Bloodthirsty Cops Caught on Camera

© 2017 James Bauhaus                                                                       All rights reserved

New Jersey pigs chased one of DYNA their targets into smashing his car into a pile of mite soared in gasoline, it seems like. Somebody with a camera caught a man on tire, desperately trying to roll out the flames. Then a pack of vicious, sadistic, bloodthirsty cops race up and begin kicking him I his face and ribs as he burns! The first TV station to air this atrocity obligingly protected the attacking cops by blurring out their criminal assaults. Then the faceless, anonymous reporter boldly lied to every viewer, ridiculously claiming that these lovely cops were benevolently kicking the flames out for their victim.

A few minutes later, a more honest mainstream media TV corporation showed the un-blurred-out atrocity. This is where we see the irrefutable tact of the pack of rage crazed cops face kicking and body-kicking their still burning victim. And this reporter reveals that the cops’ victim was in no way connected to the car that these vicious sadistic pigs had chased into a fiery explosion. This poor slob is just an unlucky pedestrian who was too slow or inattentive to escape being splashed with gasoline and fire caused by the cops’ insane pursuit of traffic-fine revenue. Or they thought that there was some dope crumbs in the car, which would allow them to steal it for themselves.

This video was never shown again. The news-squawkers diligently returned to their obsession with the Trump-tweet nonsense and the political slapstick theater that they’re using to keep us from wondering how far Flynn and his merry band of traitor/ opportunists have run from justice.

This atrocity-by-cops occurred somewhere in New Jersey. I expect it will be suppressed by the cops, the media and the various gov’ts involved. This will be like the cop-cam footage showing a reckless, arrogant cop car racing blindly down residential streets at night and running over a little boy on his tiny bicycle. The culprits and their cop coddling helpers will make certain that we hear or see nothing more on this atrocity.