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Book Review

If I was a lawyer…

I’d run out and buy, then read carefully Mary Christina Wood’s book, “Nature Trust.” She was on Bill Moyer’s show 1-4-2015 and is, I think, a lawyer or law professor from the University of Oregon. She puts forth a plan designed to force our worthless and harmful grafters in the legislatures to address the emergency of global furnace, particularly the coming loss of our breathable atmosphere.

Her plan for doing this involves using the judicial branch to force the legislative branch to do its job of protecting the public. The legal theory that allows this dates back to the Roman Empire or before and states that government is responsible for the welfare of its citizens. The courts of western law formulated a public trust doctrine that, for example, stopped the government from giving miles of shorelines to the railroads because this resource was needed by fishermen and other members of the citizenry.

Though mostly we see government using the opposite legal doctrine (eminent Domain) to unlawfully take from the public and give to the merchants, government has a moral obligation to wisely protect and apportion our national assets for the greater good of all. In the United Kingdom, this is called the national trust, and it has prevented this nation from being deforested (again), fatally polluted and paved over for the exclusive benefit of the rich and the merchant class. According to Ms. Wood, the public trust doctrine was the legal bedrock or common law upon which we obtained our national parks, the food and drug administration and most of our environmental laws passed in the seventies.

Ms Wood’s plan, which is already succeeding, calls upon students to sue for their right to a liveable future with clean air and a few plants and animals left over to distract them from the soiled, used-up wasteland that business interests commonly leave as their legacy. Though Moyer’s show was too short to reveal much, Ms Wood’s map was law, precedent and the ability to be effective. I highly recommend her book to all thinking, responsible persons of conscience!



Nothing so upholds the law as punishment of persons whose rank is as great as their crimes” Machiavelli

Tired of the usual, predictable. TV-Hollywood crime-story formula that glorifies cops and lawyers? Want to see how authority REALLY operates? Grisham has done this in his first non-fiction work, and I have cut out all the unnecessary verbiage that he is prone to, so you can get the gist quickly, without wasting a lot of your valuable time on unnecessary characterization, scene-setting or other writer’s devices.

In his book. “The Innocent Man”. Grisham proves over and over the fact that authorities have perverted the law so badly that jurors can be made to convict as readily as dogs chase cars. A similarly revealing book is “The Dreams of Ada”, (Viking Press, 1987), where the author, Robert Mayer, illustrates the skullduggery of police, lawyers, prosecutors, judges and their eager media in obtaining conviction at any cost.

On P. 160. we are shown one of the reasons that “Public Defenders” are worth the nothing that their indigent “clients” pay for them: they resent losing billable hours that they could be getting from paying clients while “defending” indigents forced upon them by the courts and justice.

On p. 197, we meet one of these public defenders. His name is George Briggs, and Grisham’s extensive research uncovers many sad facts about him that are the exact opposite of the praises heaped upon him by other lawyers and judges. It turns out that Briggs is an alcoholic and a drug addict. His alcoholism and drug addiction is well known to the trial judges, most everyone who worked at the courthouse AND the OK Bar Association lawyers who registered him to practice law. Despite this, virtually nothing was done to stop Briggs or to help him. Certainly nothing was done to protect his clients. He reeked of booze. He could often be seen staggering through the hallways. Briggs would urinate on himself and was known to snore in court and to have vomited in the judge’s chambers.

George Briggs was assigned to me at the top of his spiral to ignominy and death in 1972. I can attest that he was flushed and red back then, but mostly I attributed this to his Scottish descent. The judge he worked for, Mermon Potter, was a full-blown drunk, exhibiting a lifetime of alcohol abuse in the rum-blossom on his nose, and the thick mesh of varicose veins on his cheeks and ears. All these lawyers told me that Briggs was “the best!”, and all Briggs did was to lie to me and help scheme up a plan that used my mother’s anguish to convince me to accept their lies and a plea deal that kept them from being exposed for police brutality and abuse of office. Briggs and Judge Hampton pulled this on this teenager in the secrecy of his judges chambers. The entire Osage County courthouse seemed composed mostly of barely concealed despicable scoundrels. It is no wonder to me why, years later, Briggs turned up far away in Ada. No doubt these corrupt lawyers and judges are forced to move on to other places when the citizens they prey upon finally realize that they are paying exorbitant prices for abuse rather than service.

