technicality is a process in which any federal judge holds a hearing (but, sadly, not often a ‘listening’) on a new technology, then decides whether it is reliable and accepted by a majority of scientists. (This hearing is, of course, held in secret, away from the jurors.) Too bad for Mr. Slaughter that these superb “Bench”-men usurped his right to HAVE a federal judge perform this legal maneuver, which is required by the US Constitution and law under various headings such as FAIR trial, FULL and FAIR review, COMPULSORY favorable witness, JURY determination of the facts and many more.

But this murder of Mr. Slaughter promulgated a slight victory for the rest of us innocent-convicteds. Some where in Oklahoma and possibly elsewhere their was a judge and warden combination legally and politically stupid enough to let this genie out of its judicial bottle to bite the lawyer’s system and politicians’ asses sooner rather then later. Also, a science lab is publishing the results of Mr. Slaughter’s fMRI test and in the future it can, after the judges have been forced to accept and rely on fMRI lie detection, be used to prove they did indeed murder an innocent man.

We have the technology, we have hordes of people who were lied into prison by corrupt officials, and we have the legal door blocked open just a crack with our foot. Soon, gentlemen and ladies, Hell will be a-popping: soon as we get this technology in the public eye and keep it in the spotlight until the media, judges, politicians, even cops have to let it in. Some VERY interesting days are ahead, my friends and supporters. Push this technology to the forefront and live to see how the mighty fall!


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