On p. 219, the OK Court of Appeals judges, years too late, declared George Briggs “inadequate as a lawyer and constitutionally ineffective as legal counsel”. In actual fact, he is HARMFUL to his clients.

On p. 229, Briggs is finally disbarred from the lawyers’ union, only after doing untold harm to thousands of his legal victims over decades of malpractice. NONE of his victims’ cases are fixed by the lawyers or judges who lied so smoothly and continuously about his competency or reputation.

On p. 241, we find that desperate-for-conviction, dishonest cops and their lab-tech-lackies threw away hair evidence and demanded more from their target in hopes of getting a “match”.

On p. 292, Grisham uncovers the fact that, when cops and their lablackies can’t force scientific evidence to point at their selected targets, they will often just set it aside for months or years, pretending to analyze it while actually doing nothing more than waiting for a miracle. Such miracles often occur as cops or lab techs finally get the go-ahead to simply manufacture the evidence they desire. In the case that Grisham explores, the cops and their lab techs were already under too much suspicion and scrutiny from past efforts at manufacturing evidence to risk creating more, so instead, they simply pretended it took a year for three people to do one week’s work. It is a common tactic throughout law and investigation to simply steal their targets’ lives through unnecessary and prolonged delays when it is obvious to these people who sit on all the evidence that they have no evidence good enough to convict even in their kangaroo courts. (See: “Juror Groupies” on www.jamesbauhaus.com.)
On p. 243, Grisham illustrates now the crooked prosecutor and attorney general maximize the delay and waste everyone’s time in order to prevent a new trial after their fraudulent evidence is finally prohibited from use in tricking a second set of jurors into convicting an innocent man. It is truly ASTONISHING how much of your life they can force down the drain, lost forever while they pretend to be very busy. Anyone who takes time to merely sit and watch these parasites perform their legal antics and courtroom rituals will immediately see that it is very much like a lazy, incompetent teacher trying to get a bunch of four-year-olds lined out in nursery school. There is no incentive for being on time with your work completed and ready, and no punishment for endless lame excuses why they are not ready to finally get down to work.

On p. 264. we learn details on how crooked cops use harassment and jail to force a secondary target to lie to jurors, pretending to have seen the cops’ main target using a hose to wash off blood in his back yard in the black of night. This type of manufacturing evidence, called “witness steering” occurs in virtually EVERY CASE brought to jurors in one form or another.

on p. 261, we meet the actual killer. He is the cops’ pet, and eventually gets 40 years for an unconnected crime. (Police snitches eventually get thrown away by cops when they are used up.) Yet Gore is still special. He is given a special job with the city of Purcel Public Works Department instead of prison. He is given his own truck and is often allowed to go home. In my own case, the killer is also the cops’ pet and allowed to run loose or be the jail trustee instead of go to prison, simply because he snitches off other criminals to the cops. Like politicians, the scum with the longest records learn how to manipulate and exploit the system the best.

On p. 269, we find that the crooked cops. “Officers” Dennis Smith and Gary Rodgers, not only put in much work to frame the innocent man, but also DITCHED the exonorative evidence and almost certainly knew that their friendly snitch-pal was the killer! Cops’ ties with their snitches are often VERY tight and lucrative, because they are the same type of personality and get to short their snitches on payment for their snitchery. Also there are many other sources of income they can exploit. In Dallas. TX, two cops fighting over a snitch got one of them killed. (See: “JAILBREAK!”) Two other cops’ snitches seem to have enthralled a rogue FBI cabal for decades, having their pet FBI agents cover up over 30 murders. (See: “Whitey Bolger”, who the FBI is probably helping to stay escaped from justice, as his capture would expose the many crimes of more FBI agents, many of whom are safely retired. Despite being uncovered as worse criminals than many of their targets. Smith and Rodgers are STILL working for the cops, their criminal histories hidden from the new, but unsuspecting, citizens they “serve”.

On p. 273, the Tim Durham case is reviewed. He was falsely targeted for a rape in one of the crookedest counties of OK: Tulsa. Corrupt officials stole the DNA in his case for four years. To show you exactly how vile they are, police hoped to get him killed in their jail by siccing the stupid inmates on him, TWICE! The man was so screwed up that he actually thanked them in the media when he finally forced them to cough up the DNA that proved who the real rapist was. Tulsa authorities actually preferred that the rapist escape justice and punishment forever and run free to be encouraged to commit more, worse crimes rather than let a cabal of criminal cops be exposed for the evidence-stealing, witness-steering crooks they are! For being framed by insufferable varlots and for being twice maimed and permanently injured by gang-beatings instigated by the cops, Durham got only $30,000 for his trouble, and $20,000 for the lawyer.

On p. 274, we find that the cops, pretending to be the Ku Klux Klan, called in anonymous death threats to scare off defense witnesses. Grisham also details how “Officers” Smith, Rodgers, other cops, the prosecutor and their media tools combined to dupe simple church folk into doing their dirty work for them. (P- 278) It is a standard practice of dirty cops to have the common gall to stand on the backs of church members and God to further their attacks on individual targets. (See: “Cop Culture and Training”, the Castleberry case of Tulsa Det- Sgt- Larry Johnson, Circa 1971 where the scurrilous Johnson used his Priest’s sacrament of confession to further his plan, and “Faces of Corruption: Larry Johnson”, et al) Scurrilous “law”-forcing officials are taught to use God and false patriotism and lies as the most effective way to poison the juror pool. The media reporters are usually in bed with these criminal cops, too, helping , like puppets, to gain convictions for the cop/prosecutor/judge teams whom they come to worship. Famously, one scummy reporter was snitched off in this by the Boulder Colorado police chief during a press conference to have lied about there being no footprints in the snow in order to help corrupt cops and prosecutors lie the Ramsey’s into prison. Many years too late, DNA proved them innocent.

When some of the truth is finally ripped from police throats, (p. 276). the corrupt prosecutor races to his news-tools and cries into the media that he and his crooked cops are being “vilified”. The truth so powerfully paints them as the embodiment of evil and graft that the Governor and the judges of the appeals court hide to avoid having to comment.

On p. 278, the corrupt prosecutor finally realizes that there is no further way for him or his crooked cops to lie themselves out of this mess.

He and his news-tools try to act honest and proclaim credit for “not fighting DNA testing”, once it is finally torn from their possession. (They are so extremely warped by their unchecked power that they think it is a virtue when they merely stop actively preventing justice!) Their JOB is to seek justice, and DNA testing is the sure way to end their lying bullshit and force justice out of them.

On p. 280, the innocence project lawyers, whose mountains of persistence finally forced the proof out of the crooked officials’ black hands, decline to answer the prosecutor’s (and cops’) lies in the media. This illustrates the extreme deference that lawyers have for each other, over and above any they may have for the persons victimized so mercilessly by their unduly revered, severely flawed profession. They apparently care just as little for public safety, too.

On p. 290, we see that the killer easily eludes murder charges despite his DNA proving his guilt in the rape-murder.

On the last second of the year time limit, the innocence project lawyers decide to sue the city, the crooked cops, corrupt prosecutor, lying lab techs, etc- (p. 291) The prosecutor tells his media pals that he is “not worried”. He has no reason to be worried, because he and his corrupt, evidence-stealing/manufacturing cops are ABOVE THE LAW due to giving themselves “absolute” and “special.” immunity from all their crimes. Only the people who had virtually NOTHING to do with the crimes used to try and murder two innocent men will pay for it: innocent taxpayers. The lawyers cook up secret deals to keep the facts held hostage, but it is found that the city of Ada escaped justice and punishment, leaving taxpayers to pay half a million dollars for letting their unsupervised cops, lawyers, judges and prosecutors run amok. Divided by 16,000 residents, each pays $31.25, and the scum who did it get to not just escape their crimes, but CONTINUE their corruption as city officials! (p. 297)

Grisham winds down his book by mentioning the exonorees’ book, “The Innocents” (Umbrage Press, 2003). He mentions that it is usual for cops to troll skanky strip clubs and bars for petty criminals that they can coerce into snitchery for them. Drug snitchery is their goal, most times, because it is extremely enriching for them. Their rape-murderer, Glen Gore, was one of these people. He supplied the cops with drugs for their own personal use, he got used by the cops to provide them with drug criminals to jail, and drugs and drug money for them to steal. It is a common phenomenon for such strip clubs and bars to eventually be absorbed into secret partnerships of prosecutors, judges and bondsmen as police are used to find crime in them and cause the businesses to be sold at fire-sale prices to fight cop/ prosecutor attacks of various kinds. (P. 298) Lady Godiva’s in Tulsa is only one famous example of a private strip-bar virtually stolen by a corrupt legal apparatchik. In the 60s and 70s they stole many porn businesses in Tulsa and OKlahoma City for fun and profit, and for political gain, causing many deaths and my own case- (See: “Law-swindled for Life!”)

On pages 86, 90 and 96. Grisham takes an aside to detail how cops trick the unwary and gullible into seeming to “confess”. Here the cops put “dream” “confessions” into the mouths of fools who believed that cops are honest. This is a common tactic of cops, first made famous by FBI cops attacking the Olympic Park Hero. I forgot his name, but I detailed his case somewhere on my site. He was the ex-security guard who found a bomb and warned people away. The FBI stupidly targeted him as the bomber.. and cunningly (vilely), tried to manufacture a “confession” out of him by saying. “Okay, we’ve shit on you for many hours trying to force a false confession out of you. Now we pretend to believe you are innocent. Now we are your friends. Now we need your help. Why don’t you help us make a “training” videotape for other cops like you and us, where you pretend to confess to this bombing?”

The fact is, where too much power is concentrated, there grows abominable corruption- Also, in every case where corrupt prosecutor/cop-teams are permitted to dupe their media tools and juror pools into agreeing to attack and convict innocents, there are culprits who escape punishment and who are thus encouraged to commit more, worse crimes in the future. Grisham then reveals the fact that an ex-police chief was allowed to sneak aboard the jury. This is like letting Timothy McVeigh drive a truck bomb into the pentagon. Every lawyer KNOWS that cops are not allowed on juries and why: they work for the attacking prosecutor/judge team. MORE proof that the entire Ada legal apparatchik is the epitome of corruption is the fact that, when the victim’s public defender was told, he kept this secret from his victim! They may as well have just thrown their target up against the wall and emptied their guns into him as let a stealth cop work his corruption from within the jury. This ALONE would get a new trial in any honest district. The fact that this flagrant breach of elementary legal doctrine was permitted by the appeals court judges proves that they are outrageously corrupt too! (P. 148)

Lastly. Grisham mentions the casual torture of thousands of captive victims at McAlester prison for over 20 years and STILL OCCURRING TODAY!

Lazy, sadistic guards dodge their jobs, giving their victims the choice of freezing cold, scalding hot or no showers at all. (See: “US DOJ Conspires with Priscrats”, “Priscrat Shower tricks” and “Crisp Stymies Civil Rights Lawyers 25 Years:”)

In all, Mr. Grisham does a very good job in exposing multiple instances of casual, legal corruption that have, over time, become standard practice in all US jurisdictions. (See: “Stealth Rights Robbery”, “How Politicians Juke Justice”, “Cop Culture and Training”, “Innocents’ Guide to Avoiding False Conviction”, “How False Convictions are Maintained” and many more.)

The only defense to this casual, routine corruption and built-in bias is to learn its tricks and traps BEFORE it attacks.

Stay safe: be wary: